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Daily Journey

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Three)


The month of love
Time for sweethearts
A celebration of
Joyous things to come
Rejoice in the moment
It's your time to
To shine
The joy of love
In every new day
The rose petals drop 
Their sweet love
For us to find
Each one holds 
A key of 
Love to remember


February 15~ Good morning travel day. Thank you so much Sally Mazza for hosting Sherilynn Ganther and I. Oh what fun we had. Love spending time with you. Morning coffee and visit before we hit the road once again. Visit with you Sally is never long enough. Love you! Today I'm thankful for. 
1. The stay with Sally and the time I got to spend with you. 
2. Early morning start on the road heading North
3. Sunshine and clear skies. 
4. Safety on the roads. 
5. Beef jerky 
6. Visit with Katherine Fischer Huston, and soup. 
7. Stopping and taking photos of old homesteads and buildings. 
8. Arriving at sister's for the weekend. 
9. Laughter with family. 
10. Late night TV. 
Yes even on travel days with crazy drivers and long stretches of road ahead there is so much to be grateful for. Thank you Lord for your guiding hand of love and protection and many gifts upon my travels this day. Blessings

February 16~ Good morning Friday! Overwhelmed with all the birthday wishes. Thank you everyone for all of the beautiful birthday blessings. Feeling extremely loved. So many reasons to be thankful for on this day the Lord blessed me. 
1. Breakfast with sisters. 
2. Birthday surprise of my oldest daughter Webber Heather and youngest daughter Racheal Perry walking through the restaurant doors for breakfast. 
3. Going for a walk through downtown the The Dalles after breakfast with family. 
4. Book store memories.... realizing on many children books hold many wonderful memories of childhood, motherhood, and grand parenting. Thanks my daughters for the walk down memory lane. 
5. Getting to go inside the old Grande Theater today in the The Dalles. Brought back so many wonderful childhood memories. 
6. Phone call from my mom on my birthday. Inside joke on this one. Love you mom. ( And call from my middle daughter Amber Webber with a birthday song and I love you!) 
7. The wonderful birthday party that my daughter's and sister's worked so hard on to surprise me with today. Thank you Christine Good, Rosie, Jennifer Merritt-Estep, Dave, Sherilynn Ganther and so many others who helped to celebrate my 60th thank you. 
8. Thank you Cindy Drake SchutteMatt Schutte,Cathy Phelps Winters, Jeff Winters, Charles for coming out to help celebrate with me. 
9. Sheri thank you for encouraging me to just push through. It truly was worth it. 
10. Playing Twister, and Gestures this evening with my family and friends. So much fun. 
So many blessings to count and to treasure in the memory banks. Feeling so rich. Thank you everyone for making this day so special and memorable. Blessings

February 17~ Restless night......good morning weekend birthday fun with daughter's and family. Looking forward to the many blessings of the day to be thankful for. 
1. Good morning snap that brings a pleasant smile. 
2. The smell of bacon cooking. Yum! 
3. Warm shower that is refreshing. 
4. Lunch with my daughter's Webber HeatherRacheal Perry, along with my sister Christine GoodJennifer Merritt-Estep, and her friend. What an enjoyable afternoon. Thank you! 
5. Beautiful smiles, laughter, and stories. 
6. Black licorice ice cream. 
7. Butterscotch malt. Yup a day of ice cream. 
8. Reloading my car for trip heading towards home. 
9. Sitting with my sister Rosie and resting. 
10. Another evening of games. 
So thankful for my family and their love. The gift I have in each one of them. Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you give me daily. Blessings

February 18~ Good morning cold & snow! It's going to be an interesting drive heading west in the Gorge. It's never easy saying good bye/see you later/until we meet again. Thank you my sweet daughter's for coming for my birthday. I love you. So many things to be thankful for. 
1. The beauty of the fresh fallen snow creating a magical fluffy white cotton bed of beauty. 
2. Safety on the roadways traveling. 
3. Hugs and I love yous from my daughter's Webber Heather and Racheal Perry until we see each other again. I love you! 
4. Hot showers 
5. Getting laundry done 
6. The quiet of my home. 
7. Arriving back home safe and sound.
 8. Great conversation 
9. Dinner with the birthday girls Katherine Fischer HustonAnna Michelle Leach-Beeching. Happy birthday ladies. 
10. Warm neck scarfs. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the treasures of the day. Blessings

February 19~ Good morning! Melting snow and skies of blue with white fluffy clouds, with rays of sunshine breaking through. Looks like this day will be filled with many blessings to be thankful for. 
1. Morning coffee and birthday cake with Katherine Fischer Huston
2. Waking in my own bed and home. 
3. Information from Samsung about a tablet and repair. Thank you Best Buy for 800 number. 
4. Getting a new charging cord for electronics. 
5. A trip to Costco for water and a few essentials and the then some. 
6. Left overs for late lunch early dinner. 
7. Laundry done from trip. 
8. A smile from snap. 
9. Loved visiting and catching up with Geo Sutter. So good to hear your voice and chat. 
10. Looking at my ninja blender and taking out of box. Looking forward to using the bullet. 
11. A quiet night of relaxing and kicking back in my home. 
Lord your blessings are new everyday and you fill my cup daily. Thank you for another day filled with so many gifts to treasure. Blessings

February 20~ Good morning snow flurries and cold! Just want to sleep and stay in bed. Coffee is in. Lets see what today holds as we find the beauty and gifts in the day to be thankful for. 
1. Extra shut eye. 
2. Hot shower to wake up and sooth the muscles. 
3. Warm clothing 
4. Fixing my computer and clearing pictures onto external hard drive. 
5. Going through papers and tossing most into file 13.
 6. Snow boots and coat. 
7. Wal-Mart fun 
8. Corny movies 
9. Feet warmers 
10. Snaps of fun. 
11. Snack food and drinks. 
12. The million and one photos being found and stored. 
Thank you Katherine Fischer Huston. Thank you Lord for this day and the treasures being found in the comfort and warmth of my home. Blessings

February 21~ Early morning wake up call! Winter snow! OH no! Early call and hair appointment is canceled. Up and enjoying the Winter snow sunrise. Good morning Katherine Fischer Huston. Yes I will go to OSHU with you. Looks like I'm going to have some interesting adventures and things to be thankful for today on this snowy wintry day. 
1. That the main roads, and highway are basically just slushy. 
2. That we arrive safely to the OSHU tram station in a safe and timely fashion with no delays or problems. 
3. Watching a young mom sit outside with her young children enjoying the frosty winter day with hot chocolate and donuts on a picnic bench and table. 
4. Riding the tram today up to OSHU with Katherine. What amazing views from above. 
5. Watching ear tubes being put in. Very interesting. 
6. Stopping and having lunch; thank you Katherine. It was very yummy! 
7. Watching the snow fall from the trees. 
8. The snow glistening as the sun rays make diamonds of beauty of the snow. 
9. Getting my package off to Samsung. 
10. Prayers sent and answered. 
11. The still quiet of the evening. 
Yes even on a snow day and on the roads traveling to point A to point B there are many things to be so thankful for. Thank you Lord for waking me and giving me an opportunity to fulfill a bucket list item on this Wintry day. Blessings

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