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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week one)


April showers bring May flowers!
Each bloom a new birth
Waiting to spread her beauty
Ready to weave their rich color
Through the fabric of life
Hand woven through
The promise 
Of new beginnings
 Waiting to spread their aroma of life
Each strand of color
Richly hand picked
To tell a love story
Each their own
A story of life 
Rich in beauty
For all to behold
Uniquely made
One by one
A perfect bud 
Awaiting to share its rare beauty
A glance at the rich single blossom  
Brings an enchanted peace to the eye of the beholder
As it shares its rich rare beauty
Of color
Into the fabric of life
 Each single blossom
Brings sweet fragrant
New beginnings
Of life


April 1~ Good morning April showers! Happy Easter! He has risen! No April fool's joke about it! Excited to see what the April showers will bring. Today's gifts await for me, which will bring many thankfuls my way. 
1. A breakfast date. 
2. Seeing an old friend that made me smile. 
3. Getting to see Marshall and his wagging tail. Miss seeing that dog. 
4. Hidden key inside my keyless remote. I had no idea! 
5. That my Savior has risen! He has conquered death that we might have eternal life. 
6. Popcorn 7. Watching a great classic movie " Easter Parade". 
7. Getting laundry done. 
8. Feet propped up and resting. 
9. Spring colors. 
10. Seeing all the beautiful photos of the celebration of Easter. Thank you for sharing with me. Brings joy to my heart. 
Thank you Lord for waking me to a new day, new month and celebrations to be thankful for. Blessings

April 2~ Good morning Monday! Time to rise and shine and find the sunshine in the grey skies. New week new possibilities and opportunities filled with adventures awaiting to be enjoyed. First coffee and prayers to get this day started as I venture out finding all the gifts given to be thankful for. 
1. A song sent to start the new day and week. Perfect! Thank you! 
2. Morning appointment proofs to be a Monday. But is successful and life is good. 
3. Went to Nissan and got my key less remotes for car fixed. Laughing so hard! A blonde moment.....who knew!??! I needed to replace the batteries. And not to costly for two of them. Praise God! Something so simple. Now my car will open and lock with no problems and I wont go into a panic attack. 
4. Falling asleep mid morning. Must be nap time. So glad I could take a nap today. 
5. Friends that check in on me. 
6. Homemade yummy steak soup. Lunch and dinner. Tummy full and insides warmed. Taste buds are happy from the flavorful three bowls of yummy soup today. 
7. Helpful credit card lady today that made paying a bill a little less painful. 
8. Finding a pair shoes to wear with my jeans. 
9. A walk to the mail box in the afternoon sunshine and back. 
10. Seeing all the pretty Spring blooms. 
Thank you Lord for this day of quiet rest. The simple everyday blessings of daily living and finding your grace and provision in the journey of just living life. Thank you! Blessings

April 3~ Good Morning! Wondering who has stolen the Yellow fire ball in the sky! Or has someone confused the seasons! Has the ransom fees not been paid? Not sure what is going on here. And the worst part is I'm COLD! Feels like I should be wrapped up for Winter instead of Spring. Think I could stay in my warm cozy bed all day. But I must rise and shine and find the sunshine in the day. First I will get that pot of coffee going. I will need that to warm my insides this morning. Then I will get this day on track and find some wonderful treasures in the day to be thankful for. As I'm sure the day will be stocked full of them; as it usually is. 
1. A wonderful surprise this morning. A houseful of guest for coffee. Good morning Sherilynn Ganther, David, and Geo Sutter. What a wonderful pleasant surprise. 
2. Being able to help a friend get some things to the dump. That was an interesting experience. Who knew I could load my car that why! 
3. A delightful lunch with friends. Thank you! 
4. A wonderful neighborhood discovery. A park with a hidden nature trail, with a creek, and a golf course next to it. 
5. Loved the old Magnolia tree found in Wood Village. 
6. Discovering how truly blessed I am and how much the Lord stretches my fiances so I am able to have fun. It is a miracle every month. I'm in shock! Thank you Lord! Amazing! 
7. Ice cream to top off the walk today. 
8. Getting a surprise Mary Kay order. 
9. That I didn't have to bring up the garbage cans today. Thank you David for doing that for me. 
10. Nail files! Yes.....because I'm forever breaking my nails and needing to file them. So very grateful for the nail file. 
Yes Lord once again I wasn't disappointed in my day. I think there was plenty of surprises laced throughout the whole day big and small ones. You never cease to amaze me with all of the generous and beautiful gifts you have waiting for me each and everyday. Thank you for the gift of yet another day to rejoice in and be thankful for. Blessings

April 4~ Early Good morning! Still searching for Spring and the yellow fire ball in the sky. Finding grey skies, some liquid sunshine that brings those May flowers. Feeling a little lost and cheated. Who is holding my fire ball hostage? time to I need to get ready to go create a beautiful smile of beauty; that will bring sunshine into this grey gloomy day. Then it will be time to see what treasures can be found. Maybe the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and many gifts to be thankful for today. 
1. For my coffee and prayer time. 
2. The drive to Oregon City on the old river road even on a grey gloomy day. It holds a mystic beauty that brings peace to my soul. 
3. Good Will finds. Little gems hidden in someone's donations. And getting my senior discount. 
4. Off to rotate tires. The smiles and humor in the service techs bring comfortablity, genuine trust, and integrity. Easy to do busy with those that listen as well as answer your questions honestly without feeling pressured. 
5. Referred to a yummy restaurant for lunch. Sherilynn Ganther and I went to the "Brickyard Public House" great food! Wings were excellent. Service outstanding. Thank you Doug from Firestone for the referral. And thank you Sheri. 
6. Walk around the strip mall waiting on the car. 
7. My unexpected walk with breaking glimpses of sun shine breaking through grey skies, escaping the Winter grip. 
8. Cream puffs 
9. Seeing Katherine Fischer Huston and her dad before heading back over the mountain. 
10. Sitting relaxing and watching "Restore". 
Thank you Lord for for all the blessings laced through the day to bring me smiles, laughter and joy. For another day to see your glorious hand upon my life. Thank you! Blessings

April 5~ Good morning! It appears old man Winter refuses to let loose his grip on the fire ball in the sky. Seems he is refusing all hostage fees. So the grey gloomy rainy sky is bringing our liquid sunshine today. It is the order of the day apparently. So it seems we must except this liquid sunshine for now. Time to get ready for my road trip. Looks like a rainy drive ahead of me; though I'm sure I will find plenty of gifts and treasures along the way to be thankful for. 
1. Finding the perfect tops to pack for my trip. 
2. Lots of coffee 
3. The rain that keeps everything green and lush.
 4. The tear drops that cleanse the soul, even when you don't understand. 
5. Watching some the Master's today with Sherilynn Ganther and David. 
6. Seeing the wild horses in the fields as we drove to Culver.
 7. Arriving safely at the vacation home. 
8. A walk along the canal with Katherine Fischer Huston and Sheri. 
9. A relaxing evening painting rocks. 
10. Learning more about oils and oil therapy. Thinking I need to check into this more. 
11. Cozy comfy jammies. 
12 Great hospitality 
13. The lights of Madras that shine brightly across the evening sky. 
Lord thank you for this day that you have gifted me with. For every need and provision being meet. Feeling at rest in your loving arms. Thank you! Blessings

April 6~ Waking up at vacation. Good morning! Beautiful morning views of beauty and peace. Good morning Sherilynn GantherKatherine Fischer HustonMae Vasey Huston, and Stan. Thank you! Morning coffee, and time to get packed and on the road and find the many gifts of the day to be thankful for. 
1. The early morning rainbow of God's rich promises. 
2. Breakfast with Sheri and Katherine. Thank you! 
3. The sun playing peek-a-boo until we hit La Pine when old man Winter hit with a nasty rain storm. 
4. For safe travels into Klamath Falls even in the nasty rain storm. 
5. The joy of giving painted rocks to Sally Mazza. And then watching her and saying and I'm taking this one. It was cute! Who knew painted rocks could bring so much joy. 
6. For the gift of my coffee cup and painted rock. 
7. Coffee and peach pie in Chemult. Very yummy! 
8. Good home cook dinner. Fried chicken, potatoes salad, green beans. Thank you Sally! Yummy in my tummy! 
9. Laughter the best medicine. 
10. Toothpicks 
Thank you Lord for this day and the many blessings you provide each and everyday. Blessings

April 7~ Good morning from Klamath Falls, Oregon. Waking at Sally Mazza home. There is sunshine poking through the clouds. So nice to see the sunshine. Slow start to the day with lots of coffee. It's going to be fun finding all the gifts to be thankful for today. 
1. Playtime with Layton. What a sweet little boy, full of energy.
 2. Lots of coffee drank from my new coffee cup that Sally gave me. 
3. Taking photos of all the pretty flowers in Albertsons today. 
4. Going for a walk in a few parks today with Sherilynn Ganther and Sally looking for painted rocks. 
5. Happy and extremely thankful for the hoodie on my down coat today. As the winds were brutal and cold especially down by the water, had a great time though.
 6. Watching cake decorating with Sally and Sheri. Amazing cakes! 
7. Hiding a rock for Katherine Fischer Huston and soon after as I was rock hunting saw the lady find the rock. It was so cool! She was so very excited. 
8. Having dinner at Jalapenos Mexican restaurant with Sally and Sheri so very yummy thank you! 
9. Being able to thank some of our servicemen for their service to our country. Thank you so very much! 
10. Getting some laundry done before hitting the road and traveling towards home once again. 
11. Spending time with friends. 
12. Having friends that enjoy doing life with you. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have filled my day with. Each day a new adventure with gifts and treasures to fill my cup to over flowing. So much to be grateful for. Thank you! Blessings

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