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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching the Day in Bits in Pieces

Sleep seemed to elude me last evening! So so wanted to sleep in this morning. Which didn't happen! Between my bird and my dog that was not to be. Hubby up and running for work.
They are early raising creatures!
So morning coffee and some old movies to start the day. A brisk walk in the field with CK in the crisp cold morning air. A morning visit with the neighbor and her fine furry friend.  Time to start thinking of all I have to do in this day. I have done email correspondence, fixed up my resume and printed it.
I have been so excited about this new adventure and writing that I just couldn't stay away. Learning all the in and outs of blogging is going to take some time and how to fine tune it as well. As I get the hang of this I'm sure I will be able too.
Mid afternoon- I have had the pleasure of practicing and honing in on my craft of hair styling by weaving in some hair flairs in a friends hair. Not as easy as I thought it would be. But I know once I get the hang of it I will breeze through. Keeping it at the scalp is the trick! I am planning on doing this for an event at one of our Mary Kay meetings. My Director asked me if  I would be interested in helping on this event. I'm actually kinda excited! So practice practice practice. I'm hoping to find away to do this a little simpler, as my fingers don't want to do what they should do. My learning curve for the day.

As you see they are very fun and leave a nice highlighted glimmer. Fun for the Holidays and special occasions. Thank you Carol for allowing me to practice and have some fun learning on you today. I'm looking forward to a few more volunteers to practice on.  So if you live in the area and would like to help out let me know. Thank you! I have two more scheduled  for later this week. Then onto the event which will be in the near future.
For those who are professional hairdressers and would like the link I have supplied for your interest in you business. It is very informative and helpful.

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