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Daily Journey

Sunday, February 18, 2018

February Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Two)


The month of love
Time for sweethearts
A celebration of
Joyous things to come
Rejoice in the moment
It's your time to
To shine
The joy of love
In every new day
The rose petals drop 
Their sweet love
For us to find
Each one holds 
A key of 
Love to remember


February 8~ Good morning! Summer Harris is up for meds. Amber Webber (mom) and Sherilynn Ganther as they tend to the little beauty. My heart is breaking for her. Thank you Sheri for your living warm generous heart. Getting the rest ready for school. Lots to take care of today.
1. Thankful for a nice hot shower running down my backside.
2. That Sheri and I are able to go to Quincy to get Summer Harris meds.
3. To be able to drive my granddaughter Samantha to school this morning.
4. For the beautiful mountain beauty and drive today.
5. Exploring Quincy.
6. Yummy French fries for lunch at the Courthouse Cafe aka Jeffery's.
7. Seeing the herd of deer feeding in the meadow late this afternoon.
8. Walking around Mill Pond.
9. Eating ice cream with Summer.
10. In my PJ's early and kicking back.
So many wonderful things to be thankful for. Today I'm extremely thankful we didn't have to take Summer back to the hospital and this evening is showing signs of improvement. Thank you Lord for your healing hand. For prayers (answered). Yes this day is filled once again with your grace and loving mercy. So many treasures to be thankful for. Blessings

February 9~ Good morning Friday! Samantha to school. Happy birthday Shawn Harris! So much to be thankful for. 
1. That plans can be changed. 
2. Drive back to see surgeon.... 
3. Samantha's team won their basketball game and are undefeated. 
4. Samantha made another 3 point basket. 
5. That we are at Amber Webber to make a difference. 
6. For paramedics. 
7. For a yummy taco dinner and cupcakes with grandson. 
8. For the amazing friend I have in Sherilynn Ganther. I am blessed. 
9. That Summer Harris has a great doctor and really took his time. So grateful! 
10. That I have an amazing family. Daughter's and grandchildren that are compassionate and loving with huge hearts. 
Thank you Lord for the many unspoken gifts today that have been given. Your mercies new everyday and your never ending love. Blessings

February 10~ Good morning sunrise. It's a beautiful Saturday morning/day. Today Sherilynn Ganther and I plan to head to Reno with Samantha and Timothy Sanchez. Have a list of fun thankfuls for today. 
1. I'm always thankful for coffee. 
2. First in a nice hot shower. 
3. A beautiful drive into Reno. 
4. Having Samantha and Timothy with us on our adventure. 
5. A brand new experience at Dutch Bros today with the kids. Long wait, banging music, parking crazy (understatement). The only Dutch Bros in Reno. Use your imagination! And I'm sure you still won't come close. Hahaha 
6. Shopping at the Meadowood Mall with the kids. Need to teach them bargain shopping. (Actually they didn't do to bad at all). 
7. Finding something special for everyone. 
8. 75% off at Maurice's. Both Sheri and I got the bargain of the day. 
9. Beautiful evening sky with pinks rolling through the clouds. Awesome! 
10. Being around the teenagers today, making me feel young and youthful. Great time today with the kids. 
Thank you Lord for another day and awakening me to the treasures that awaited me. Blessings

February 11~ Good morning cool brisk Sunday morning. Looks like the sun is struggling to pop out today. Though there are plenty of views and things to be thankful for. 
1. The early morning quiet before everyone wakes up and starts moving. 
2. Standing outside in the cool brisk morning air with my cup of coffee visiting with Sherilynn Ganther on the porch enjoying the views. 
3. Long lazy morning. 
4.Enjoying the small talk with my granddaughters Summer Harris, Samantha, and their mother Amber Webber
5. Lunch at Subway 
6. A visit with Melody, along with many other young ladies today. 
7. That my granddaughter Sara Harris came by to see me today.
 8. That my grandson Shawn Harris came by to say hello and tell me he loved me with big hugs. 
9. For my TV dinner 
10. For a walk to the market and back. 
11. A house that is quiet. 
Yep another full day of many blessings to count one by one. My cup is full. Thank you Lord. Blessings

February 12~ Good morning Monday snow! And guess what? They don't CLOSE up and roll up for the snow. YOU SHOW UP! So I'm freezing to death here. Knew I should have brought snow gear. Oh well! Still room for lots to be thankful for on this cold snowy day in Portola. 
1. That Les Schwab opens early and had open appointments. 
2. Surprise surprise a no hair make- up day. And I once again survived. Hard to believe I know; but I did. 3. A walk around old town Portola and the city park. 
4. Finding a really cool hamburger joint in Portola called Squeeze Burger at the gas station. Who knew! 
5. Cleaning the car and re-packing for the trip back North. 
6. Time with Sara and entourage. 
7. WatchingAmber Webber get ready for her day. 
8. Time with Summer Harris and Sherilynn Ganther and our drive to Graealge. 
9. Watching the deer feed at sunset. 
10. For layers of clothing 
11. To spend time with my daughter Amber and her children. I love you all so very much. 
Thank you Lord for making me aware of car issue before I left Portola to head back North. For a little snow to cover the hillsides so I could enjoy the magical beauty of the late Winter. A day filled with Winter possibilities and fun. Thank you for this day with those I love. Feeling so full and thankful for all you give us daily Lord. Blessings

February 13~ Good morning Tuesday! No snow today. Beautiful sunshine peeping through the clouds and mountains. Love the mornings here; even the cool crisp mornings. So many wonderful things to be thankful for on this bright and new shiny day I have been blessed with. 
1. Taking Samantha to school.
 2. Running into Shawn Harris and Amanda Duff at the gas station and grandson paying and pumping my gas for me. 
3. Spending the morning with Amber WebberSummer HarrisSherilynn Ganther, Shawn, and Amanda this morning visiting. 
4. Shawn helping me to finish loading my car this morning. 
5. Stopping in Doyle California and enjoying a little stretch and the Sierra mountains. 
6. Brunch in Susanville at Lumberjack 
7. A beautiful drive through the mountains. 
8. Arriving safely atSally Mazza
9. Getting my car washed. 
10. Getting laundry washed and dried. 
11. Fluffed pillows. 
So many wonderful things to be thankful for today as we travel North for more adventures after helping my beautiful daughter Amber and her family. So grateful I could do that for her. Thank you Sheri for coming with me to help it is most appreciated. It has been an unforgettable experience and time with my beautiful family. I love you all so very much. Thank you Lord for this opportunity to help my daughter Amber. Truly blessed to have this time with them all, thank you. Blessings

February 14~ Happy Valentine's Day! Good morning
Sally Mazza and Sherilynn Ganther. Wonderful breakfast and coffee to start the day. Snow flurries all day long. The day is starting with many things to be thankful for. 
1. Homemade French toast with blueberry compote. Thank you Sally. 
2. Rock hunting today with Sally and Sheri for Klamath Rocks. It took me all day .... but I did finally find one. 
3. Thank you for Dutch Bros coffee today to warm us up Sally. 
4. Seeing the many sites of Klamath Falls. 
5. The nice bank lady today that helped me at Wells Fargo. 
6. Getting car loaded once again for second leg of trip heading North. 
7. Cold medicine 
8. Hot showers after walking in the cold and snow flurries today. 
9. Yummy homemade beef stew for dinner. 
10. History 
11. Erin Elizabeth Barker beautiful folk music singer at the Leap of Taste today at the Historical Oregon Bank Building in Klamath Falls. 
12. Tears of love, healing, and thankfulness. 
13. House phone and Internet back up after two weeks of being down. 
So many wonderful things to be thankful for on this day the Lord has blessed me with. Thank you! Blessings

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