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Daily Journey

Sunday, February 18, 2018

February Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week One)


The month of love
Time for sweethearts
A celebration of
Joyous things to come
Rejoice in the moment
It's your time to
To shine
The joy of love
In every new day
The rose petals drop 
Their sweet love
For us to find
Each one holds 
A key of 
Love to remember


February 1~ It's February! It's birthday month and I say let the parties begin! Good morning Thursday! Good morning Katherine Fischer Huston! It's starting out fabulously! I will have buckets of things to be thankful for. 
1. Waking to a hug and good morning from Katherine.
 2. A wonderful chat with Geo Sutter, with a great praise report! Answered prayers for sure.
 3. Morning coffee with friends is always a plus. Then add a sweet roll...the sweetness couldn't be better. Thank you! 
4. That my order was ready a day early. Yep! That is surely a plus.
 5. Gas tank is filled and ready for the road trip ahead.
 6. Suitcase packed 
7. Peaceful, relaxing group this afternoon; with elevator music and coloring.
 8. Cot is out and ready to travel.
 9. Scissors packed for hair appointments this weekend. 
10. A five dollar car blanket find.
 Lord thank you for another day. Thank you for a great start to a new month of adventures and gifts to treasure. Blessings

February 2~ Good morning Friday! Time to rise and shine. The weekend is upon us. Need to finish packing and load the car up. Thank you for sweet rolls to go with coffee. Sherilynn Ganther arrives for coffee and sweet rolls. Off to a great start. There will be plenty to be thankful for. 
1. Coffee and sweet rolls along with daily bread. 
2. Getting the jersey I wanted to wear for Superbowl Sunday. 
3. Thankful I found out the Internet and phone were down before I left to go out of town. 
4. Getting birthday wishes from the machine at the bank. 
5. Nice to see an old friend I haven't seen in many years. Pray for you Todd Cox. Nice to see you. 
6. Lunch in Cascade Locks at East winds with Sheri. 
7. Safe travels to my sister's in the The Dalles. 
8. Sun breaking through the grey rainy clouds as we arrived in the The Dalles. 
9. For laughter 
10. For doggies gnarling snarls, that sound like they are talking to us. 
Another wonderful day filled with many gifts scattered throughout the day. Thank you Lord for all your many provisions and abundance you provide me with daily. Blessings

February 3~ Its the weekend and we have lots to do today. Waking at sister's; thinking I might get to be lazy today. No! Not so much. Must get ready for the party. Good morning Sherilynn Ganther. Good morning boys! Good morning Christine Good,Jennifer Merritt-Estep, and world! Feel like I'm living in the Walton's house. I know I'm going to have plenty to be thankful for today. 
1. Morning coffee with family. 
2. Little arms of love wrapped around me saying good morning Aunt Beth.
 3. Many hands making light work. 
4. Getting Brandy Estep haircut done before she had to go to work. 
5. Getting all four haircuts done for my sister's and Jen. 
6. The color that polished off the cute sassy haircut for my sister Rosie.
 7. Pizza with family at Spooky's today. 
8. Doing errands with family. 
9. A no make-up no hair day. And yes! Out and about. Some days its just okay! 
10. Watching all the animals at my sister's. (2 cats and 7 dogs.) 
11. Peanuts and chocolate at the end of the day on the back patio. 
Yep! Thank you Lord for pouring out blessings abundant that my cup over runs with the days many blessings. Thank you! Blessings

February 4~ Good morning Super Bowl Sunday! Thank God for waking me this day and time with family and friends. My heart is already full and I have so much to be thankful for. 
1. Another day to sing the praises of my Lord and Savior and to give thanks too.
 2. Waking at my sister's house having coffee and breakfast with family before the day even gets started. 
3. Dave taking me to Bi-Mart to pick up an air mattress and pump.
 4. Helping to finish getting ready for the Super Bowl party at sister's. 
5. Seeing friends and meeting new friends. (My sister has some amazing friends.) Thank you for including me. Love you all so much! 
6. All the good food provided today for the Super Bowl party. 
7. The Eagles win and give the glory to God! The best.
 8. Getting ready to travel on the second leg of my trip tomorrow. 
9. Smiles and hugs 
10. My under armour that kept me warm today. 
Yes so much to be so thankful for. It has been a good day. Blessings

February 5~ Good morning Monday! Ready for second leg of trip after a great weekend at sister's house. Sherilynn Ganther and I load the car and get ready for our adventures. There is going to be so much to see. 
1. Thank you for morning coffee Sheri. 
2. A beautiful clear day with sunshine beating down upon me warming me up. 
3. The beauty of all the mountain peaks towering above covered in snow. 
4.Old homesteads lining the landscape. 
5. Meeting up with Katherine Fischer Huston and her dad in Redmond for lunch. A great stretch and visit. 6. The huge canyons with river's cutting through them. 
7. Passing lanes 
8. Arriving safely at Sally Mazza house. 
9. Homemade spaghetti. Yummy! 
10. A drive to the park to view Upper Klamath Lake to close the day. 
11. Enjoying the evening with great friends. 
To mention just a few of the many things I'm thankful for today. Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled the day with. Blessings

February 6~ Good morning Sherilynn Ganther, andSally Mazza! Waking up to finish the last leg of the trip to be with Amber Webber and my grandchildren in Portola California. It appears we have a beautiful drive before us. It's going to be a great day filled with many things to be thankful for. 
1. Morning coffee with friend's. 
2. Sunshine to drive the last leg of the trip to California. 
3. A great little mercantile found in Adin California for lunch and a walk. 
4. The water views and mountain scenery.
 5. Hitting the pedal to the metal. 
6. Arriving safely to Amber's house about 2:30. 
7. A walk through the main street of Portola California. 
8. A running toilet 
9. Sheri helping with the house. 
10. Homemade taco dinner. 
11. A nice evening conversation pray you feel better soon. 
12. Loving being with my grandchildren. 
Thank you Lord for this day and your hand being upon me and all that concerns me. Thank you for all the many blessings that over take me and make my cup runneth over. It's been a good day; thank you. Blessings

February 7~ Good morning Amber Webber! Happy birthday Lenita Campbell! It's a wonderful early morning as we get ready to take Summer Harris to the hospital for her surgery. Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for staying with Samantha. This day I already have so much to be thankful for. 
1. Being able to be here for my daughter Amber and granddaughter Summer Harris
2. Being able to doze and catnap in the lobby while we waited for Summer. 
3. That Sheri and I were able to take a walk along the Feather River on the river walk. 
4. For the bright beautiful sunshine. 
5. The drive up to Davis Lake in Plumas National Forrest. 
6. That I was able to drive through the patch of snow on two wheels with no problems.
 7. Seeing grandson number two Shawn Harris. He always makes me smile. I love you! 
8. A houseful of ten children that know it all. That bring witty knowledge and humor as they share their all knowing wisdom with the adults in the house. 
9. A can of soda 
10. Doing haircuts for granddaughter Samantha and her friend Tiffany. Happy young ladies. 
Thank you Lord for the blessings scattered throughout the day. Thank you for watching over my granddaughter today and all the many gifts given. Blessings

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