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Daily Journey

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

June Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Three)


Jumping for joy
Summer has arrived
Under blue skies of beauty
Never ending fun
Adventures await
Everlasting memories are made


June 15~ Good morning! We have reached Friday and rolling right into the weekend. Blessed with another day to be thankful for. 
1. Sleeping in my cozy comfy bed until 8 this morning. 
2. Long hot shower. 
3. Fresh air 
4. Chips and dip. 
5. Friends that go the extra mile. Thank you! 
6. A country drive to Oregon City. 
7. Seeing Melissa Simmons and cutting her hair for her. Looks so cute. Good to see you
8. Not getting lost. 
9. Going out to dinner and the ballgame to watch the farm team the Volcanoes. 
10. Watching the fireworks, always fun to watch the night sky light up with all the many beautiful gems like, diamonds, emeralds, rubies. 
11. The safe drive home. 
Thank you Lord for the many gifts of the day. Blessings

June 16~ Good morning! Sleepy gal I am. Guess late nights and I aren't best friends anymore. Though I had a great time. Today is a new day of gifts and treasures to celebrate and be thankful for. 
1. Sleeping in my cozy home in my bed surrounded by all my things. 
2. Good morning snap, which makes me smile. 
3. Watching the classic movie " Babe Ruth". 
4. Getting laundry done. 
5. A walk up to the mailbox and back. 
6. Scattered pink pedals on my porch. 
7. The scent of the fresh Summer rain. 
8. Listening to the patter of the rain coming down on top of the roof. 
9. The fresh air and cool Summer scent of rain flowing through the house. 
10. Talking to Rose today. I miss her so much. I pray you have a wonderful 80th birthday next week. Wish I could be there to celebrate your special day with you. 
11. Talking to mom. I love you. 
12. Lazy Saturday afternoon noon and Hallmark movies. 
Thank you Lord for another day to celebrate and be thankful for all the many rich blessings you have blessed me with once again. Thank you! Blessings

June 17~ Good morning! Happy Father's Day! This year is creeping away from us quickly. Here we are sliding into the end of the month. Where has all the time gone. Thankful for each day that I am given and to be so very thankful for. I know this day will be filled with many blessings as each day is. 
1. Waking to beautiful sunshine and gorgeous weather for Father's Day. 
2. Talking to Joanne Good today. Thank you for letting dad (Don Good)Happy Father's Day dad! Know I called. Pray he feels better soon. Love you both. 
3. Thank you for breakfast today. It was very nice of you. 
4.Getting the broken TV out of the house and to the dump. 
5. Going for a walk at Slough Trail on Airport way. What a beautiful nature walk. 
6. Seeing all the many wildflowers and other vegetation along the trail. 
7. The momma duck and her ducklings. 
8. The jackrabbit and all the pretty birds. 
9. The Summer thunderstorm and lighting. Glad I was home before it started. 
10. Marie Callender's chicken pot pie. Yummy dinner. 
11. Having protection. 
12. Sometimes it's nice to know you can block. Was feeling very unsafe. Feeling a bit better. 
13. Locks on my doors. 
14. Knowing I can call for help. 
15. Our police officers. Thank you for them! Very thankful for (911) 
16. For all the dads out there and moms that are dads. 
17. For the many scents and smells of the day as well from the Summer storm. 
Thank you Lord for blessing me with another day filled with amazing gifts and treasures. For always protecting me and watching out over me. Thank you for the many unspoken gifts that never get mentioned and the daily gifts of life. I am truly blessed. Blessings

June 18~ Good morning! It's a new day, new week, for new adventures to be thankful for. Can hardly wait to see what today holds. 
1. Waking to the whirling of the overhead fan. As it sings its morning love song humming me a wake. 
2. Peddling around the house. 
3. Having my feet propped up today. 
4. A walk to the mailbox. 
5. A happy afternoon snap. Love that Hey Hey! Brought smiles in the quiet of the day. 
6. Working on my puzzles 
7. The hello of the neighbor's with a smile. 
8. A surprise message call me. Why hello Kellie Suetta Amaru! Love talking with you and catching up. Miss you and love you. Looking forward to shopping with you. 
9. The birds that have made their home on my back patio. 
10. Prayers 
Thank you Lord for another day of simple gifts that you've blessed me with. Blessings

June 19 ~ Good morning! Another day I have been blessed with. Sun is shining and the blessings are pouring in to be thankful. 
1. Doors opened for morning sunshine and fresh air. Beautiful morning. 
2. Good morning snap. A wonderful way to start my day. 
3. Fresh daisies on my table. 
4. Fun at Costco. Who knew Costco could be so much fun. 
5. All the smiles, hellos and idle chit chat with complete strangers. Making the day much brighter for all. 
6. Getting my back patio cleaned up. Still more to do ...but thankful it is taking shape. 
7. Thank you Kim Hager for hooking me up with Judi. So excited about learning more about her product line Damsel in Defense. 
8. Meeting up with Edie Ricker Cowell and Mary McCormick Loomis tonight for taco dinner. Was so good to see you both. Thankful I could arrange my schedule to see you both.
 9. Being able to be there for friends when they need you. 
10. My flashlight. 
Yes Lord these are just a few of the many blessings I'm so grateful for. Thank you! Blessings

June 20~ Good morning! Is it really time to get up? I think I just went to sleep. Okay sunshine is's smiles of beauty some coffee will be the first call of the day and it brings smiles to me. See I'm off and running already and plenty to be thankful for before my feet even hit the floor. I'm excited about this day and the many blessings and fun adventures that await me. 
1. Power drink with banana and a new find coconut water. Great breakfast start. 
2. Always love my country road drive on Wednesday. But today I not only did the river road but several other country roads to go to Canby today. Just beautiful! Always a mini vacation. 
3. Having my date book available and with me today. Makes scheduling so much easier. 
4. Seeing Carlie Sunshine Hall and Les Hall today. Best part is I got to spend the whole day with Carlie. That's fun! 
5. Petting and loving on all the fur babies at the Hall residence today. Now what could be sweeter than loving on all those fur babies. 
6. Two happy smiling ladies today. Love that I still have my fingers working those hairstyles. 
7. Shopping with Carlie today at the mall. Perfect way to get walk in with air conditioning. Especially on a very warm day like today that hit 90 plus. Thank you Carlie for asking me. Had a great time. 
8. Finding a really pretty bronzer today. 
9. Had a great lunch at Noodles. 
10. Getting my porch light put in today. Thank you thank you! No more flashlight! 
11. Talking with Kellie Suetta Amaru this evening. Need to come here. 
12. Getting my jewelry cleaned. 
13. Just a beautiful fun day filled with love and friendship. 
Thank you Lord for another day with wonderful friends and opportunities to see your hand move in my life. Blessings

June 21 ~ Good morning! It's the first day of Summer! Hello Summer! Summer Solstice! It's now my favorite time of the year. Though to look out the window today you'd think we were still in mid Spring. I'm sure there will be plenty of days with the sunshine pouring through the windows. In the meantime today is a gift and I'm sure to have plenty of things to be thankful for today. 
1. Muggy night so when I woke this morning it was nice to just roll over and go back to sleep for awhile. A gift when one isn't sleeping well. Thankful for the extra shuteye. 
2. Morning coffee and prayers always go nicely together. 
3. Overhead fans going, with windows and doors open. Wonderful fresh air and cross breeze blowing through the house. 
4. Clean sheets on my bed. That's going to be nice tonight. 
5. Chips and hummus 
6. Vacuumed rugs 
7. A small walk to mailbox and back. Thankful that I can walk. 
8. Hangers to hang clothes and coats. 
9. Paid bills 
10. Birds singing 
Thank you Lord for another day of simple gifts that make my life beautiful. For the quiet peaceful day to just get things done I'm thankful for. Blessings

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