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Daily Journey

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Four)


Jumping for joy
Summer has arrived
Under blue skies of beauty
Never ending fun
Adventures await
Everlasting memories are made


June 22~ Very restless sleep. Ugh! Up way to early. But so grateful to wake to a household full of love. Good morning! What could be better than my daughter Racheal Perry and her daughter Kyah, my sister Christine expect all my daughters and grandchildren being here. If nothing else this blessing would be worth the whole day. But I haven't even had coffee and this day is already full. 
1. Having coffee with my sister. 
2. Not having to drive today. 
3. Stadium seats 
4. Watching my granddaughter play softball today with amazing. Sad they didn't win. But they're all winners. And they've got this tomorrow. 
5. Having lunch with my daughter my granddaughter and my sister at Killer Burger. 
6. Several games of Jenga today so fun. 
7. Playing two rounds of 18 holes of miniature golf. And I got a hole-in-one today. I may not have one but I got a hole in one. 
8. That my son-in-law on neck got here safely from Sacramento California for the weekend. 
9. Not my sister Rosie and Jenna right here safely this evening as well. 
10. Having dinner with all of my family and having them here at my home is a super blessing. 
11. The laughter and love shared by all. 
12. See my hairdresser Leah at the Stagecoach. And meeting her her special man. 
13. Then being asked to dance and dancing last night. 
14. Walking to and from the Stagecoach. 
15. The joy and love I feel in my heart. 
Thank you Lord for this day and just a few mentioned blessings that I had today and the many more that weren't even spoken up. Thank you for filling my heart and my home was so much blessings at my cup runneth over. Blessings

June 23~ Life with a full house and family. Good morning weekend! Crazy full house. So thankful and so much just to be thankful for. 
1. Thankful for the breakfast that my sister Chris made for the household this morning. Yummy German pancakes, bacon, and egg scrambles. 
2. Early morning softball game for Kyah. They won 3-2. Great game girls! 
3. A game of miniature golf at the family today. Made another hole in one today. I came in last place bummer. But it was a great time. 
4. Lunch at Killer Burger again today. 
5. Another bout with Jenga. 
6. Game two .... sadly we lost 3-2. Great time watching the girls play ball. 
7. My grandson Nick showed up today. 
8. Big family dinner with all my siblings Don and his wife Jeannie, my sisters Chris, Rosie, and Jen. My daughter Racheal Perry and hubby Nick, Kyah and David. Such a wonderful evening with family. 
9. A fun game of "bullshit". 
10. Fans to cool the house. 
11. Neighbors that allowed us to use some of their parking at their house. 
12. Having air mattresses so that everyone can rest comfortably. 
Thank you Lord for another day with my family and a house full of love. So happy my heart is so full. Blessings

June 24~ Good morning! Loving having my house full with my family. It just fills perfect! My heart is so full. So much happiness to be thankful for. 
1. Love that sunshine pouring through the windows. 
2. Morning coffee with my family. 
3. Early start to the day to cram lots of fun and sights and adventures in. 
4. An early morning ride to Multnomah Falls. So beautiful! Even with the trail head shut still a wonderful place to stop and take in the beauty. 
5. A trip to Cascade Locks to East Winds for ice cream with my family. Thank you Rosie. 
6. Then for a third day in a row to Killer Burger for lunch with the family. Crazy! But very thankful. Thank you Chris. 
7. Lots of laughter and laughs. 
8. Road trip with daughter Racheal, Kyah, Brandy, and Justin. Let the good times roll. 
9. Wind blowing through the jeep. 
10. At moms for another couple of days with family. 
11. Being tagged with celebration photos of Rose's 80th birthday. Loved seeing them thank you Susan Downing
Thank you for this day Lord and the many gifts that fill my day and my life with so much to be grateful for. Blessings

June 25~ Waking up at mom's! Love being here with her and my family. Good morning! It's Monday and the start to a new week filled with lots of family and love. New day of blessings to be thankful for. 
1. Breakfast with mom and family. 
2. Out the door early to catch the Ferry to Seattle. 
3. Summer rain showers. 
4. Walking the Public Market. 
5. Pictures of the day of the many sights along with family. 
6. Ride on the ferris wheel with my family; in Seattle over the water. Why cool! 
7. The beauty of Snoqualmie Falls. So beautiful! 
8. Beautiful family dinner made by mom. Spaghetti salad and trimmings. 
9. Mom's homemade German chocolate cake. Yummy! 
10. Playing farkle with the family. 
Thank you Lord for another day filled with lots of love and family. Thank you for all the many gifts and blessings that fill my day and my heart. So much to be thankful for mentioned and unmentioned. Blessings

June 26~ Restless night of sleep. But it's going to be a great day. Last morning waking at my mom's, and a houseful of family and love. Good morning! Living the good life with the love of my family all around me. This is been absolutely amazing to be with my mom and daughter Racheal Perry along with her family. God's richest blessing family. So many gifts to be thankful for as each day my cup overflows with His richest blessings to me. Each day is an endless list of treasured gifts. 
1. Seeing the love my mother and grandchildren have for each other. Fills my heart. 
2. My mom coming over and giving me a morning hug and kiss with I love you. Such a treasured gift held tightly. Never long enough with her. 
3. Another morning ferry ride from Bainbridge to Seattle. Love those ferry rides. 
4. Meeting up with my grandson Nick Perry in Tacoma for early dinner and an adventure in an escape room with everyone. That was interesting. Glad they were there or I would've never figured it out. LOL 
5. Seeing the view of Mt. Rainer. 
6. Ice cream at the mall near the port in Tacoma. 
7. The beautiful sunshine today. 
8. The beautiful moon guiding the way home. 
9. That I didn't have to walk as much today. Rest for my feet and ankle. 
10. Mom's homemade cookies for us all. So very yummy! 
11. The fun everyone was having together and the sing a long in the car that had everyone on the freeway looking at us. 
12. Spending time with my family. 
Thank you Lord for another day with my family and the love that fills my heart just being with them. Thank you Lord for so many gifts that fill a day with how much you love us. Life is a gift and you have blessed mine fully thank you. Blessings

June 27~ How wonderful to sleep in one's own bed and to wake in my own bed, even if it was restless sleep up and down. Early early morning rise. Goodbye my beautiful daughter Racheal and granddaughter Kyah whom I love so very much. Many blessings and safe travels. Today will be hard but there is still much to be thankful for always and everyday. 
1. It is smiles of beauty Wednesday. 
2. Cup of coffee to help me through this day. Prayers as the tears flow. Knowing my Father in heaven catches everyone and holds them in a jar, as they are diamonds to Him. 
3. My beautiful morning river road drive to Oregon City. My mini vacation every week. 
4. Seeing Chelsie Lanningtoday at the bank. Congratulations on your new adventure. I will miss you very much. 
5. Morning prayers a with Crystal N Koch and evening prayers both. What a great way to start the day and to close. Both with my friend and with the Lord in prayer. 
6. Seeing Edie Ricker Cowell and Mary McCormick Loomis today. Thank you for driving Edie. 
7. Sitting outside at Killer Burger with water and catching up with two very dear friends. Great afternoon. 
8. The sunshine that warms my skin. 
9. The very still quiet of my house with everyone gone. 
10. Getting bills paid is always a huge blessing and am so very thankful that I am able to meet them each and every month. 
11.The ice cream that I polished off this evening that was left behind from the full household this past weekend. 
I truly have so much to be so very thankful for. and I just cover the bare surface of all the many blessing that are bestowed upon me daily. Thank you Lord for this day and the many blessing and gifts that I have and have taken for granted daily. Blessings

June 28~ Good morning! Seems I just don't want to sleep. What's Up with that?Though I did just roll over and rested and fall back to sleep for a little bit. Thank you Jesus! So grateful to wake in my own bed and home. So I already have many wonderful blessings to be thankful for today. 
1. I woke up to have another day filled with life. 
2. Power drink this morning with a banana and the fresh strawberries my sister in law Jeannie left for us to enjoy. 
3. Love talking with my long time friend Kellie Suetta Amaru. You always bring much joy to my life. So glad we meet and become friends oh so many years ago. 
4. Meeting up with Judi for education on my personal protection and defense. (Damsel In Defense) Thank you for my education today Judi! Fell in love with their products and they are so reasonable priced. But the free education priceless. Thank you Kim Hager for the introduction. Looking forward to hosting an education event with Judi in mid to late August. 
5. Thankful for friends that send music to lift my spirits and bring a smile to my face. 
6. Smiling snaps of hello's that make you feel good. 
7. The laundry getting done is always a plus and a huge thankful in my book. 
8. Follow up phone calls that make life much easier. 
9. A quiet day that brings some well needed rest. 
10. Knowing you are never to old to be educated or to learn. That I should be learning something new everyday. And when I know I have makes it even better. 
Thank you Lord for all the very many blessings and gifts you fill my day with daily, so numerous I could not list them all. For all the wonderful reminders that I am the daughter of the most high God. Thank you Lord! Blessings

June 29~ Good morning! It's Friday and sliding into the the weekend already. It seems like the days are flying by so quickly. Rolling over and closing my eyes maybe we can hang onto a few more sleep minutes. So much to do with a full day awaiting me. I know my day will be filled with beauty and blessings as always. 
1. The humming and whirling of the overhead fan that cools the room. 
2. Morning coffee and prayers with a quick catch of the weather. 
3. Tweezers.... Which helped take the splinter out of my finger this morning. So grateful for those tweezers and needle. 
4. Morning breakfast bar. 
5. Beautiful summer sunshine that brightens up my day. 
6. Fresh air 
7. Ten dollars to given to me to be able to go to my sister's for the weekend. Thank you so much. 
8. A conversation and insight with my friend. 
9. Helping my sister Rosie trim back her rose's. 
10. Dinner with family is always the best. 
11. Being able to color and trim my sister's hair for her. 
12. Coloring my hair. New color again this time around. Each time is a color surprise. 
13. A quiet relaxing day with family is always the best blessing always. 
Thank you Lord for another day to live life fully in all you have given us. Blessings

June 30~ Good morning! Last day of June and it's the weekend. Fun at sisters always makes memorable days. A day that will surely be packed with memories and much to be thankful for. 
1. Morning coffee and grits for breakfast. 
2. A Hallmark movie with Rosie. We watched a Christmas movie introducing all the Christmas ornaments for 2018. Loved the ornaments especially the angel. 
3. Re-doing my color. Which is always an adventure because I never know what I'm going to get. Not my blonde but it is a pretty shade of brunette. 
4. Trimming my sister's Chris and Jen's hair. 
5. Puppy and kitty loves. 
6. Kicking back and relaxing at sisters house. 
7. Celebrating the beautiful bride and groom Kathy and Mark. 
8. Meeting new people. What a great bunch too. 
9. Dancing under the night sky and in the rain. What a great time! 
10. The big beautiful shining moon and the moonlight of the last day of this month. 
11. Snaps that bring smiles and messages that bring a giddy smile and giggle. 
Thank you Lord for a beautiful day and evening filled with family and friends and celebration of love. Truly each day is filled with a new dance and a smile that is always worthy of giving you praise for thank you. Blessings

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