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Daily Journey

Monday, May 27, 2013

Playdates With God~ May Blooming Treasures Found & May Joy Dare

May Blooming Treasures

Almost forgot to do my blooming treasures and Joy Dare:
Day 20~ May blooming treasures is hubby cleaning the bathroom not just cleaning but detailing it from floor to ceiling. What a sweet heart. That is a treasure indeed! The walk in the sunshine to pick up salon products. What a lovely sunshine day for a walk too. Then off to see my friend Cindy Forsythe Rieder catching up and talking Mary Kay Seminar. Many treasures found in the day as I was blessed with cleaning and wonderful friendships. ♥

Day 21~ May blooming treasures waking to a early morning phone call from Sally Mazza letting me know her and the kids where doing well and had weathered the tornado storm winds etc well. A gift and treasure held tightly in the Lords loving care and hands. Praise God! Smiles and joys of the salon and those who come to get there hair done. Being able to communicate to those who cannot speak. Gods gift of being able to communicate even beyond the barriers. The two wonderful boxes left for me. One was what I ordered. The other a wonderful treasure and sweet treat from my daughter Heather and her family. A banquet of cookies! YUM! Even the rain today was a blessing to me. Lots of treasures found throughout the day today. 
Did you have any special ones that stood out today?

Day 22~ May blooming treasures the cold wet rainy day that keeps the beauty of the PNW. The pattering of the rain hitting the pane ad dripping down the drip spouts. The walk in the rain to get the mail. The neighbors gathering in the parking lot and sharing the latest in the neighborhood. A pot of homemade navy bean soup simmering all day and warming the insides at dinner time. YUM! Hots showers and warm blankets to snuggle in. All wonderful treasures found in a dreary day.

Day 23~ May blooming treasures waking to the patter of the rain outside. Long sleeves on my uniform jacket! Creamer for my coffee. Using the Fitness pal to keep me accountable. (Need to figure it out.) Extra appointments for haircuts today! Smiles on the faces as they leave the shop. Taking a walk in between rain showers today. Trying out the new doughnut shop. Yummy doughnuts and really great coffee as well! So many little treasures I have found in this dreary wet cold day! What have you found in yours?

Day 24~ May blooming treasures green leaves and flowers in bloom from all the rain we have been having. Photos that Mary McCormick Loomis took from last Saturday on our adventure. Thank you for sharing them so I can steal them! Seeing Shari Whitlock today at the salon and fixing her hair all pretty for her. The nice visit with her and Floyd Whitlock. Getting to the bank before it really got crazy today. Listening to my youngest grandson on the phone and as we talked today. He made me laugh so hard. Kids say the darnest things. Love all my grandchildren with all my hear the best treasures I have been given next to my daughters. ♥

Day 25~ May blooming treasures was full of sunshine and paying respect today at the Willamette National Cemetery. Thank you Mary McCormick Loomis for inviting me on this adventure of respect today. Watching one of my favorite movie series this morning "North and South". Talking with my sister Rosie and catching up a bit. Talking with mom is always a great blessing. Lunch at Five Brothers with Mary as well. YUMMY! Thank you! Just to name a few of my many blessings and treasures of this day.

Day 26~ May blooming treasures the rest so desperately needed. Out for brunch with hubby. Home to do towels for the week. Preparing for an adventure tomorrow. Watching the second book of North and South. Great series! Thinking of friends who are traveling and enjoying loved ones. Those hidden treasures we don't even recognize throughout the day. I thank you Lord for each one.

May Joy Dare

May Joy Dare Day 20~ A gift sweet, sour, salty
My sweet gift would be my angel food pineapple cake. Yummy!
Sour would be the lemon I like in my water
Salty is the bag of cheese popcorn hubby purchased for me and I gobbled up!

May Joy Dare Day 21~ 3 Gifts found in little people
1) Seeing everything through their eyes with joy and amazement as for the first time
2) Their endless energy ( I wish I could bottle up)
3) Their curiosity of life 
What are your three gifts you find in little people?

May Joy Dare Day 22~ 3 gifts that made you laugh

1) Watching "Fresh Prince" with hubby always makes me laugh
2) My bird Hancho when she dances and knocks on her cage and ask who's there? When she knows I'm mad at her.
3) Me in a swimsuit

May Joy Dare Day 23~ 3 Gifts found in Community

1) Resilience to be there in times of great need and disaster even in their great loss
2) Watch out for one another (Protection)
3) Friendships through common threads and experiences

May Joy Dare Day 24~ A gift in a plate, pot, package

UGH! Someday's it is so hard to do the joy dare. But I'm up for the challenge.
Plate would be the half of ham salad sandwich at lunch along with the veggie salad and potato wedges. Not a bad little lunch.
The pot would be the left over navy beans that were re-heated for dinner this evening.
The scarf that I found today at the post mart that I got that is in a package.
There I manged to find all of the joy dare! What about you?

May Joy Dare Day 25~ 3 Gifts hard giving thanks for

Hmmm....Tis hard for me today after giving thanks for the service of our Veterans at the Willamette National Cemetery. But I will as I am full in on this challenge.
1) The gloomy rainy days that I wish the sun was shining instead of raining
2) When people walk in your life and turn it upside down; then you try and turn it up right and wonder what that was about. But there is always a lesson to be learned and a reason for them being in your life. (Very hard thank you indeed)
3) My little humble abode that I struggle living at. Thankful for the home the Lord has blessed me with. Wishing many times it was somewhere else. But...I know it is for a time and a season. (Waiting upon my home)
Do you have gifts that you have a hard time giving thanks for?

May Joy Dare  Day 26~ A gift worn, white, whispered

My worn gift would be my long sleeve blue, black and silver sparkly blouse; as well as my black warm sweater with ruffles today to keep me warm.
Gift white would be that I am washed by the blood of the lamb and am seen as white as snow.
Whispered gift would be the sweet whispers of love sent all day from heaven above in many forms of gifts for me to enjoy. The birds singing the breezes blowing through the trees; the laughter of those I love. So many whispers of love heard from every corner of my world.

A Holy Experience

What have you found in treasures? Have you linked up or doing the Joy Dare?
Ankle X-ray
April 30,2013
Sadly this is as good as it gets for me according to the doctor.
I will have to live with the swelling and pain.
I have permanent damage done to nerves and tenants
as well as muscle.
There is calcium build up.
Pain caused by the tissue around the scar area  where the plate and screws are.
Thank you for all the love and prayers of support.
I cannot afford second opinion.
But am grateful I can walk.
Below are two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
The cost of second opinion is much more than I realized
Doctor has discounted my pain meds
Many issues
Needing God's direction
With many prayers 
I feel God is showing us
The direction to go.
God is faithful and I trust this is going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!

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