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Daily Journey

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lent Letters to God ~ Day 7

Hebrews 13:9

…it is good that the heart be established by grace…

Today started with a very rough start. It was rocky to say the least. I tried to turn the day around. It did gradual get better. Though I must say it wasn't one of my best day for me emotionally. Glad to see the day come to an end. It was a very successful day business wise. I had three appoints and made a little cash to put towards bills. My oldest daughter Heather she is amazing always praying and asking the lord to help her mom. Also spoke with middle daughter today as well. WOW! I know my daughters love me. I didn't speak with youngest but if this two are an example I'm truly the most blessed mom in the world. I also spoke with my mom today. I love her so. 

Dear Lord I am so grateful for your grace for days like today. I thank you Lord for being there in the darkness carrying me through to the light on the side of your love and grace. Lord I thank you for all that you do for me and how you bless me beyond my wildest dreams. For those friends ships that I struggle with when I know that you have a greater plan than the one I see before me. I just need to stop and listen and know you are directing my path as you lead me to still quiet waters. I thank you for standing with me even when I just want to let go and just give up. You send those to help me see the grace and love and what you have for me. I thank you that your heart is for your loved ones and that you will never leave us or forsake us. That you love us to much to leave us where we are. I thank you for helping me and guiding me through the storm of live to the mountain top of Victory. I love you Lord and I thank you for loving me even when I'm unlovable. Thank you Lord thank you Lord. I love you! Beth

Do you thank God for the storms as you walk through them?

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