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Daily Journey

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New year!
As we closed off the 2014
I was blessed to finally be able to give notice in my apartments
We have lived here for almost seven years.
Have seen many changes over this period of time.
I am happy to say goodbye and start a new journey in a new home this year in 2015.
We are excited to be moving into our first home.
It was a wonderful Christmas gift that came on December 16th.
One month from the date we put the offer in.
I feel as it is our time.
I have dreamed of my own home since I was a very young woman.
This year it has come true!
I have been blessed with many friends coming to help paint and fix the home up.
Now we are at the place of ready to start the moving in process.
Oh what a job this is. 
I have way to much stuff!!
I need to dispose of and find homes for so much.
It is hard to release some of it.
But it must be done for the vision I have.
And we have no garage only a small storage shed.
So I have to condense a two car garage into this small space.
I know it will be worth it.
Many things have been changing in my life over the past three years.
So I am truly looking for a break through and a brighter future ahead.
I'm praying about how all this will come about. 
I know God has a plan....
I just need to be still and listen.
Not always so easy for me to do.
My health has taken a turn since I broke my ankle almost three years ago.
I cannot work like I once did.
I do look forward to being able to totally retire in many ways. 
As I have always worked since I was about 12 years old.
As an adult and single mom I always worked.
I usually had three to four jobs just to make ends meet.
As I go into the down hill years I look forward to being able to spend more time with family and friends.
Praying I will have the fiances to do so.
One of the battles I am facing this year is trying to get my disability.
I never saw myself on disability.
But I can no longer do what I love most.
Which is do hair.
Though I am still doing it once a week for a bout 4-5 hours.
I love seeing the smiling faces.
Makes the pain worth it.
I'm hoping to do more blogging this year.
I have been encouraged to get back at it.
I'm not sure what direction I want to take my blog.
I love writing poetry,
Taking photos,
Sharing adventures,
I as well have always loved linking up with other blogs as well.
Though over the last few years haven't done so well with that at all.
I'm thinking it might be fun to share my adventures of my new home on here.
So... we will see where the new year takes us.

What do you see in your new year?
Are you ready for the new adventures that await you?

1 comment:

Susie Swanson said...

Oh Bethe, I'm so excited for you and just reading this put such a happy smile on my face. I'm with you and looking forward to better days ahead. I feel as If i lost a big part of my life and can't get it back but this is a New Year and after reading ur post it gives me hope and promise. I wish we lived more close. God's Blessings upon you my sweet friend and again I'm so happy for you. Hugs across the miles. xoxo