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Daily Journey

Monday, July 24, 2017

July Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week Three)


Let The Celebrations Begin!

July 16~ Sunday morning Praises! Time to get this household ready for church. What a morning work out before this day is even started. Thank you Lord motherhood is for the young. Happy to be grandma! Makes me wonder how I ever did it. Grace abounds. After services home for a wonderful long afternoon nap. Funny....when we were kids we fight taking naps, the older we get we beg for them. Thankful for the long nap today. Up to go pick up the kiddos. Evening service wonderful. Late dinner and quiet time with kiddos. Blessed to be grandma! Thank you Lord for the extra rest today. Blessings

July 17~ Monday hello! Thank you sweet daughter Webber Heather for morning coffee. My girls truly know what makes their moms morning. Morning devotions and prayers as family. Yes! With the kiddos it is always a new insight of God's grace and love for us. Train a child in the way they should go. Adventures at pool....Heather at second job. Then back for more pool time and fun in the sun. Then my real adventure starts. Perm time for Mickeneez. Turning her into a true alien. Oh the flood of memories of doing my girls hair. The torture of it all for this thing called beauty. I thought we would never get through to the end result. Happiness at last. A fashionista she is! A visit with Racheal Perry. Laughter and teasing. Missing our one Amber Webber. Lord thank you for blessing me with these three amazing daughter's who in turn blessed me with ten talented and amazing grandchildren. Thank you for filling my day with lots of sunshine, kids, laughter, memories, prayers, love, and so much more. As the screeching of a long days worth of adventures with aliens loose all around me, I can say we all survived the day. Blessings

July 18~ Good morning Tuesday! Last day in sunny California. Have so enjoyed my time with my daughter's and grandchildren, the adventures, and my 40 year class reunion. What a whirlwind of activities and fun crammed into five days. Today will be no different. Plans change and the excitement starts. Time with grandchildren is always a blessing. IHOP for breakfast in celebration of 59 years of business. 59c short stack. Thank you Webber Heather. Then off to watch the kids bowl for free. My daugther finding ways to keep the kiddos busy this Summer at affordable prices. Time to get on the freeway and start my trek back to Oregon. A few circles around Rocklin, then to hwy 99. Which brought more adventures. Finding my way into and out of the orchard the GPS took me through. Oh and brought me right back to 99. Then cut over to Corning, where I made my first stop to buy olives. Finally on I5. Thank you Lord for getting me were I need to be. For safety on the roads today, as I surely thought there for a few moments I was buying my ticket to heaven. Thank you for your hand of protection Lord. For bringing me your perfect peace. For a wonderful place to rest my head. Thank you Jim Gentry for your awesome hospitality in the man cave house. Thank you Lord for watching over me and providing all I need. Blessings

July 19~ Good morning funday! So excited to knock one of my bucket list adventures off as done today. Going down the Rogue River into Hellsgate. So this feisty red head does her hair and makeup as I always do only to have it splashed off and hair glued. Wouldn't have changed it all. Breakfast at a great little restaurant in Grants Pass before we head over to the Rogue. Beautiful day. So much fun. Inow want to do the dinner and the white water. Did the lunch adventure today. So worth ever penny spent. The beauty amazing. Rocks that looked like faces on them. Wild life in its natural habitat, beautiful scenery, fun, laughter, good food, great memories made. What an amazing day filled with adventure. Relaxing after wards. Thank you Lord for this day and the memories made. For friendships that span decades. For the eyes of a child and the heart to say let's do this. Thank you for my adventurous spirit of living life fully everyday. Blessings

July 20~ Waking to another day of adventures filled with possibilities. Today we head towards Lake of the Woods to have breakfast; with the good ol' boys, Jim Gentry, and Pat, along with his son Andres. What a great morning. Breakfast next to the Lake, a boat ride. Seeing old friends. Back to Grants Pass to head out on a bike ride. Went along the Rogue River. Beautiful afternoon. It has been another day filled with adventure. So thankful to be able to enjoy this trip and fill it with so many small adventures; filled with friends, beauty, relaxation. Memories to treasure. Thank you Jim for your hospitality and taking me out. I've had a great time on my vacation. Lord thank you for blessing me with so many great friends that love to go adventure and live life. Blessings

July 21~ Last day and morning in Grants Pass. Time to load the car back up and head out towards Central Oregon for the last leg of my vacation. Thank you Jim Gentry for everything. Had a great time. Thought I was going to head North on I5.....but GPS took me South. Then to 40 over to 69. Never been on this route before just beautiful. 23 miles to Crater Lake. Guess I'm heading there. What a greatstop. Beautiful day. Back on the road. Getting out not so much fun. Lots of construction on the rim. Took over an hour to get to 138. Love the beauty on this route. It's an adventure. Finally get over to 97. What a gorgeous day for travel. Hello vacation home! Hello Katherine Fischer Huston. Thank you for having me over. Let the good times roll. Dinner, a little nap, then time to go have ice cream. Oh Yes! And get some medication for this dam head cold. Unwanted....needs to go away NOW! Thank you Lord for getting me safely to my destination. Thank you for the beauty surrounding me. The awesome friendships that bless me. It's been another full day to be thankful for. Blessings

July 22 ~ Good morning stuffy head! Not so fun to wake with on your last few days of vacation not feeling up to par. Dang sinus, watery eyes, sneezing, just not fun! Doctor self up to head out for some fun after a quick light breakfast and coffee. Mt. Bachelor here we come. Looking forward to seeing some sights and beauty I haven't seen before. Just an hour and half away. Beautiful day for a drive and being outdoors enjoying God's beautiful creation. Rode on a chair lift for the first time ever. Loved It! Listening to Ranger Bob and learning some interesting facts. Spending time at two different lakes. Lake Todd and Sparks Lake. Both beautiful lakes set under a beautiful mountain range. Lunch at the top of Mt. Bachelor, and dinner at Sparks Lake picnic in the car. Time to drive home as both Katherine Fischer Huston and I are worn out. To top the day off a soak in the hot tub. What a perfect way to end a perfect day. Thankful to live in such a beautiful place. To be able to sit and hear and feel the beauty of the wind crease my cheeks as it blows by, like a sweet kiss from heaven as it whispers it secrets of peace to me in this place of beauty. Thankful that I have been given this opportunity to enjoy all this beauty this past week on my vacation. Thank you Lord for the provisions and the opportunity to enjoy this magficiant world I life in. Feeling very blessed and peaceful even with this darn head cold. Blessings

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