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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Thursday, February 1, 2018

January Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week four to end of month)


In your life
New adventures
New journey's to be enjoyed
And discovered
All awaiting for
Us to discover!

Sliding in
To the New year!
Frosty weather
Waiting to melt into our hearts
A brand new chapter
Of life
Waiting to be lived and enjoyed!

January 22~ Good morning Monday! Wanting a do over week and comes my chance. It's a new day and a new week. Things I'm thankful for today. 
1. Hairspray 
2. Morning coffee with prayers. 
3. Warm clothing to keep warm. 
4. Safe drive to appointment. 
5. Music that speaks to your heart and soul. 
6. My mom 
7. Electricity 
8. Red lipstick 
9. Morning hello that says "I like" always brings a smile. 
10. Pen and paper to take notes. 
Always something even a simple smile and hello to be thankful for. Thankful for this day and so much more. Blessings

January 23~ Tuesday wake to a ringing phone. Got to love the the voice on the other end. My beautiful daughter Amber Webber. So lets get this day thankful list of ever growing thanks. 
1. The phone call from my daughter Amber. 
2. That my coffee pot worked this morning yea! 
3. Listening to the raindrops making music on the roof top....dripping down the panes. 
4. Hearing 
5. My evening hello and possibilities.
 6. The chance encounter after class that brought smiles and laughter.
 7. The food in my refrigerator that reminds me how blessed I truly am.
 8. Was gently reminded how blessed I am that I have the scent of smell.
 9. Taste buds to enjoy the many flavors and textures. 
10. Running clean water to meet many various needs. 
Truly I have so much to be thankful for. My list runs through my head all day long for all I have to be thankful for. Blessings

January 24~ Rainy day Thursday! Looks like another day of liquid sunshine here in the Pacific North West. Early rise for a beautiful wet rainy drive to Oregon City via my scenic route along the Clackamas River. So thankful for all the beauty that surrounds me where I live daily. Which gives way to a huge thankful list to write. 
1. Morning coffee and prayers. 
2. Warm clothing and comfortable shoes. 
3. Mystic views through the misty clouds of rain making beautiful views for me.
 4. That I am able to drive out to Oregon City and do hair appointments for my friends.
 5. Donuts
 6. Country roads
 7. Walking in the rain 
8. Smiles from strangers, puppy love and great information for future adventures.
 9. Morning hellos and evening good nights that bring smiles. 
10. Murder mysteries on Hallmark to enjoy with Sherilynn Ganther as the day comes to a close.
 The highlights of another day of God's amazing grace and gifts that He has blessed me with today. So many more I would be typing forever. Thank you Lord for another day of your gifts that fill my day. Blessings

January 25~ Another rainy gloomy day. Where is that big beautiful yellow ball if fire. Good morning grey skies of rain! Waking and rolling over many times. Restless night. Funny....I can always go to sleep when its time to rise and shine. Need that coffee and always my time with the Lord. My list of thankful's for this last Thursday of January. 
1. Remote control for my TV. 
2. Getting my box re-packaged and sent out to my grandson Anthony DeSouza. 
3. My birthday package to my girlfriendCrystal N Koch out in the mail. 
4. Grocery shopping and the finances to pay for them. 
5. Cover make-up 
6. Silverware 
7. Scissors 
8. Colored pencils 
9. Learning my voice and what I have to share is important and can help. 
10. My dishwasher 
11. A road map. 
Yes even on this Thursday that I'm looking for the yellow fire ball in the sky; I have many things to give thanks for. Thank you Lord for another day of life and living it fully in you. Blessings

January 26~ Good morning rainy day Friday! Coffee, prayers, and a bit of morning news. Time to get this day rolling and find the gifts and treasures in the day; that will create my thankful list. 
1. Red Friday......Remember Everyone Deployed. 
2. My red nine line sweatshirt. 
3. Sherilynn Ganther driving today so I didn't have to. 
4. Driving over to Beaverton to see a friend and have lunch with her. 
5. Taco Bell tacos 
6. A walk around Blue Lake, in the rain. And we didn't melt. 
7. Discovering the wet lands at the park. 
8. Homemade BLT Specials for dinner. 
9. Murder mystery movie night. 
10. Friendships 
11. A clean kitchen. 
Thank you Lord for another day filled with unexpected gifts and friends to share them with. Another great day filled with so much to be thankful for. Blessings

January 27~ Good morning Saturday! Coffee time. Why hello! Looks like this is going to be an interesting day. And even in the midst of crazy one has lots to be thankful for.  
1. Getting a haircut out of the way. 
2. Banana for breakfast 
3. Knowing that God watches over me. 
4. The invitation from my sister Christine Good to come to Hood River and go bowling with her and the family. 
5. Sherilynn Ganthercoming with me on my road trip.
 6. McDonald's hamburgers thank you Jennifer Merritt-Estep
7. Spending time with my niece Corie Coggins and my great nephew's Daniel and Gary.
 8. Lights/ electricity 
9. Tears turned into smiles and laughter. 
10. My glasses so I can see that my cup is half full not half empty. 
Yes even on these awkward days there is plenty to be thankful for everyday. Thank you Lord for this day. Blessings

January 28~ Waking at my sister's on this last Sunday of the month.Good morning grey skies of beauty. A leisurely start to this day before we start our trek back home. Thank you Christine Good, Rosie, and Jennifer Merritt-Estep for the day and evening. Most appreciated. Other things to be thankful for today: 
1. Morning coffee 
2. Time with the great nephew's 
3. A drive up to Sorosis Park and the view at Kelly point. 
4. Showed Sherilynn Ganther the May pole.Sadly I didn't get over and get a picture. I will though. 
5. A great drive home on the scenic highway 30 out of the The Dalles into Moiser. 
6. No rain on the way home.
7. Dinner with Mary McCormick Loomis at Whelan's Irish Pub. 
8. Snaps of play that brought evening smiles.
 9. Washing that wisdom right out of my hair. 
10. That grey skies bring a mystic beauty all their own. 
11. Tweezers 
12. Water with lemon 
13. Hot showers and fluffy towels. 
So thankful Lord for all that you provide. For prayers sent and answered prayers along my journey through this day. Knowing you will meet every need and more. So grateful for the time with family this weekend. Thank you for the blessings of family and friends. Truly a treasured gift. Goodnight as I close this day; looking towards the gift of tomorrow. Blessings

January 29~ Its Monday! Its a new week and a new chapter in my life. Good morning! What exciting adventures await me!?! I will find my list of treasures and thankful's in this wonderful journey of life. 
1.Waking up this morning after tossing and turning all night long. 
2. Skillets 
3. Laundry getting done....washed, dried, folded and put away. 
4. Monday hello 
5. Coconut oil drink 
6. Sappy love story movie and Kleenex. 
7. Talking with my mom. 
8. Hearing my daughter Amber Webber voice today and talking with her. (Prayers for granddaughter Summer Harris required for up coming surgery please.) 
9. Clean toilet 
10. Arriving home before the rain. 
Just a quiet day nothing super special just an average day to find the many blessings in life to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for another day to be thankful for. Blessings

January 30~ Early morning rise to a full day. Good morning! Time for prayer and coffee. Time to get this girl pulled and put together for the long day of appointments ahead. So many little wonderful things to be so thankful for in this day I have been blessed with. 
1. A wonderful visit and conversation with my friend Crystal N Koch and prayers together before the day even got started. Thank you love you! 
2. A very insightful start to the day. 
3. Hope 
4. The heater in my car.
 5. Running water/ bottle water; as I once again today was reminded how much I take that one source so for granted. 
6. Electricity 
7. My daughter Amber Webber message and phone call. Her excitement in her voice. You are so loved by me. I love you sweet heart! 
8. Realizing when I share I'm helping someone else go through their storms, knowing they aren't alone.That they can see light and hope in the dark tunnel. 
9. For my paper shredder. 
10. A full tank of gas in my car. 
11. Hand and body lotion. 
Each has precious reminders of the many gifts that I'm blessed with and take for granted many days; that I am truly thankful for. Then there are the treasure given through the day that are the icing on the cake. more wonderful gifts to be thankful for. Each day I am given is a gift full of many treasures. Thank you Lord for your abundant blessings upon me daily. Blessings

January 31~ Happy birthday mom! It's your special day the Lord blessed this family with you. Love you! Good morning last day of January. Early rise for smiles of beauty. Surely I have many reasons to be so thankful for. 
1. For my mom and that we are still able to celebrate her special day. 
2. Being able to wish my mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And tell her I love her very much.  
3. My drive to Oregon City in record time on my beautiful scenic route. 
4. Watching the wildlife in Dorlores back yard. 
5. Les Schwab and their amazing proactive customer services today. OUTSTANDING! 
6. That the car got an excellent bill of health. 
7. Chains and emergency kit. 
8. A visit from Katherine Fischer Huston and a yummy lunch. 
9. Getting to take care of and play with a handsome four legged fur baby. 
10. A half sandwich for dinner. 
11. A beautiful handcrafted shoulder wrap to keep me warm. 
12. A great waitress with a great smile and true old fashion service. She made me feel special. Well worth her weight in gold. Thank you Latoya for your outstanding service. 
I'd say the Lord truly blessed this day in abundance. Thank you Lord for another day filled with your many gifts scattered throughout the day. And your unending love for me. Blessings

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