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Daily Journey

Monday, November 29, 2010

A strange Enlightment

You know some days seems you should just roll over and stay in bed or consider getting out on the other side. I had that kind of day today. It is amazing to me how I jumped out of bed feeling cold! Because it is a bit cold here ... Feeling rather good about myself and the adventure I was going on even if I didn't like it and felt it was a bother. But... All the same I knew if I got up early and took care of it it would be out of my way. Sadly to say from the time of arrival on this joyous appointment I became aware of one thing. It wasn't going to be one of my finest moments in life. I had been praying on the way to the appointment asking the Lord to make this quick and easy. It wasn't anything like I was hoping for. You know unemployment can be a real eye opener in may ways. A real measure of were you really are personally and what areas you need some good old fashion self improvement skills. Or in my case as well; how out dated and behind the times I really am! OUCH! I didn't agree with a lot that was going on and my temper was defiantly raising in areas I didn't think it would. I found it to be a bit of the pouring of salt into an open wound. They tell you you lack skills yet they don't have any customer skills in communications at all. Tact was defiantly a lack all the way around. Nothing like been told you don't even qualify for a job you have went to school for and are licensed for and then being told by this government office that you lack the skills to preform the work you do. Hm mm... Interesting. I'm sure that isn't the case o I wouldn't have been doing this work for 30 years plus. Gee.... I wish someone had told that to me maybe ... 30 years ago... Maybe I would have tried another profession. :)
Though I must say as the day went on and I was able to get my composer back and get a grip on how funny this truly was, the day did improve. I went to work on my jobs that I have then came home and took my precious CK for her walk in the field. When I came back I had more phone calls for the work I supposedly wasn't qualified for according to the assessment test at the unemployment agency. Don't figure! So the enlightenment for the day is that even though a government agency thinks they have the last word in what they think about ones skills can surely motivate one into doing things out of their comfort box to get the results they know they are more than capable of doing and then some. So lesson learned today is even though I wasn't having a great time it can be turned around for the positive and used to get the positive results one is seeking. In my case I was areas of self improvement that were defiantly needed as well as getting into the 21st century as well as getting out of my comfort zone and doing some things to help me grow my business the way they need to instead of asking for help in a system that is broken its self and is need of great repair and help as well. So I have a new excitement and zeal for my business that I hadn't had in a very long time. So thank you unemployment.

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