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Daily Journey

Friday, June 1, 2018

May Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Four)


April showers
Brought us
May flowers
Fragrances of beauty 
Scattered blooms 
Rich in color
Scents of 
Scattered petals
Of love
In May


May 23~ A very restless and sleepless night as we roll over into...... Good morning! It is Wednesday my favorite day to create the smile of beauty in Oregon City. So thankful for this little hair job each week. It might bring her smile of beauty but brings me so much more in the paycheck of the heart. Not to mention I love my country drive along the river out to Oregon City that I call my mini vacation every week. I am ever so grateful to my friend that told me about this route. This day with lack of sleep will be most interesting and I'm sure will hold many things to be thankful for as I travel through the day. 
1. For morning water, coffee,and power drink. I think the three should help me through the day. 
2. My makeup concealer that hides a multiple of sins. 
3. The beautiful sunshine 
4. Finding out I was closer to the bank from Dolores house than it was to my own home. So off to Wilsonville go. 
5. The beautiful drive through the countryside in the country roads heading to Wilsonville. 
6.Yet another country drive home on a different route from the bank. Landing me in West linn. 
7. Finding Fields Bridge Park in West linn. 
8. Sitting next to the Willamette River on the bench in the sun. Soaking up the beauty and sunrays and the peacefulness of the area.
9. A short stroll through the park in Carver where they launch their boats. Watching the fishermen and speaking with them. 
10. Going to the Bakers Cabin a historical site.So beautiful here. 
11. The peacefulness of the day. 
12. Having dinner with my sisters Christine Good, and Rosie this evening. Thank you! 
13. The beautiful bag and fan my sister Christine brought back for me from Puerto Rico when she wa there working this past month. 
Thank you Lord for filling this day with so many wonderful gifts and blessings for me to enjoy. Even though I was tired I was so amazed how much I enjoyed just taking in and sitting and watching the beauty of the day. Thank you for always pour more into my day than I could ever dream or imagine possible. So many spoken and unspoken gifts to be thankful for once again. Thank you! Blessings

May 24~ Good morning! Thank you Lord for the extra sleep this morning. Now I must rise and shine for the days adventures and sunshine. So many things that await me that I know I will be thankful for. 
1. A good morning call! Why thank you! 
2.The extra sleep 
3. My ceiling fans 
4. Phone call from Crystal N Koch. So blessed to hear from you. Loved being able to share and pray with you before my day got started. Perfect! 
5. Hots showers 
6. The bottle return where I don't have to count the bottles myself. 
7. Paved roads were you can drive with more than one car and not worry about being ran off the road. 
8. That laws are for us to obey and that they are not just a suggestion....but away to life a good life in a free world. God Bless America! Thank you! I live here and not some third world where I wouldn't have these conveniences or law abiding laws to protect the whole and not just a suggestion. 
9. My family that loves me for me and those friends that accept me for me and love me. Truly that is the best gifts and treasures one can have. Thank you all for enriching my life daily. 
10. Huge dinner salad for dinner. Thankful for the food in my home. 
Thank you Lord for all this and so much more. Another day filled and complete with many gifts to treasure and be thankful for. Blessings

May 25~ Good morning! It is Friday rolling into a three day weekend. Be safe out there and remember it is Memorial Day weekend! Take a pause and remember all those who gave all! So you might be able to enjoy the freedoms you are granted daily on this three day weekend. I thank each and everyone for the sacrifices given so that I might enjoy the freedoms I so take for granted daily. Thank you! As this day begins I find myself already given so much thanks for yet another day filled with numerous things to be grateful for. 
1. That we do have three day weekends that we are able to spend with family and friends. As we reflect on the gift given by those you have given their All! For my freedoms and the three day weekends. 
2. Morning coffee and sweet rolls. Thank you so much David. 
3.Salon was open for an early morning haircut. I love that I still have my fingers in it just a little bit. One happy man! As I do miss doing hair. Thankful for this skill and trade.
And those haircuts and appointment that I still do on occasions. 
4. Meeting a friend for lunch that I hadn't seen in awhile. So glad to see you and catch up. I have missed you so very much. You look great! 
5. A small walk around the city streets of Gresham. 
6. A walk to the mailbox. Getting my walks in short spurts today. 
7. Talking to the neighbor and him helping with some of my overgrowth in the yard. So grateful for his help. 
8. Encouragement from Crystal N Koch is always a plus. Thank you! Miss you and love you tons. So grateful for the phone lines.
 9. The birds whistling outside my bedroom window. 
10. Tears even when they come with pain and loss. Because that means that it was important and that it mattered. A tear shed is a tear that is caught in the hand of God and held as a diamond. 
11. Lessons learned and the cost of a lesson is always priceless.
 Thank you Lord for all my gifts today and the many that go unspoken daily. The provisions that you provide that give my life rich purpose and meaning thank you. Blessings

May 26~ These restless night are truly taking a toll on me. But grateful to have a comfortable bed to lay in. Good morning! It is grey and overcast but muggy. I think my blessings will be found around home today. 
1. A wonderful good morning text wondering where my smile was. Why good morning to you. Let me send one right over to you. What a wonderful way to start my Saturday and weekend. Big smiles! 
2. Hot coffee and vitamins with prayer time. 
3. Being able to still get on my hands and knees to clean my floors. It takes me much longer but I am grateful I can still do it. And that my mom taught me how to clean those floors. 
4. Mop (rags) and buckets with lysol to clean with. 
5. Listening once again this year to "Angel Flight"~ So thankful for those that serve and those that bring our fallen home. Brings me to tears everytime.  
6. Radio to listen to music well I clean today. 
7. Long hot showers. 
8. Coconut pie 
9. My neighbors helping me clean up my yard. It is starting to look so much better. So very kind of them. 
10. White pump heels to go with my dress. Thankful I didn't get rid of those. Wish I still had some of my heels. But...I know they went to good homes. 
11. Treasured memories. In my confusion they bring me a tear stained smile. Those no one can take from me. So thankful for my memory. 
12. A phone call from my beautiful granddaughter Sara Harris! I am so proud of you! I love you so very much. 
13. My washer and dryer is always a blessing. 
14. Step ladder so I can climb up into places I cannot get to otherwise. 
15. The birds that were sitting on my porch today. 
Yes! Lord even at home doing housework and taking care of business around here You still manage to fill my day with abundance. These are just a few of the many gifts I'm so thankful for that you fill my cup to overflowing with. I feel so rich and blessed to have so much thank you. Blessings

May 27~ Good morning! Sunday sunshine and warmth await me today. With that dun smiling upon me I'm sure to have a day filled with lots of blessings to be thankful for. 
1. That first cup of morning coffee. 
2. Morning beauty on my porch enjoying the sun. 
3. Doors open for a cross breeze and fresh air. 
4. Thank you for lunch David. It was very nice. 
5. Water with ice and lemon. 
6. Sharing my bucket list with a few friends. 
7. Seeing Tom. I haven't seen you in forever. You look great! 
8. Finding graduation card. 
9. Listening to the birds chirp away. 
10. Finding another hair color. Going to try this one tonight. Washing wisdom out of my hair shade. 
11. Shared memories thank you dear daughter. They are cherished Webber Heather. Thankful for everyone. 
12. Talking to my daughter Amber Webber. Got in the car and thought the radio was playing her song. No! It was her. 
13. Knowing you Lord work all things out. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with. Blessings

May 28~ Good morning! Thank you to all you have given and serve this great country. Today is Memorial Day. A day of remembrance. A very sobering day of gratitude. 
1. That I wake up in a country that I am free. 
2. For those that serve this country. And the ones that have given the ultimate price of their lives for my freedoms. 
3. Being able to pay my respects to those that have served. Though I didn't know a one in this cemetery. I am honored, humbled and grateful for each one. 
4. For each flag that was placed with care at the foot of each grave site. 
5. For the sunflowers given to Mary McCormick Loomis and I today. 
6. Walking among heroes. 
7. Listening to the American flag whip in the wind high above each hero. Sends chills down my spine. 
8. The sights and sounds of the day as respect was being paid to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. 
9. A McDonald's hamburger 
10. Meeting up with Cindy Forsythe Rieder. Thank you. 
11. The surprise evening call. 
12. Tears that heal. 
Today Lord I'm thankful for so much and truly no words cover what's inside my heart. So much gratitude. Blessings

May 29 ~ Another restless night with an early rise. Good morning good morning! Oh darn my sister Christine Good snuck out even earlier than my early rise. Darn it! I was hoping to have coffee with her. Well....I still have a full amazing day of excitement ahead of me that I know will be filled with the Lord's richest blessings. 
1. Morning coffee made and waiting for me. Thank you David. 
2. For the help with the car and loading it. 
3. An early start on the road. Different route than planned. Shaved almost two hours off the drive. 
4. The beautiful sunshine. 
5. The sweet lady at the service station in Madras. Made me smile. 
6. Fuel for me at Mohawk restaurant in Crescent Oregon. Very good food. 
7. The nice man and lady that helped me when I got disoriented and lost heading into Susanville California. They got me on the right track and a map. In the middle of nowhere. Who knew? Angels unaware. 
8. That I made great timing getting to Portola. 
9. Racheal Perry and Nick Perry getting into Portland, then to my sister's Christine, and Rosie, safely. 
10. For the big hugs from Shawn Harris
11. The big hugs from Sara Harris and then some snap chat fun with her. 
12. The prayers sent up for me today. Truly grateful. 
13. Hearing all the voices of four of my grandchildren when I arrived. The "I love you" the best. 
14. Thank you Lord for being my pilot today. 
15. Being with my daughter Amber Webber and her children. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with. For the protection and provision to make this trip. Thank you! Blessings

May 30~ Waking to two teenage beauties saying hey grandma time to get up. Can you....? Got to love teenagers and the best part their my granddaughters Summer Harris, and Sammie. Good morning! It's going to be a wonderful day filled with lots of love and girl time to be thankful for. 
1. Summer Harris buying morning coffee at Nicole's. What a sweet blessing and good morning eye opener. 
2. Sara Harris coming over and encouraging us all to go on a small hike to Frazier Falls outside of Grey Eagle. 
3. Spending the day with my three granddaughter's Sara, Summer, and Sammie today. Could call it the best day ever. So enjoyed it! Very special....I will treasure this day and time. 
4. The drive to through the Sierra mountains today heading up to Frazier Falls. Was absolutely beautiful! 
5. The hike in and out to Frazier Falls. Absolutely amazing and so beautiful. Super enjoyed being with my granddaughters and enjoying this hike with them. 
6. Lunch that Summer Harris bought us at Frosty in Grey Eagle. Very yummy! Loved my hamburger, fries, and caramel milkshake. Thank you! 
7. Seeing Mary-Ann Cords and meeting her family. 
8. Listening to the train's whiz through Portola California. 
9. The tacos Amber Webber got us all for dinner. 
10. The text that brought me smiles. Safe travels. 
11. Being here in Portola with my daughter Amber and her family. 
12. Watching the kids playing in the park. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with. Best day with the granddaughter's. Thank you for all this and the many unspoken gifts as well. I am truly blessed. Thank you! Blessings 
(Second rewrite)

May 31~ Good morning! Graduation day for my granddaughter Sara Harris. Oh this is going to be a full crazy wild day with buckets of thankfuls. 
1. Sleeping past 7am was so nice. 
2. Taking Sammie to school. 
3. Seeing Sara's face when her dad, Crystal and gma arrived to celebrate her big day. 
4. Thank you Shawn Harris for lunch today for all of us. 
5. Watching Crystal, Amber Webber and the kids makecandy leis for Sara for graduation. They worked so hard. 
6. Watching my granddaughter Sara walk down the aisle for her diploma. 
7. The beautiful celebration put together by so many wonderful people thank you Mary-Ann Cords
8. The wonderful text this morning from Kymberely Whitlow. What a surprise and blessing. 
9. The help from Shawn Harris, Shawn, and Jonathan thank you so very much. 
10. Swinging on the swing and going down the slide at the park. Always fun to be a kid. 
11. All the photos of family and loved ones celebrating our girl. 
12. The phone call to the rental company. Glad I talked to Lindsey. 
13. The smiles that are craved in my heart with love. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with. So much abundance my cup runneth over. And so many more not even mentioned thank you. Blessings

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