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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Sunday, April 29, 2018

April Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Three)


April showers bring May flowers!
Each bloom a new birth
Waiting to spread her beauty
Ready to weave their rich color
Through the fabric of life
Hand woven through
The promise 
Of new beginnings
 Waiting to spread their aroma of life
Each strand of color
Richly hand picked
To tell a love story
Each their own
A story of life 
Rich in beauty
For all to behold
Uniquely made
One by one
A perfect bud 
Awaiting to share its rare beauty
A glance at the rich single blossom  
Brings an enchanted peace to the eye of the beholder
As it shares its rich rare beauty
Of color
Into the fabric of life
 Each single blossom
Brings sweet fragrant
New beginnings
Of life


April 15~ Oh tired tired! Good morning sleepy head (Beth)! People and fur babies are moving around. Not going to sleep. It's okay I heard sleep was overrated and when I'm dead and gone I will have plenty of time to catch up. Humor is what's going to carry me today I hope. So far not so good. But guess what the day has just started so plenty of opportunities to turn things around. Thank you Lord for the air I breathe and keeping me alert for all the blessings to be thankful for today. 
1. Coffee and prayers 
2. My family and friends even when I'm grumpy sleepy Beth. 
3. For my bowl of grits for breakfast. 
4. Little cat naps of shut eye to rest my tired burning eyes. 
5. A walk around Sorosis Park even in the drizzle under grey skies before heading back home. 
6. Safe drive home from the The Dalles back to Fairview. Rainy drive. 
7. Getting my oil changed and the car vacuumed and washed. Looks so nice. 
8. A phone call from my beautiful daughter Racheal Perry. I love you! 
9. An early dinner. Thankful for the groceries in my refrigerator and cupboards. 
10. For anti acid tabs. 
11. For my electric fireplace that is warming me on this dark dreary rainy grey day. 
Thank you Lord for this day and the blessings you have blessed me with even when I find it hard when I'm grumpy tired and cold on this grey day. You always bless me everyday with your rich goodness of love, grace and mercy even when I'm a bit out of sorts. Thank you! Blessings

April 16~ Good morning! Slow quiet start. Just the way I like it; even with house guest. Time for me to have some coffee and get dressed. Oh No! Coffee pot broken! This is not good! Hurry up and get in car and go buy that coffee pot for morning java. I'm sure there are hidden blessings to be thankful for because the Lord woke you up this morning. 
1. No talking before coffee.....struggle! Checker so sweet in check put line and so understood my dilemma and pain. 
2. The guy flirting with me at self check out gave me a smile. Which gave us both an early morning smile. 
3. A new coffee pot, and matches my kitchen. Woohoo! 
4. Finally I prepare to put dinner in crock pot. 
5. Getting the garbage out and the cans. So thankful we have garbage pick up every week whether I need it or not. 
6. The canned green tomatoes from Katherine Fischer Huston that I used in my dinner today. 
7. The walk to mailbox and a quick chat with the man tearing down the house. 
8. Laundry once again washed and dried and put away. (That little goblin that is piling up dirt laundry needs to be found and punished with laundry duty.) 
9. Made it to evening appointment. Which was good. 
10. Home to have dinner with Sally Mazza, and Sherilynn Ganther. Thank you for cooking the rice for me Sally. 
11. Played three different games after dinner so fun and relaxing. 
Started off rough with the coffee pot dilemma but was quickly ratified, after a quick trip to Wal-Mart. So the rocky start turned around and the Lord provided provisions and gave me much to be thankful for as always. Thank you Lord for bringing smiles and provisions throughout my day without fail you give me more and more each and everyday. Blessings

April 17~ Restless night! Time to rise and shine to another day. Good morning! It seems the grey skies are still with us and I'm still looking for the fireball in the sky. Morning coffee and salutations to Sherilynn Ganther,and Sally Mazza. So nice to wake to a house full of friends and morning cups of coffee to share. As the day gets rolling to a slow roll its time to find those gifts and treasures to be thankful for. As you see I already have a number of them that I have to be thankful for. 
1. Nice surprise on my phone this morning as my youngest daughter Racheal Perry and I goofy around and play on a post her sister Webber Heather had posted.I think it is going to be one heck of a fun party! You won't want to miss it. 
2. Another surprise awaits in my email. WOW! Who Knew making a decision to step out of my box would cause such a flood. This should be interesting as well as fun!Let the good times roll! 
3. Stretching out on couch and propping my foot as I start to catch up on one of my programs. 
4.Sandwich for lunch. 
5. A little walk to mailbox and adding more flowers to my collection in my camera. My camera is blooming in photos of radiance and fragrant beauty. 
6. After lunch we head to the park for a afternoon walk. Where we find beautiful hand painted rocks. Sally found three and I found four. I was so excited as I never find any. 
7. Then we head over to three more parks and walk around. The treasures there are found in my camera with many new flowering blooms. 
8. Sheri giving me a beautiful flower. 
9. Swinging on the swing at Columbia Park. 
10. Being out in the fresh air and just walking around having fun. 
11. Having dinner with Sally and Sheri at Home Buffet this evening. Always nice not having to cook. 
12. Having Sheri drive today so I didn't have too. Thank you! Truly a blessing. 
13. Taking a nice hot shower to relax my body. 
14. Night moisture cream for my face and body. Got to love the Mary Kay products. Love their lotions and potions of beauty. 
Thank you Lord For giving me another day and waking me for all the wonderful gifts you bless me with daily. Blessings

April 18~ Another short night and very restless. Seems like sleep is eluding me once again. Up early to create beauty of smiles this morning. Good morning! Good morning! You got this Beth! Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for putting on coffee. Wish I could stay and just kick back and enjoy coffee with you and Sally Mazza. Got to run! See you soon! Must create that smile of beauty. I know there are other gifts in this day to be thankful for and found. 
1. Waking up and breathing is huge! Another day to celebrate and rejoice in. 
2. Morning coffee and prayers 
3. Congestion on the road today with lots of road construction. Thankful I made it out to my hair appointment in a timely fashion and safely. 
4. A phone call from my daughter Racheal Perry. Hearing her voice makes my heart full;especially when I hear I love you. 
5. Breaking down some more of the tree limb out front.They are still to green to break by hand.I need to get a saw to finish up. Thankful for what I did get done. 
6.Some quiet time to think. Grateful for my memories and those that have come into my life,even those that are no longer around or apart of my life. Each have given me a gift of a golden thread in my journey. Thank you! 
7. The beautiful sunshine popping out through the clouds. 
8. Afternoon walk in two of my favorite parks. finding the blooming treasures of beauty to add to my camera garden. 
9. Birds singing 
10. Watching the fisherman at the lake. 
11. The little girl on the play ground yelling watch me mommy! Then playing on the over sized musical instrument on the playground and hearing it ring out across the play ground as her voice did. 
12. The geese in flight then landing on the water. Hearing their voices and the flapping of their wings and the swoosh of the water as we watched them in all their glory and beauty. 
13. Not having to cook. Thank you Sally for making dinner tonight. It was very yummy! 
14. Then finally getting my photos downloaded to my computer to share. 
Thank you Lord for these mentions and so much more that you have blessed me with today. Each day is a gift and you pack it full with many blessings to be thankful for. Just being able to walk in this beautiful land and take it all in. To have my sight and to see and my ears to hear all the beauty that surrounds me daily. Thank you Lord! Blessings

April 19~ Good morning! Sun is shining and we have adventures awaiting us today. Morning coffee with Sherilynn Ganther and Sally Mazza. Gather my travel bag as we head towards the beach. With the sun shining leading our way; I already have so much to be thankful for. 
1. A call from Tricia Towne. So nice to hear from you. 
2. That I didn't have to drive. Thank you so much Sheri. 
3. Going to the Astoria Column. And that I made it to the top. All 164 steps up. Almost gave up.....but I did it! 
4. The amazing views there and all day long. 
5. Seeing the joy on the faces of my friends. Sheri the joy she had sharing her happy places. And Sally the excitement and joy of being here and seeing, hearing, feeling the sights and sounds of the historical places and beauty we saw today. 
6. Going to Fort Stevens and seeing the ruins. Amazing place. 
7. Seeing Fort Clatsop and the history. 
8. Seeing the Peter Iredale that is a ship wreck in Fort Stevens on the beach. Getting some great photos. 
9. Then a trip to Seaside to catch the sunset. 
10. A cup of coffee at the Shilo Inn in Seaside in the restaurant. A warm comfortable window view to watch the sunset. Thank you Sheri! 
11. The laughter and joy of the day. 
12. The treasures caught inside my camera. 
13. The the picnic at Fort Clatsop. Perfect! The ladies thought of everything. 
14. A change of shoes so I could play in the surf. 
15. Two beach jackets to keep me warm. 
16. The great walks and many resting spots. 
17. Spending the day with two amazing ladies that I have the honor to call friends. 
Thank you Lord for this day and sunshine to play in as we explored the many places we traveled too. Once again my cup runs over with multiple blessings thank you. Blessings

April 20~ Good morning Friday! It's time to dance right into the weekend. Time for morning coffee and weather. Mustn't forget my prayers a full day and weekend ahead of me. Lots to be thankful for. 
1. Phone call from my daughter Racheal Perry. I so love hearing her voice and "I love you. " 
2. Getting my packing finished for my trek to Central Oregon and Klamath Falls. 
3. The yellow fire ball in the sky that is warming the day with its bright rays. 
4. A stop at Little Zig Zag Falls to stretch and possibly take a short walk. 
5. Snow that is pretty to look at. 
6. The majestic beauty of Mt. Hood. 
7. Little stretches that help my body feel better. 
8. Seeing the wild horses. 
9. Phone call from mom and my sister. 
10. Meeting a new friend today at Katherine Fischer Huston. So nice to meet you Jodie. 
11. Getting amazing camera and photo tips this evening. 
12. Sitting with all the ladies Sally MazzaSherilynn Ganther, Katherine, and Jodie sharing and chatting away. 
13. For the hospitality of Mae Vasey Huston, Stan, and Katherine thank you ever so much. 
Lord once again you pull out all the stops to bless me in my journey today. Your mercies are new everyday. Thank you for one more day to give you honor and praise for all you do for me. Blessings

April 21~ Good morning! Rising to a beautiful morning and sunrise at the vacation home with great friends Sally MazzaSherilynn GantherJodie Kemp-Willard, Cameron; thank you Katherine Fischer HustonMae Vasey Huston, Stan for hosting us all this weekend. So much to be thankful for already on this Saturday. 
1. Sitting out on the patio listening to the cattle moo and the train passing by. So many wonderful country sounds and views to take in this morning. 
2. A surprise text and phone call that started my morning with unexpected smiles. It will be fun to see where this goes. 
3. French toast and bacon for breakfast. Yummy! 
4. Beautiful sunshine warming this day. 
5. Many photo ops throughout the day. 
6. Camera lessons from Jodie thank you. 
7. Stopping at Sister's, Oregon and sitting on the bench in the sun. 
8. The sights and sounds at Camp Sherman. 
9. Technique lessons on taking great photos. 
10. The picnic at Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery 
11. The beautiful evening sun set. 
12. A perfect day spent with friends in nature. 
Thank you Lord for this day filled to the brim with blessings and treasured opportunities that create many memories of joy to hold. Thank you! Blessings

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