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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Shopping

I have decided this year would be much more about the reason for the season rather than all the money spent on gifts that are usually played with thrown aside or returned. So I am making a few special gifts through snapfish. 
I'm having much more fun putting together some beautiful photos and designing something that they all will enjoy and treasure. Last year I tried my hand at some scarp booking. I made some pages and put them into frames. The girls loved them and they told a story of that person or event.
They told me that was their most favorite gifts. I had a ball doing them!  It is a lot of  fun going through the pictures going down memory lane. I have so many photos through the years of the girls and grandchildren along with all the many adventures and travels through my life time. Friends family scenery too mention a few. The camera happy girl I am! So I do have some on going projects. So thought of another way to help use and enjoy something I already had by putting together gifts that everyone would enjoy. It seems the ones that are put together with love are the more treasured gifts. The gifts from the heart made from our hands. Just as the Lord did for us by sending His most precious gift of all His only Son.
I have many friends who are artist and they make beautiful crafts. The gifts I believe from them are so special to me. I have friends that work with clay pottery. A few that doing beading and making of jewelry. What a beautiful talent. I love jewelry! I have others that quilt and sew. Knitting and crocheting always make lovely gifts. Some who do needle work. I do some of that myself. But not near as beautiful as one friend does. So if  you have any of these or any other wonderful talents in crafting, you might find this a delightful rewarding way to gift. Plus I find those on the receiving end enjoy them more. Its never to late to get started. Even the baker can put together beautiful tins or baskets filled with their goodies. My neighbor the other day brought over homemade doggie treats; so you see there is something for everyone on the list including the pooch.
My goal is to one day have made all of my gifts for everyone on my list. I have yet to achieve it. But.... I will!

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