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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (First Week)


The Hidden crystal beauty of the first Winter storms
The anticipation of 
The Birth of the King 
Pretty gifts all wrapped
Awaiting the arrival of the most 
Anticipated day of the year

Lights all a glow
With hope in the air
With the glitter and dreams
Of so much more

December 1~ Well hello December! Shivering already with Winter chills. Oh! I have to get up! Plans with the ladies today. Coffee is on! Good morningKatherine Fischer HustonSherilynn Gantherarrives, then Geo Sutter comes to get us for our adventures today. First stop breakfast. Then on the road to Sleigh Bells that I keep calling Jiggle Bells. Why? I have no idea. Christmas ornaments of every kind imaginable. So many beautiful pieces that I once again had to go shopping with my phone so I could afford to bring all the Christmas bling and glitter home with me. I also didn't have to decide what pieces l didn't really want; because I could have them all this way. Then we headed to Carlton to a Monastery. Though we thought it was open to public it was very much closed. Then on to McMinnville for a walk around town and window shopping. Well.....not really! The antique store got me. Found some great lead diamond cut crystal pieces. Time to head home. Wait! The days not over. Its dinner time. Mary McCormick Loomis meets up with us after work. What fun and non stop laughter. Who knew one word could cause such hysteria. A name.........a story.......a word......a translation.......the meaning. Arabic for friend has a whole new meaning to me now. And the laughter never stopped. Even the ride home the sides hurt so bad from the belly laughs. Today Lord I'm thankful for morning coffee, and hair spray. I'm thankful for morning hello's, for belly laughter non stop. And old word with new meaning. For walks in small festive towns. I'm thankful for Winter solace. I'm grateful for great finds and the finances to purchase them. Lord I'm thankful for great friends. For free fudge tasting. Oh my! Yummy! Lord I'm thankful for a day chalked full of wonderment and joy. For the happiness that fills my heart thank you. So much inside my cup it runs over with the gifts I'm thankful for. Thank you! Blessings

December 2~ Its the weekend! And I have lots to do. I rolled over this morning to catch a few more winks. Phone rings and it is Jennifer Merritt-EstepBrandy Estep, and my sister Rosie. They are fifteen minutes away. plans have changed. Love seeing my family. Looks as though my plans are going to be altered. Lunch at the Local Cow with family and friends. Thank you for lunch. Then over to Pie Vs Pie, where we got whole pies to bring home. Sister bought me a blueberry pie. Thank you. Home to lounge until about five when Katherine Fischer HustonSherilynn Ganther, and I went to go see Scrooge the musical put on by CYT (Christian Youth Theater). Thank you Anna Michelle Leach-Beeching. The kids did an awesome job. Great way to start the month and the Christmas season. Really enjoyed it. Today Lord I'm thankful for being available to those I love and those that need a save place. I'm thankful for time with family and friends. Thank you Lord for morning coffee and I'm sorry! Thankful for lunch and the blueberry pie. Thankful for an evening out and watching the kids perform. Thankful for big girl slumber party and pj's. For late night talks and laughter. Thank you Lord for your divine intervention and provision for all that I need. Thank you for another day filled with just want I need with surprises filled with love from family and friends. Blessings

December 3~ Good morning Sunday! Seems I just went to bed and I'm already awake. Guess that's what happens when you stay up all night with girlfriends and have fun! Today is a new day. Waking to a house full of friends. Love having morning coffee with you Katherine Fischer Huston, andSherilynn Ganther! It was great having you both over. Hope to see you later Sheri. You are in my prayers. Jeannie is on her way over. So excited I haven't seen her in a very long time. We head over to Sally's Beauty Supply to pick up hair color. They don't open until 11 a.m. It is cold out here waiting for them to open. Seems we weren't the only ones that thought they opened at 10. Back home to get to work. Jeannie gets her hair colored, highlighted, and cut. Katherine gets hers cut. Busy day doing hair. They both turned out very nice. I do so love doing hair. Geo Sutter comes over and sits and visits with us. Love having you come over. Yummy pie and ice cream. Thank you Rosie, for the blueberry pie from Pie Vs Pie. Very good! Then time to do some Christmas window shopping. So many interesting things. Think its time to eat. Over to Uly's Taco Bar in Gresham. I had the Red Roast Pepper soup and let me tell you it was extremely yummy! Very filling. Home to kick back. Then Katherine heads out. I head out to a nice evening out with a couple sips of wine and smiles. Good to see you. You are looking good. See your Seahawks are winning. And they did win! Thank you for a nice evening. Today Lord I'm so thankful for being able to have a home to open it up to my family and friends. I'm thankful that Jeannie was able to come over and we finally got together to get her hair done and visit. I'm thankful for lovely relaxing afternoon with friends. I'm thankful for hot showers and coffee. I'm thankful for a nice close to my day. I'm thankful for another opportunity to see the beauty in the day you have blessed me with Lord. I'm thankful for the many gifts that you bless me with daily in abundance. Thank you! Blessings

December 4~ Brrrr.........It's cold! Not near as cold as it was last year at this time but all the same it is still cold! Good morning Monday and new week ahead of me. New adventures to create and stories to write. Would rather pull covers over my head and go back to sleep. But I have things to do today. Morning coffee with prayer is always on the list before the day starts rolling. Meet up with Tanina Cossimina Giarrusso before first appointment of the day. Thank you for the bulbs for my garden. Looks like I will need to get them in ground. Then off to my first two appointments. Evaluations on the first appointment. Looking back and looking forward. WOW! Strides truly have been made. Though there are surely days and weeks I don't feel like that at all. Thank you Lord for helping me see all that has been accomplishment with the help of many people that you have brought across my path over this past year. Time for that class. A bit late but always get something out of it. Time with my friend. I wish I could help bring that laughter and smile across her amazing face. Lord you know her need and you know every detail that is going on. Bring in every resource and provision to meet her needs above anything she could dream or imagine. Please help give her wisdom strength courage and to see herself the way you do. She is amazing! Thank you Lord! Meet up with Geo Sutterfor a lovely afternoon .Lunch and shopping is on the agenda. Mostly window so I get some exercise in. Thankful for friends that keep me on pace with getting my walking in. Thank you. Today Lord I'm thankful for the revelations of growth and change that has transpired over the past year. I'm thankful to see my friends that encourage me and support me even when I'm an utter mess. Lord I'm thankful for the beautiful view of Mt. Hood today. I'm thankful you are meeting all of my various needs that I have in so many areas of my life Lord. I'm thankful For those that helped me with my craft idea today and their knowledge and talent that helps those of us that aren't so creative. Thankful for crisp blue skies and another day to see all the beauty you have given us daily. Even thankful for the hustle and bustle of the season as we march towards your birthday Lord to celebrate the coming King (YOU). So as I end this day, the joy that is found in each gift through out the day; and being thankful for all I have been given. Thank you! Blessings

December 5~ Good morning Tuesday! And yes we are rolling over and pulling the covers up tightly around me and going back to sleep. Okay it's almost 9 I guess I can get up. Hot shower, coffee, prayers to start this day rolling. A long chat with my dear friend Rose in California. So wonderful to chat and catch up with her. Looking forward to seeing her. Yes! I will gladly go over and let Marshall out and play with him. Thank you for asking me. Needed to make an exchange today. So meet up with Geo Sutter and did my exchange; then we went and had soup and half sandwich. Thank you for joining me. Sandwich was really good. Then off to play with Marshall. A little more shopping and walking around with Geo. We had so much fun! Then home to only realize l forgot gas today. Out again! Thank you Lord for meeting all of my needs. So happy to hear Sally Mazza voice this evening. My phone kept telling me so was disconnected! Thank goodness for landlines (phones). Glad to catch up with you as well. Today Lord I'm thankful for for both my phone lines. Loved catching up with old friends and hearing their voices. Thankful l got to help a friend today by taking care of his dog Marshall. Love that doggie loving. Thankful for the money to meet all of my financial needs this month. For the gas in my car. Thankful for the leftovers for dinner tonight. Thankful for finding a warm sweater for my exchange. Thankful for my savings. Thankful for the bath goodies I was blessed with today thank you. Thankful for the smile that brought a nice surprise across your face. Which in turn made me smile. Thankful for the resources that I'm blessed to have to help me each day. Thank you for the sunshine today that woke me with a sun-kiss smile this morning to start my day. Another day packed with your rich blessings and gifts of love for me. Thank you! Blessings

December 6~ No rolling over this morning! Good morning Wednesday beauty day. Love that I still have my fingers in the beauty industry to some degree. I have a few clients and one that I go and see every week. Thankful for that! So rise and shine to get ready for my very full day. it is very cold out with those east county winds. Brrr..... dress warmly today. A beautiful drive with lots of glare from the blinding sun hitting the frosty beauty on this scenic route. Thankful every time I drive this beautiful drive to Oregon City. It blesses me so much. It's like a mini vacation over and over again; and you never have to drive far to get this vacation. Got to love that! Meet up with the beautiful Geo Sutter, and Mary McCormick Loomis for an early lunch today at the Hanger in Carver. We had a half order of the nachos. They serve massive amounts of food. And it is very good too! Then off to care for Marshall my new buddy! What a big sweet heart he is too. Having a blast with him. I get my doggie fix this way. Got to love that. Then off to finish up some errands and do some shopping for house as well as get some more goodies for Anthony DeSouza box to Afghanistan. Today I'm thankful for long soaks in the tub. For hot running water. I'm thankful for all the beauty that surrounds me everyday. I'm thankful for the sun that burns brightly that melts the morning frost. I'm thankful for friends and lunches out. I'm thankful for errands getting done.I'm thankful for the provisions of every need being meet daily. I'm thankful for friendly smiles and conversations with strangers that bring a bit of joy to them as well as myself. I'm thankful for surprises in my mail box. I love early Christmas presents. Thank you so much Crystal N Koch! I love the scarf so much. It will truly keep me warm this Winter and many more to follow I'm sure. I'm thankful for another day packed full of your amazing grace and love for me Lord. I'm thankful for the love you have for me. Thank you! Blessings

December 7~ This day will live infamy throughout history. In honor and memory to all who lost their lives that day at Pearl Harbor and all that served in WWII 1941. Thank you! A very Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Webber Heather! 39 years ago she made me a mom. Another day that will never be forgotten. Thank you for all the joy, love, lessons, and seeing life fresh and new through my beautiful baby girl; that you have given me throughout the years as you have grown into the beautiful women you are today. I am so thankful for the gift of motherhood. Happy birthday! Yes today I awake with gratitude and love in my heart. Good morning seems so trivial on a day like today. The sun is shining and the East county winds are blowing. It is cold.....but the warmth and love I feel inside my heart fills my home with everything I need as I remember those that gave their all; and the gift of life I was given in a little baby girl from heaven above. Morning coffee, prayers, birthday wishes to my baby girl. A perfect start to my Thursday. Phone call from my friend Jim, no more phone tag. So glad to catch up with you. Baking time in the kitchen. Box for Anthony DeSouza almost ready to mail out. Wrapping up a few things. Feels good to do homey activities. Soon it's time to head out to afternoon appointment. Love this class and all the ladies. Was a good class and was happy to be there and see everyone. Yea Randi Hilary and I finally aren't playing phone tag any longer. Then a surprise invite for a glass of wine. Thank you for sharing part of your evening with me. AmyJune McClure thank you! You truly helped me see things in a different light. You are one strong amazing lady. Love you! Today Lord I'm thankful for the strength and courage of those who fight for the freedoms of others. I'm thankful for the support and love of friends that help carry our loads that help make it easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel and make our load lighter. I'm thankful for the warmth of the oven and the smell of fresh homemade bake goods. I'm thankful for a listening ear. I'm thankful for furry dog kisses and love. I'm thankful for early Christmas presents. For music that speaks to my heart and soul. For the opportunity and happiness that comes when I'm open to see all the goodness all around me that you bless me with daily. Thank you Lord for another day to see the abundance you bless me with. Blessings

December 8~ Oh we have a busy day ahead of us! It is good morning Friday! Package's to get out in the mail and shipped off to where they need to go. Time is of the essence. First I need to have that morning java and prayer time. It makes the day so much better. Oh I'm so glad I answered my phone this morning. Brought smiles to my face. Yes! Please come for coffee. It will be wonderful to see you. Glad we had that hour to share and bring some laughs and smiles your way. Now I must run off to the post office. Then off to take care of some errands that need to be taken care of. Darn bills must be paid. Seems everyone wants a slice of that pie. My slice seems to get smaller all the time. Playtime with Marshall. Love that big black lab! He sure loves to play and chase balls. Thank you for allowing me to care for your handsome dog. I'm really enjoying this job. Got to start somewhere, and a black lab and I are a perfect fit. Doggie love and kisses make the day just perfect. Even with the East County winds and the bitter cold of the wind chill; playing with Marshall brings sweet joy and smiles to my face. A wonderful chat on the phone with my beautiful friend Crystal N Koch. Prayers and love always shared. Blessings! Always fun with Dish TV. Hey got to love how they find a way to raise your prices and give you less for your money. Smiling thinking how I remember when the air waves were free and so was TV! Today Lord I'm thankful for getting my packages mailed out. I'm thankful for surprise visits and shared understanding. I'm thankful for prayers answered and said. I'm thankful for coffee and homemade banana bread this morning with friends. I'm thankful for furry four legged doggie time and fresh air. I'm thankful for my TV's and the channels I have. I'm thankful for warm clothes and layering to stay warm in the cold. Thankful for the down coat and scarf to bundle up in. Thankful for each blessing I'm gifted with daily and the provisions you provide to meet all of my various needs even my hearts desires. Thank you Lord! Blessings

December 9~ I love My warm blankets and bed! It is Friday! Good morning to these East County winds once again. Brrrrr............ Slow moving! Coffee and maybe I might get my self put together before noon. I do have lots of errands to run and things to do. But if they don't get done there is always another day. Hello Sherilynn Ganther so nice to have you drop in and spend the day with me. Love having coffee and hanging out and doing errands with me. AmyJune McClure thank you for coming over and just hanging out. What a blessings. Games lots of crazy fun with smiles and laughter. Today Lord I'm thankful for great friends and surprises! Carlie Sunshine Hall I love stocking you and I so love my hat you made me! It will help keep me warm. I pray you pop-up boutique is a great success leading into Christmas. Thankful for Sheri and AmyJune surprises me with there presence today. AmyJune thank you for the hat, scarf,and gloves. Love them! It will be the Winter of warmth for me. Thank you Lord for the blessings of these ladies home made crafted gifts of love and their friendship. Lord I'm thankful for the new fireplace! I love it! Thankful for An evening of fun! I'm thankful for all the gifts and provisions provide this day and the love poured out to me. Thank you! Blessings

With the shorter days
And the highly anticipation of 
Of the Jolly 
Old St. Nick
Each child sits and writes
Their wish list 
Of dreams.
Whats on your?

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