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Daily Journey

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy (Week 4)


April Showers

April 25~ Toss and toss and turn. Dang it's time to raise and shine. Sleep would be awesome...but...time to get ready to see new chiropractor today that I was referred too. Excited! Bubble busted! Denied service's. Don't except my medical coverage. Oh joy! Tears and being mad truly aren't the answer...but feel good for the moment. This day truly is going sideways quickly. Liquid sunshine and lots of it. Just breathe and accept. Can I crawl under my covers instead please. Forget this day and come back tomorrow to try again. No this is the day you've been given. You can and will see the goodness and beauty in it. Always something even in the darkest of days to be thankful for. Oh I'm so thankful that I have friends I can vent with and pray with. A gift that is so sweet and kind that we take for granted. Thank you to each one of you that allow me to be me, no matter how small or big the situation. You give me the gift of allowing me to be me. To vent, cry, be mad, then pray and whatever is needed. Laugh, and play on the good days creating magic and beautiful memories to last a lifetime. As I sit in my car listening to the rain pounding down in musical notes as they dance across the hood, and windshield of my car; thinking how wonderful it would be to be a kid again with no thought, care, or worry. The gift of my life wrote in little notes daily finding the positive and beautiful breathe taking moments, things I'm thankful for daily. Yes I'm thankful for even this day of dancing rain, and disappointment that shows the love and support of my family and friends. The grace and mercy of the Lord comes shining through every situation giving me His divine peace as we walk through this together. Thank you Lord! Blessings

April 26~ Waking to the rain coming down. Wondering when old man Winter will quit holding the sunshine and warmer weather hostage. It's Wednesday smiles of beauty. Time for me to rock this day as I get ready to head to the salon. Had eight on the books and only one canceled today. They had me hopping. No rest for me today as they were lined up at the door waiting their turn in the chair. Sure do love my ladies and gentlemen. Praising God for everything going well for Katherine Fischer Huston today in surgery. Came home to my quiet home and kicked back and did lots of praying. Excited about hearing from my friend. More prayers needed for him. Lots of prayers and praying today. Lots and lots of needs. God's healing balm of Gilead poured out upon every need and prayer request spoken and unspoken. Yes! Today Beth was in constant prayer for so many special request along with my daily prayer list. I'm so thankful I know my Father in heaven hears my prayers and answers each and everyone. Geo Sutter thank you for dinner. What a lovely time. Praying for your specific needs as well. Home back in prayer and thanking God that He is in control and He is the God that heals and meets every need above and beyond in His perfect timing. Some days you just need to be on your knees. I'm blessed to be able to stand in prayer for those I love and care for. So as this day closes I will continue in my prayers for the many requests and also pray the yellow ball of fire be released from being hostage. And old man Winter be sent packing. Made it through another day. Grateful for my prayer closet today, and the quiet. Blessings

April 27~ Thursday rise and shine for more beauty at the salon today. Oh no! NO COFFEE! This isn't good. Not the way I want to start my Thursday. Well...God protect me from myself and all the crazy idiot's that will test me today and my nerve that hasn't had coffee or my quota of caffeine. This should be interesting.... Blessed to have a full day at the salon today. Ended up having a perm, a shampoo set, and three haircuts. Not to bad for a Thursday. Thank you Lord for blessing the work of my hands. The old man Winter is still holding the yellow fireball hostage. Sick of this rain and cold. Feels more like late Winter than mid Spring. But...I know it will bring beautiful May flowers. And if I stand long enough in one spot I may even get all four season's. Geo Sutter came by and picked me up. We went on a culinary dessert tour this afternoon. Oh what fun for the taste buds. Thank you for coming by and taking me on this delicious culinary adventure this afternoon. Found two new yummy dessert places. And one I want to go back and eat a meal at. Oh and let's not forget the walk around town in Gresham and the popcorn too. And all this adventure was laced with Spring rain storms. Oh wait I think the weather man called them light showers. Not thinking so! We even had hail; thinking nothing light about that. What fun! Home to do my laundry and pay bills. So thankful for my taste buds. Something we never really think about being grateful for. Imagine all the wonderful foods and flavors of all kinds we would miss out on without our taste buds. For the work of my hands that God blesses me with so I can pay the dreaded bill collectors. Hey I guess they need a slice of my pie too. It's been a full day of small blessings that have brought sparkle and joy into my day. I did have a delightful tea with Geo at the Pie V Pie in Gresham. It was soothing and warming to my soul. Blessings

April 28~ Hello sunshine! Yes! This is a very good morning! I see sunshine! I love sunshine and blue skies. Thank you Lord! This is a Blessing for sure. Happy girl! Coffee, sweet roll, hot shower, God's blessings are already pouring all over me. Yahoo! Today I pick up my new glasses. Geo Sutter called. She has errands and appointments too. Yes we can do them together. Much better with friends. This day gets better by the minute. Thank you Geo for making errand day and appointments a bit brighter and fun for sure. Thank you for healthy lunch choices. Hello Randi Hilary! Yes, let's get together. Late coffee date turns into a great bible study. Thank you Lord for always surprising me. Coffee with Randi and catching up. The reading of your word and prayer. Life just got better with each step today. Surprises around every corner bringing me smiles and laughter. Soaking up the sun and having fun with friends life couldn't be better.....unless you can find away to pay all those nasty bill collectors off. Oh....and get this feisty redhead a haircut too. Thank you Lord for the funds to pay them. Yes folks Beth had a great day today. Even though I think the juror is still out on my new glasses. Thankful for this day filled with errands that had lots of surprises waiting for me as I went to each one. Now my day is closing as I make this thankful list with a huge smile. Blessings

April 29~ Waking to another beautiful sunshine day breaking through my drapes kissing me good morning. Happy birthday to my beautiful granddaughter Sammie! We were blessed with this amazing young lady 14 years ago. What a light of joy she brings to our family. Cindy Forsythe Riederthank you for the wonderful invite this morning. Truly an answer to my prayers. Great way to start my weekend and day. Geo Sutter and I went on a wonderful country adventure this afternoon through Barton, Estacada, Colton. Such fun and so relaxing. Thank you for going on the adventure with me this afternoon Geo. What a beautiful drive and scenery. Then the rain came again on the drive home, to rain on my parade. But still a beautiful drive. Lord it's a beautiful world you have created for me to enjoy. Thankful for all the beauty I'm surrounded by in my own community. I never have to travel far to find solace and your peaceful beauty Lord. Feeling very blessed. Blessings

April 30~ Just awake wondering why I'm wide awake so early on a Sunday morning. Guess I will say some prayers and just lay here and rest a bit longer. Have a late breakfast date. Always nice when you don't have to cook. A game of pool...and my bum was handed to me. Guess I need to get out more. Best part of this morning I got told I looked very nice today. And another told me I looked hot. Nice to receive compliments from the opposite sex. Thank you to those you complimented me today it made me feel good inside and out. Thank you. Heard some sad news today. Makes one think about their own mortality. Prayers going up for the family wrapped in love. Loneliness and quiet sure gives one lots of time to reflect and pray. Thankful today for my daughter Amber Webber calling. Love hearing her voice even if she had sad news to deliver. Each day we have a choice to find the positive or negative. My grateful is me daily looking for the positive even when it's difficult and would be easier to just focus on all the crap and negative. So I'm extremely grateful for my personal challenge daily to find the good and being thankful for it. Even when it's difficult. So today I'm grateful to Amber for the call that brings a host of emotions. My love to Debbie, and the family. I'm grateful for the memories we have made; though we haven't seen each other or spoken in years. I'm thankful for all the laughter, tears, and life we shared. Hugs wrapped in prayers sent your way old friend. Thank you Lord for those you send across our paths for every season of our life. So love those around you. Hold tight! Cherish the moments even in the difficult dark days and the storms. Because that's where you'll find your strength, and hidden gifts and blessings. Thank you Lord for for the gift of prayers. Blessings

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