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Daily Journey

Sunday, July 2, 2017

June Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Final Week)


Happiness In The Sun!

Summer Fun At The Beach!

June 25~ Waking to little pidder padder of little feet and voices. Must be time to get up when little ones are ready to start the day. The smell of fresh brewed coffee. Little four legged fur babies barking they need out. Must be at my sisters house. Thank you Christine Good, Rosie, Jennifer Merritt-Estepand the rest of the household. Love spending time with you all. Time to head back home. It's a beautiful day and it's going to be hot! Thank you Mary McCormick Loomis for suggesting the scenic route. Of course I had to add fun along the way. Many stops and wandering done by this feisty redhead. Sure had fun! It may have taken all day to get from point A to point B but the days wild flowers and paths less traveled where calling my name today. Yes! Many stops to stop and smell the roses along the way. Thankful I had no agenda or pressing appointments to rush home too. Celebrating the freedom that I have been richly blessed with in this country. Lord your blessings never cease to amaze me. Thank you for my safety and provisions today. The abundant beauty of sunshine and scenic views on my path towards a wonderful life. Thank You! Blessings

June 26~ Good morning Monday and fresh new week of adventures. What paths of adventures await me for the next chapter and page of my life. Morning coffee. Good morning mom! Love getting call from mom. I love you. Now it's time to run out the door to my appointments. Darn doctor sending me to blood sucker and then xrays. Neither are fun. Both are hurry up and wait when you have no appointments. Thankful to get in. Feeling stressed today. But did get centered thank you Sherilynn GantherSherri Weldon! Feeling very blessed. Picking up my beautiful niece Corie Coggins. Glad I can help Christine Good. I love Corie and you very much. Good things coming. Mary McCormick Loomis it is always good to hear from you. Thank you Geo Sutter for meeting Corie and I for a bite to eat. A bit if yard work completed this evening as well in cooler temperatures yea! Thank you Lord for watching over my health and well being today. That I have amazing supportive family, and friends. Thankful that I could be their for my niece and sister. Your grace is sufficient for us all Lord. Today felt overwhelming but you carried me through thank you. Now time to rest. Blessings

June 27~ Tuesday morning calling! Good morning to another day. Much to be done. Grateful for being able to re arrange my schedule to be able to be there for family. And still being able to get my work in. What a blessing that is. Even got some huge errands done; as well as oil changed in car before next road trip. So thankful for that! Love those calls that stand in the gap in prayer with you. Answered prayers that come quietly when you least expect them; or the ones that come swiftly and quickly just in time. For friends that check in that always have the perfect word of encouragement and love wrapped in prayers. Lord I thank you for your perfect timing even when it seems it will never change or be answered. I take heart in knowing you have my best interest in mind and your timing is always perfect. Always right on time, never late! Thank you for the late afternoon sunshine that warms me as you guide my every footstep. With much on my heart and mind I know that your yolk is light, and when I lean upon you and give the burdens over to you it takes my weights off me; and You bare them for me. So grateful I am Yours and with You there is always Victory! Blessings

June 28~ Good morning Wednesday of beauty and smiles. Ladies await! Coffee and prayers! Surprise conversation laced in prayers before the day starts. Thank you Lord, just what I needed. Knowing your eye is on the sparrow how much more your love and care is upon those that call out to You. Full house today at the salon, eight on books. Six happy beautiful ladies today. Thank you Lord for watchingover them and me both today. Home for an afternoon nap. Revitalized to finish up my day. Now to chores and taking care of business. For friends that help after work even after along day. Thankful for leftovers. Thank you Lord for the many gifts of the day wrapped in many colorful smiles, and unexpected surprises laced throughout the day. For a place to prop my feet and rest my tired body. Blessings

June 29~ Good morning sunshine! Don't want to get up. But today is full of lots of appointments. Rise and shine to the beauty of a fresh new page of adventures to create and memories to hold onto. Each one ready for me to dance through to the other side of victory. Thankful for my step ladder to climb up in the rafters of the shed. Enjoying the morning coffee, gets that motor running. Out the door into this very full day of activities. Thankful for my luncheon engagement. Thank you so much. Then off to complete some errands that have been neglected. Afternoon yard work. Oh so overwhelming. Getting it done little by little. Yellow ribbons up in support of my grandson who is serving. Thank You! Two haircuts this evening.....and this day has unending things that seem to be keeping me busy. Thank you Lord for your strength and guidance as I weave my path through this day, as it comes to a close I'm Thankful for all that got accomplished today. Blessings

June 30~ Good morning Friday! Welcome the weekend! Good bye June! It has been let's close this last day of the month with a bang. Morning coffee with prayers is always a good start to the day. Red Friday must wear red and remember all those deployed and serving. Sunshine beaming through the blinds and drapes. Love it! Thankful to go get my haircut. Glad I went in... my girl Leah is leaving. Happy she told me and gave me her information so I could follow her. I'd hate to lose her took me about 17 years to find someone I liked. Even this old hairdresser is picky about who does her hair. Home to do some more yard work and catch some of the sun rays. My yard is starting to take shape once again slowly. Taking me awhile to get the yard in shape. Slow but sure. Hydrate and resting my feet and legs after working in the yard. Whole body feels beat up! Evening out in Gresham, how busy this little town can be. Then I decided to drive to sister's. What a beautiful evening drive down the Gorge. The evening sky amazing. Thank you Lord for hand painting it for me this evening. Happy to be here. Had a fun evening out with my sister. Time to prop feet and legs once again and rest my weary eyes and body till the morning light. Lord thank you for this day, the sunshine, and the provisions of the day. Blessings

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