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Daily Journey

Monday, April 24, 2017

April Blessings ~ Count It All Joy (Week Three)


April Showers

April 17~ Good morning Monday! New day new week. Its time to get your motor running. Get that coffee! Out the door running. Pick up Tanina Cossimina Giarrusso and run an errand. Time to get tires rotated, lined, balanced. Thank you Tannina for spending this time with me while waiting. Meet up with Geo Sutter for lunch. What nice time we had. Car is finished and they say major work required.....what? Your kidding? Right? Thank you Kurt and Cindy Forsythe Rieder for the correct information on my car. So happy to hear they were just trying to sell me a bill of goods. Relief! Was great to catch up with you Cindy. Thank you Tanina for the ham dinner and dessert. Yummy! Yes some days you run into the prickly yucky thing's in life. Today seemed to be one of those days. Grateful for supportive friends and those with the knowledge that make the prickly days less painful and not so hard to deal with. Happy my friend Mary McCormick Loomis is home from her trip to Alaska. Family and friends along with laughter is of good medicine to your heart and soul. Thank you Lord for placing the best in my life. Feeling relief from my prickly day and looking towards tomorrow. Blessings

April 18~ Good morning sleepy head! Time to rise and shine. You have a new day of 1440 minutes to find your gifts and treasures that have been sprinkled throughout the day. Get that morning cup of coffee your going to need it along with those morning prayers. Hate good byes.... chiropractor is leaving this office. Last time here and a good bye to Doctor Dearborn. I will miss her and her smiles andhelpful insight. Enjoy your new journey Doctor Dearborn. New office new doctor next week. Then a few business errands. Geo Sutter has me over for breakfast. Oh it was so very yummy! Amber Webbermy friend Geo made me homemade bacon pancakes. So delicious! Thank you! A Lovely visit with Geo, before having to leave for my next set of appointments. Lots of laughter and smiles fill the room. Sun and blue skies bring warmth throughout the day. Birds singing their love songs. The beauty of flowers in bloom leaving a sweet scent of sweetness in the air. A breeze that kisses my cheek as it brushes by rushing off to the next unsuspecting person. A walk through the neighbourhood to collect my banquet of flowers all held in my camera lens. A quiet night at home reflecting on all the Lord has blessed me with. A call from mom holds so much love. Thankful I still hear her voice and the words "I love you honey." Good night mom "I love you too!" Blessings

April 19~ Oh wake up and get ready for this day Beth! Can I was stay in bed instead? No! Today is your day of smiling beauty. Your ladies look forward to seeing you. Raise and shine. Grab that cup of java and the Lord's hand for this day. You will be glad you did. Five beautiful smiling ladies today and two cancellations and one went home to glory. Thank you Lord for the time I had with her bringing her smiles of beauty in these past weeks. It's always a joy to see each lady leave with smiles that light a room. Their beauty shines brightly coloring the facility with their radiant beauty. Lunch with Geo Sutter, thank you so very much. So glad you are healing and getting better everyday. What a lovely time we had today. Banking is never fun, but Chelsie Lanning and her bank tellers at the bank make my experience so much better. Thank you for the smiles and laughter you each bring me when I come to take care of my banking business. The busyness of the day sometimes hides in so many things we should be grateful for. In the "why do I have too?" "I would rather do this." Changing it to, "You can do this." The days gifts hidden even in the ordinary course of doing life and everyday business. Each laced with "I could be doing...." As each activity is marked off the days schedule, the closer we come to being able to kick back and relax for the day feeling accomplished. So as this day quickly comes to a close I'm grateful to have this day and am blessed in the "You can do this." I'm reminded that each day has its hidden gifts in the ordinary course of living life. So it is in doing life everyday we find our bouquet of blessing. In our jobs, our friends, even in our errands. Just being grateful for what we have been provided. Thank you Lord for this day. (Not the original post. Lost first one to cyber space. Second one tonight.) Guess a lesson learned here. Grateful for lessons learned. Blessings

April 20~ Good morning Thursday! Okay coffee and sweet rolls. Yum! Already feeling challenged; grab the Lord's hand and with Him you will knock this day out successfully. Morning appointments. Rain, rain, go away and come another day. Wait it's raining pink, white, blossoms. So beautiful! Eye appointment today was an interesting adventure. Thank you Amber Webber for helping me even long distance. I truly feel for Geo Sutter, my eye was giving me some issues. They couldn't even compare to hers. You would have thought I was the biggest baby this side of the Mississippi. Sure glad that's over with.....irritation on my left eye was causing much grief. So thankful for my eye vision. Eye care and the my eye glasses. Something we take so much for granted. Road trip to vacation home in Central Oregon to see Katherine Fischer Huston. Lots of laughter and R&R. A wet rainy drive over, but still such a peaceful and beautiful drive. Even a hail storm was thrown in for good measure. So much laughter and fun already. So blessed to be here. Lord thank you for all the many blessings you add to my life daily as l journey through this crazy life. Grateful to see all the beauty around me. Blessings

April 21~ Waking at the vacation home to total peace and relaxation. Morning coffee and beautiful breathe taking views. Katherine Fischer Huston had errands to run. So after morning haircuts for her and her dad we headed out the door. No rest for a hairdresser, "Have scissors will travel"; oh wait that's " Have Hair Will Travel". What a beautiful day filled with lots of sunshine from that beautifull yellow fire ball in the sky today. Warming me from the outside in. Home to start getting ready for the Cowboy potluck this evening. But wait.... we have time for a beautiful walk up to the ridge and back down along the canal. What a wonderful time we had. And finding out how truly out of shape I am. Not so fun! Meet some four legged fur babies. Wanted to take them home. Life is good and having a great time in Central Oregon. Cowboy potluck seeing old friends and meeting new ones. This day perfectly designed with love from the Father above. As this day comes to a close so thankful for each opportunity to enjoy the beauty around me. Thank you Lord for hand painting this day especially for me. Blessings

April 22~ Sleeping in a cozy bed waking to yet another beautiful day. Sipping my coffee taking in all the beauty around me. Excited for the adventures that await me today. A little later start than planned...but we will conquer this day with enthusiasm and anticipation. Prineville for lunch. Then on to our hike. What amazing beauty and scenery awaits us. Pictures don't even do it justice or even come close. At Steins Piller Trail head withKatherine Fischer Huston. A place one has to experience in person. Thank you Lord for creating such majestic mountains and beautiful breathe taking scenery for me to take in and enjoy. So worth the adventures and experience. More activities as we head towards town. Pick up donations then unload. Head back home just in time to take in the hand painted beauty of the evening sunset. Thank you Jesus! I so wanted to see one of these hand painted sunsets before I have to go back to the city. Then hot tub to relax. Wondering why I'm still up. Enjoying the peaceful quiet....thinking how truly blessed I am. As some people will never see or experience the mountain top views or hand painted evening sunsets. Thank you Lord for giving me the ability to do so. I'm so blessed with legs and feet to do these amazing hikes and adventures. Blessings

April 23~ It cannot be true! Its time to raise and shine already for yet another day?! I'm so tired! Time to raise for the Bend marathon. The reason you came to help Katherine Fischer Huston with. Okay Beth you can do this. You are stubborn and tough enough to handle this. Oh Katherine thank you for my magic juice COFFEE! Just want to crawl back in bed and sleep. Come on girl you can get your bum moving. Everyone is here and ready to roll. Heading to Bend to work our station. Beautiful morning. GPS wants to send us on a feature route. Not where we want to go. Arrival....sweet someone has already put our tables together. Thank you Lord for the help; after our detour that the GPS took us on. So many features to see when using GPS. Lots of glad I did this event. They are so grateful. Not sure I could get into a run...but bless them each one. The medic had to help me this morning. My eyes didn't like me. Thankful she was there and one of the runners helped me too. Thank you. Rough day for me. Body and eyes both giving me grief. I will see this through. Time to wrap up. Katherine and I head to Drake Park to get my shirt. Mine was absconded by another volunteer. Then a kombuscha for our hard labor. Lunch at Olive Garden in Bend then back to vacation house for a well deserved nap. Thinking yes! A nap...Thank you for sharing today's activities with me and holding me together even in the pain and lack of rest Lord. My favorite part was truly my nap. But it was good to be a blessing handing out water to the runners today. Just as your living water feeds our soul; the water keeps the runners hydrated. A cool reminder life runs better with water. Ready for yet another nap or early to bed as this day and amazing weekend comes to a close. One more night at the vacation home. Truly I am blessed even in my pain and lack of energy. Blessings

April 24~ Good morning Monday! Oh no it's raining and calling for snow on the pass. Want to stay at vacation home. But... must head home and get back to my life. Load my car, coffee, hugs and good byes until next time. Off to not such a good start. Thank you Lord for watching over me. Rain until Blue Box then turned into snow. Crazy like Winter weather, were is Spring hiding? And were is that yellow fireball that hangs in the blue sky and brings warmth and smiles to me? Lunch with Geo Sutter. What a lovely visit and lunch we had. Thank you for meeting me before my afternoon appointment, were giddy smiles and laughter is in order. Home to unpack and relax. Catching up with Sally Mazza, could have talked all night. Thank you Webber Heather, for reminding me of all the things I am grateful for and the things I have no control over. Yes life throws curve balls and some days you just want it to stand still in time. Like an old wagon wheel caught in time; the beauty is in each moment we are blessed with. How we conquer the mountain before us. I conquered my mountain today and am grateful for all who helped me through this day with smiles, prayers, laughter, advice, and wisdom. Yes God you held me in your palm today and I'm thankful to be at home and knowing I'm loved. Blessings

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