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Daily Journey

Sunday, June 17, 2018

June Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Two)


Jumping for joy
Summer has arrived
Under blue skies of beauty
Never ending fun
Adventures await
Everlasting memories are made


June 8~ Good morning early rise! My family rises early. Morning coffee and breakfast with my family is truly a beautiful way to start this Friday and weekend. I know this is just the start of a great day that will be filled with many wonderful memories and treasured gifts to be thankful for. 
1. Family time around the breakfast table. Thank you Chris for making a wonderful breakfast for us all. 
2. Mid-morning hot tubbing with Terrie and Jen. 
3. Walk down to downtown Leavenworth with Chris and Jen. 
4. Going to the Nutcracker Museum. Awesome! 
5. Pretzel and rootbeer float for lunch. Thank you Rosie. 
6. The music that was being played in the park in the downtown area. 
7. The beauty of the mountains surrounding this quaint community of Leavenworth Washington. 
8. The fire burning in the fireplace. 
9. A wonderful dinner at J.J.Hills restaurant. Thank you mom. 
10. Movie night with family. 
11. All my photos - so many. 
12. The love of my family. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with and so much more. Blessings

June 9~ When on vacation with seems to be an early rise. Good morning! It's Saturday and the weekend is in full swing. Pancake breakfast with coffee to start the day. Seems my day is filling with gratefulness before my first cup of coffee. 
1. Waking early with my family for another day of fun in Leavenworth Washington. 
2. That the wrinkles fell out of my sweater today. 
3. The beautiful neck scarf my mom bought me today. 
4. Walking around Leavenworth downtown area once again today. 
5. The sunshine 
6. The double scoop waffle cone with Licorice and salted caramel ice cream. So yummy! Thank you Jen. 
7. Taking some photos for mom of the mountain sides. 
8. The walk along the Enchantment Trail that ran along the Wenatchee River. I didn't even cover all the trails or the different forks in the trail system. 
9. The wild life I enjoyed today. 
10. All the beautiful friendly smiles and hello's from perfect strangers. And some short conversations of the beauty surrounding us. 
11. Phone call from Aunt Carol. 
12. Yummy BBQ steak dinner sister Rosie made for us all. 
13. The evening sky and sunset. 
14. All the great photos I got today. So many! 
15. That Justify win the triple crown and made history today. 
16. Eating candy with my mom and sister's. Crazy fun! 
17. Hot shower to relax my body. 
So much to be thankful for as my bucket is overflowing with blessings. Just a small taste of God's goodness to me today. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the abundant treasures and memories that you blessed me with today. Blessings

June 10~ Ugh! Truly what happened? No sleep and it's time to rise and shine. Good morning! I think I'm going to take it easy today and see what happens. God always seems to bless, so I'm sure I'll have plenty to be thankful for as always. 
1. Waking in a beautiful condo filled with my family and their love. If this was the only gift it would be the best. Thank you Lord. 
2. Morning coffee 
3. Mom's homemade baked apple for breakfast. Yummy! 
4. A morning nap; or should I say extra rest before we leave for an adventure. 
5. A drive to Cashmere Washington with mom, Rosie and Terrie. Will have to come back to this town it is rolled up on Sunday's. Beautiful little town. 
6. The beauty of the rushing water of the Wenatchee River. Seeing the white water rafters out enjoying a beautiful morning. 
7. Enjoying some beef sticks from Curd that was purchased yesterday. Very yummy! 
8. Walk with mom and Rosie. Short and sweet. But enjoyable. 
9. Attempts at some movies with mom and Rosie. I think all three of us napped through them. And the free exchange thank you. 
10. The yummy milkshake mom made for us. 
11. Just resting and enjoying relaxing with family and cleaning and packing up a few things today. 
12. Being able to get a phone number for a friend. Felt good to help her out. 
13. Pie dough 
14. The beautiful sky today. 
15. My sweater to stay warm. 
Yes Lord even on days I'm tired and don't think I can last one more minute you bless me with a peaceful relaxing day of rest and moms good food. Thank you for the simple pleasures in life filled with family and their love. Blessings

June 11~ Good morning! Early rise as we have to leave this beautiful place today. I have so enjoyed my time here in Leavenworth Washington. As we start this day with breakfast and coffee with my family. I will miss this morning time. So many reasons and things to be thankful for. 
1. Spending time with my mom, sister's and extended family. 
2. The beautiful drive home through Stevens Pass. So many amazing views of the mountains, the Wenatchee River, and various other waterways. 
3. The snow on the mountain tops and the dusting on the evergreen trees. 
4. The ferry ride from Edmonds to Kingston as we head towards mom's. 
5. Coffee with Mom and Bill in her fancy little coffee set from Puerto Rico, that Chris got her while she was there. 
6. Working in mom's garden cutting back a bush and tree for her. Then being able to haul three full wagon trimmings to the green waste for her. 
7. The walk with mom through her neighborhood she lives in. So many friendly people and four legged fur babies. 
8. The evergreen scents along with the florals of all the different blooms in the area; filling the air as the breezes blow. 
9. The birds singing 
10. Petting all the wagging four legged fur babies that came up to greet me this afternoon. 
11. Having pictures with mom in her garden. 
12. Meeting moms neighbor Judy around the corner from her. What a sweetheart. 
13. The beauty of the day with my mom. 
14. Happy evening snaps that bring smiles. 
15. Hot shower washing the travel dust off and the garden dirt of the afternoon. Feeling relaxed! 
16. Prayers prayed and answered. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with and the many not even mentioned. Blessings

June 12~ Another early morning rise! Good morning! It is another travel day. Today ends my fun with mom. It is bittersweet always to say goodbye to her. I love her so much. I am always so thankful and grateful for the time I have with her. That is the best blessing of all. If I received nothing at all to be thankful for which never happens; this would be the best gift of all. So today I know I will have many things along my path to be most thankful for. 
1. Waking up at mom's and spending a few hours with her before I leave for home. 
2. An oatmeal breakfast with mom. She loves her oatmeal. 
3. An early start on the road heading home. 
4. The cup of coffee I stopped and purchased on my way home. Very yummy! And much needed. 
5. The beautiful mountain views of Mt. Reiner, Mt. St. Helen's, and Mt.Hood on my way home today. Just gorgeous! The only thing missing is a photo of each one. But I have it in my visual eye. Thank you Lord! 
6. Meeting up with Edie Ricker Cowell today at Costco, then getting a taco at Taco Bell. Thank you for joining me for lunch. It was great to see you, looking forward to future visits. 
7. Getting my car gassed up, oil filter, oil changed, vacuumed and washed. A happy car I have now. Ready for more adventures. 
8. The warmth of the beautiful sunshine today. 
9. Figuring out how to get photos moved from computer and moving others from phone to computer. One happy lady I am. 
10. Being home after being away for so long. 
Time to get things in shape. 
I am so blessed to have this home to come home too. 
Thank you Lord! Yes! As always the Lord never fails to fill my day with so many wonderful gifts to praise Him and be thankful for. Each day's a gift and each breath we take is another moment to rejoice in His goodness. Thank you Lord for all you do for me and bless me with each and everyday. Blessings

June 13~ Good morning! Early rise for Wednesday smiles of beauty. Love that I still am able to bring smiles of beauty to a few. That makes my heart smile. Defiantly a reason to be thankful for. I'm excited to see what other blessings await me to be thankful for on this day of smiles of beauty. 
1. Waking in my own bed and home. Love my bed with my fuzzy warm blankets and fluffy squishy pillows. Most thankful for all of that. 
2. My morning coffee with my morning prayers. Along with morning weather as I get ready for the day. 
3. My morning drive to Oregon City along the river road. I have missed this drive. Who knew how much a routine drive could bring such pleasure, joy, and peace. 
4. Seeing Dolores and her mom Della. Glad to be doing my weekly routines. 
5. The drive to Wilsonville to do my banking. Beautiful country roads from Dolores home. 
6. Late breakfast at Boston Pub. Next to the bank, very yummy. 
7. Cat naps today off and on. Perfect dreary, overcast day for napping. 
8. Encouragement from Crystal N Koch today wrapped up in beautiful prayers of love. Thank you. 
9. Finding out what the yellow flower was that I poster the other day. It's a Jerusalem Sage. Thank you Pat Holzbachand Paulette Mays. So happy to know this to share with moms neighbor. As she so wanted know what kind of flower this was so this is definitely a huge thankful for today. 
10. Getting my medical bill straightened out this afternoon. 
Yes today had simple goodness lacing this day with much to be thankful for. Thank you Lord for another day of smiles and simple beauty. Blessings

June 14~ Good morning! A ringing phone awakes me. Must get up and answer. The first blessing of the day; my daughter Webber Heather. Time to count the many blessings to be thankful for. 
1. Conversation with my beautiful daughter Heather. Great way to start a day. 
2. Laying back down. 
3. Snack foods to munch on. 
4. TV and recorded programs. 
5. Lots of much needed sleep and rest. 
6. A pajama day. 
7. A day of no makeup or hair being fixed. 
8. The overhead fan. 
9. My quiet day. 
10. Skittles 
Thank you Lord for another day of many beautiful gifts that bring rest and renewed strength. Blessings

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