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Daily Journey

Sunday, April 9, 2017

April Blessings~ Count It All Joy (Week One)


April Showers

April 1~ It's April fools day! A new month and the weekend. Yes! Beth this is your life and it's no joke! You truly are highly favored and loved by the Lord and your family and friends. Mom made another wonderful breakfast this morning. A few chores mom had for us today. Completed. Then a trip to Silverdale for shopping. Home for lunch. A walk to dumb moms yard debris. That was a bit of a walk. Glad we had the wagon to haul it there. A Lovely evening out with mom, Rosie, and Terrie Bariletti Dunn-Daggett. Ate way to much at the buffet. Thank you Mom! Thankful to be blessed with my wild family. Plenty of food to eat and being loved. And that's no April fools joke. Thank you Lord for this day of activities with my family. Blessings

April 2~ Rise for one more fun adventure with mom, Rosie, and Terrie Bariletti Dunn-Daggett, before we have to head home from this wonderful weekend with mom. Thank you Rosie, and Terrie for including me on this birthday weekend of fun. A fun text that put smiles on my face; and laughter and ....don't blow it on everyone else's lips. Thanks Terrie for the encouragement. I'm excited to see what happens. A few more morning chores for mom and packing up and loading car. Finally got my coffee and it really was worth the wait. Coffee with coffee liqueur and vanilla ice cream. Yum! Ann Stewart invited us over for a wonderful champagne brunch. What a lovely time we had with her in her beautiful home. Loved hearing about her stories about her life and playing with Ashok. I think my favorite was about the champagne glasses. Thank you for sharing your home and life with us today. What a blessing. Then on the road again heading home. Wish I could have said to parts unknown. Wouldn't that have been fun? But life is calling us back to reality and our daily grinds. Then an unexpected surprise. Off to see Geo Sutterand an early evening dinner to close this weekend with. WOW! So many things to be thankful for. So many treasures and gifts found. Loved the memories made to store in my heart and mind. Lord you fill my cup to over flowing thank you for the beauty of this day and weekend. Just as the dew kisses the flowers in the morning; you wake me with a sweet good morning kiss of sunlight; then fill my day with zillions of gifts waiting for me to find. Showing me how much you love me. Thank you! Blessings

April 3~ Waking in my own bed, wonderful! Morning coffee, sunshine pouring in the Windows lightening my home with warmth. Time to get my engines running with errands. Setting up and rescheduling appointments. Thankful I'm able to do that. Great seeing Rebecca Sherrett this morning. Love those leggings, thank you. Then time to get my oil changed. So well I waited I had a relaxing lunch. Love that when I get oil changed in the car it gets vacuumed and washed. Looks so nice. Ready to roll into Spring all clean and shiny. Enjoyed watching a squirrel today playing in a tree. Worked in my yard; started that Winter clean up. Saw a snake! Hate snakes! I ran to other side of driveway and worked over there instead. At least the yard is taking shape. I filled the debris can. Now it's time to work on the dreaded taxes. I much rather enjoy the beautiful evening. But chores call. I have had many small joys slipped into a day of errands, chores, and work. It's the little slice of heaven found in the daily grind. I'm so thankful for the little simple breaks and playful moments in the day. Thank you Lord for filling this day with sunshine and a playful squirrel, a fish tank to sit next to at lunch and so much more. So many little things that add up to an amazing day in my life in the mundane of every day life. Blessings

April 4~ Good morning Tuesday! Sunshine kisses, lighting my room with your morning rays. Wake up and enjoy another day another day of possibilities to write a new page in this chapter of your life. Morning coffee with prayers as I bustle around getting ready for morning appointment with the Chiropractor. After head to Silky' s for my free coffee and morning paper. Love the feel and smell of the news paper and coffee. Still enjoy the news paper and the rustling of the pages as I read it. Home until my afternoon appointment. Off and running. Homemade cookies, hot orange spice tea. What a great way to start this afternoon appointment. Thank you to those who supplied the fresh yummy treats. Home to work on taxes and getting them ready for my sister Rosie to help me complete them; so Uncle Sam will be happy. Some dandelion sunshine, reminding me of my favorite childhood bouquet of flowers delivered and received; to my mom when I was a child. And from my beautiful daughter's Webber HeatherAmber Webber, and Racheal, even from the grandchildren. Missing those little hands and eyes of love giving me the most beautiful bouquet of yellow sunshine from the yard. No longer a weed but a burst of yellow sunshine, when given with a heart of love from the heart of our children. A day drizzled with lots of little flavorful delights and scents. Thank you Lord for always surprising me with the unexpected. Feeling very blessed by your love. Blessings

April 5~ Good morning Wednesday the day of beautiful smiles of beauty. My day to create happiness and beauty filled with lots of smiles, at the salon. Get that coffee to get the motor running. Prayers to make sure the day goes smoothly. Besides it's always a good thing to say good morning to the Lord and thank Him for another day. Sat outside on the bench this morning listening to the birds sing and the sun break through the clouds. So amazing to start my day this way. My mini morning vacation before work. Glad I did too! Fourteen on books twelve showed up. Thank you Lord for blessing the work of my hands today. Truly exhausted after today. But filling very exhilarated. Love those smiles of happiness and beauty. Home to do the dreaded laundry. Thankful for my washer and dryer. A voice on the other end of the phone that felt good to hear. Maybe one day we will talk. Be blessed. I'm glad you okay and alive. A text letting me know my friend Geo Sutter is recovering comfortably. Praise God! An afternoon early dinner with Mary McCormick Loomis for happy hour. Great seeing you and relaxing after my crazy work day. Feeling like I'm hopping down the bunny trail into relaxation as this day comes to a close. Thank you Lord for blessing me in so many unexpected ways today. Some are answered prayers. Thank you! Blessings

April 6~ Good morning Thursday and rain showers. Don't want to get up. Wish the rain would go away and come again other day. Okay so it's April and April showers bring May flowers. Got to love Spring and it's ever changing weather patterns. Coffee, prayers, out the door for morning appointment. Home to watch the sun break through the stormy rain clouds to create a beautiful sunshine afternoon. Mow the yard and absorb those sun rays. A surprise referral for "Have Hair Will Travel". Loved speaking with her and look forward to meeting her this Sunday. A beautiful drive through the country on the river road. For my evening appointment to see the lovely Melissa Simmons. The evening turned into an evening of great company and fun. A phone call from my nephew brought huge smiles of joy and happiness to my heart. Love you so much Jon! Thankful for another day of possibilities filled with surprises of astonishment and joy of happiness. Blessings

April 7~ It's Friday! It's Friday! I'm so excited....I love the weekends. Leisure morning coffee. Time to clean up for the day. So windy...change of plans. Taking Geo Sutter lunch and sit and visit with her for a bit. Prayer for quick healing and recovery in Jesus name Amen! My youngest daughter Racheal brought a smile today when I heard from her. I love hearing from my girls. They fill my heart. Winds are crazy today with rain showers. As I watched and listen to the crazy weather I captured a beautiful double rainbow this afternoon in the court yard. His promise, which brings peace and hope to my heart. Looking through old photos today and seeing the many changes over the past four years. Thankful the Lord has walked every step with me. So many changes, love, pain, loss, growth, laughter, hope, family, friendship, travel, places, and so much more. Grateful some is behind me, missing some of those who helped me through and brought smiles along the way in my journey when I didn't think I could. Hopeful for today and the future that lays ahead of me. Yesterday is a memory, today is here; enjoy to the fullest as tomorrow isn't promised. Thank you Lord for this day and the small treasures sprinkled with tears of love and your promise. Blessings

April 8~ Early Saturday morning rise. Road trip to sister's to get the dreaded taxes done. Beautiful early morning drive down the Gorge. Thankful to get there early and get those nasty taxes done. Thank you Rosie, for helping me complete my yearly chore and duty to Uncle Sam. Playful fun with all the great nephews toys, as well as with all the pets in the house. Brings me peace, harmony, joy, laughter, and the crazy kid out in me. Which makes this dreaded tax event tolerable. Lunch with Terrie Bariletti Dunn-Daggett, and Rosie, with more laughter and fun. Afternoon movie "Pete's Dragon", and some R&R. Even though I hate taxes my blessing is that I made it fun, playing with the toys and animals. Blessed to have a sister willing to help me do them. The beauty of having family that is willing to help in areas of need. So thankful for my sister and the taxes being done till next year. Thank you Lord for this day and helping me make an ugly day fun and finding the beauty. Blessings

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