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Daily Journey

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Finding Of Past years Goals & Other Things of Interest

As I was cleaning and packing up for the move I ran across so much paper work I was over whelmed! 
I do believe I was drowning in paper that I was finding and going through.
Which most of the papers were needing to be tossed or shredded.
Though there was plenty I was wanting to stare at much longer.
So I decided I wanted to share these pieces with you.
The Goals from 2014 and where I landed on them, and my thoughts.
The other ones are ten things about me, rather random.
The last one is a list put into a positive statement
That I had to write in one of the activities from a class I took.
 As I read it; it still speaks to my heart.

The Goals of 2014

1. Loss wight and get in shape
Well this one is Yes! 
I did loss weight not as much as I would have liked.
Getting in shape I could have done better; I started off good then I'm not sure what happened.

2. Better eating habits
I continue to improve on this one daily.
Though during any gatherings of celebrations I fall extremely short on this.

3. More de-cluttering of my things and down sizing
Laughing so hard on this one. 
Good intentions!
Though with the move it is happening as we type
So I think I can say I started in the end of 2014 on this one and will continue through 2015.

4. Save money
Yes! I did save money used it all up to buy a house.
Guess this one needs to be done once again.
So we start over on this one; as it was used up!

5. Pay off bills
Laughing again!
I gave it the good old college try.
Need to continue to work on this one.
I would love to master it and stay out of debit totally.

6. Look for a new home
Started this in 2013 and completed in December 16, 2014!
Extremely excited about this one.
Goal to get settled...
Work hard on paying it off!

7. Take a class on how to use my fancy camera
Well...I kept talking about it ...but never did.
Though I did play with it and learn some more about it.
Think I need to take a class.

8. Build client base in Mary Kay & salon
Interestingly life has away of making changes you don't necessarily agreed too.
Salon business will eventual be gone totally due to health issues. This one has down sized to only 4-5 hours a week. Makes me sad! It is a passion! Trusting God and His amazing plan.
I never did build my clientele in Mary Kay
But that is on my list to do this year.
I would love to have a skin care client base of at least 50 plus.

9. A simpler life style
It is happening daily.
This one I find it is personal choice to work on each and everyday.
And simpler isn't the same for ever one.

10. Become more positive
Yes and No on this one.
Fighting pain makes it hard to stay positive
Finding this is a happy choice everyday.
Finding something to work towards and being happy because I am doing something I love.
Pain takes me in directions I don't like.
So another daily choice and working on daily

11. Do more unexpected kindness
Not sure how to measure this one or if I truly succeed!
I think this should be on every ones list everyday one is alive and breathing
So we can always be working on this one.

12. Spend more time with family and friends
I do believe I succeed in this one and looking forward to surpassing this one this year.
So it will be back on the list as well.
I think the true measure of our legacy lays within those we touch daily in our lives which would be our family and friends, associates and those that come across our path daily.
Making that difference with lots of Love and smiles.

13. Then I wrote to mention a few...... I had many more that I was working on.
I don't recall as they weren't listed.
So these are the elevations of the past year. 
I would say it was a success and left room for improvement this year.

So this means look for my goals of 2015 in a future post.

Ten Things About Self (Me) 

1. I have hazel eyes
2. I was a drama student and wanted to study the arts when I was younger
3. I raced cars on dirt tracks when my girls were little; and dated a guy that was part of the pit crew for a NASCAR driver in the 80's. 
4. I love road trips
5. When I was a little girl in Girl Scouts; one year I sold the most cookies in our troop and the area.
6. When I was a pre-teen/teenager I would have fairs to raise money for the Jerry Lewis tel-thon.
7. I have lived on both the East and West coast as well as in the mid west too.
8. I don't like to exercise
9. I don't like being cold at all!!!
10. I love dressings up and wearing beautiful clothing and accessories

This seemed to be a very random item list.
I took a few self improvement classes this past year;
 I think this was one of the activities we had to do. 
Interesting list of random things about me!

Positive Statement

Sing in the rain
Dance your own dance not someone Else's!
They only made one you (Me)
Love who you are
Dream Big!
Live large!
Believe anything is possible
Have faith
Know you are enough
Today is here, 
Tomorrow isn't promised 
Live for today
Yesterday is gone 
Forgive yourself
You are beautiful

So as I re-read this I thought...WOW!
I need to post that up and re-read that everyday to myself!
Because there is nothing better than knowing you are perfect just the way God made you.
Learning to believe these truths.

Guess I need to work up some fun goals for 2015
Maybe some more random things about me.
And I think we will stick to this positive affirmation I made sometime last year.
It still stands and speaks to me.
So I say this one still is working!

Did you have a list of goals or resolutions that you worked on last year? 
Did you accomplish or succeed in full fulling any of them?
Do you intend to make some this year?
Do you do daily affirmations?

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