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Daily Journey

Saturday, December 30, 2017

December Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Third Week)


The Hidden crystal beauty of the first Winter storms
The anticipation of 
The Birth of the King 
Pretty gifts all wrapped
Awaiting the arrival of the most 
Anticipated day of the year

Lights all a glow
With hope in the air
With the glitter and dreams
Of so much more

December 17- Let's just say no sleep for this flying grandma. 3 a.m. came much to early and way to fast! Hard to say good morning at this hour when you'd rather be sleeping. Coffee pot is on. Time to get dressed for my day. Comfortable is what I'm thinking. Okay time to load the car and head to the airport. Thinking I will be sleeping on this flight. Arrived in Sacramento safely into my daughter Webber Heather hands. She went and got us morning coffee. Thank you! Home to get the kiddos for church. It's going to be a long day. Afternoon Christmas play performance. Excellent! Aunt Gale Paiva and Nevaeh came to the showing. Great to see them. Healing service afterwards. Can hardly hold eyes open. Long day. How my daughter's to it is by the grace of God. I'm ready to drop. Today Lord I'm thankful for safe travels. To be here with my family. To see the Christmas performance. Truly blessed me. Thankful for being in the house of the Lord. Thankful for the blessings of the day and being able to love on my grandchildren. Thank you Lord for this time with them. Blessings

December 18~ Yep Beth your not in Oregon....there are kids and noise! Good morning mema! Ummmm........yes! Good morning my precious grandchildren. They didn't get memo. No talking or noise before coffee. Oh that's first....then coffee. Busy morning getting ready for school. I think I don't miss this part. It's such a struggle. Though I'm so blessed to be here and spend time with my family. I love them all each one so much. Webber Heather has to go to second job to care for Miss Patty. What a delightful lady she is. Got to pray for her this morning. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter Amber Webber! My forever 21 daughter. I love you so much! Racheal Perry comes and picks Heather and I up. Christmas shopping at the mall. Was so disappointed. So no decorations and Santa's workshop looks like an alien station. Yep! Diffidently to commercial for me. I remember the windows and everything deck in Christmas grandeur. No Christmas music either. So very sad! Though I had a marvelous time with two of my daughter's. But where's Christmas hiding? Managed to pick up a few Christmas gifts. Looks like shopping for Christmas is truly going to be several adventures out. Home to make homemade soup for dinner. And little Miss Rylee says. I miss Aunt Sally Mazza wish she was here. She said she's the best cook and she is fun! Well.....see how this old grandma rates. She really loves her Aunt Sally! Today Lord I'm thankful for waking up in the noisy house filled with my grandchildren and the ears to hear them, eyes to see them, arms to love them. Thankful for daughter Heather blessing me with morning coffee and lunch in the mall. So extremely thankful for time with two of my daughter's shopping for Christmas. Thankful for the finances to purchase gifts. Thank you Lord for blessing me 38 years ago with my daughter named Amber who brings me great joy and happiness as she shows the world her strength and tenacity of a never give up spirit. So proud to be her mom. She continues to teach me everyday about the strength inside of us all that says I'm not out yet! The "team Amber" spirit! She's got this! And she does!Thankful Lord for the sun and blue skies and a beautiful hand painted sky this evening for me to enjoy. Thank you Lord for your hand being upon me and all those I love. Thank you for the helping hands in the kitchen tonight as this day came to a close. Blessings

December 19~ Good morning! Wait....yep it's time. Kiddos need to be up getting ready for school. Oh the joys! Hustle hustle! What memories this does bring. Oh thank you Webber Heather another morning coffee kick starter. Got to love that morning coffee. Gulp gulp! Today Heather finally falls asleep. Praise God! I will make soup again today for dinner out of the things in her pantry. Tonight will be hamburger soup. Simmer in crock pot. Sit watch my baby girl sleep. I fall asleep as well. Must be a great day to rest. The quiet that I so love yet struggle with as well. This evening after dinner Rylee helps me make cupcakes. Tomorrow is her special day. Today Lord I'm thankful for being able to just basically do nothing but watch Heather sleep, pray, and prepare tonight's dinner. Thankful for a little kitchen time with Rylee. Sharing hot chocolate with my grandson B-man. Sharing some of my writing this evening with the youngest grandchildren and Lorraine. Thankful for the amazing blessings that you provide daily Lord. Thankful you meet each of us daily. Thankful for my nap and the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights and decor. Thank you for this day. Blessings

December 20~ Good morning birthday girl Rylee! One more day of school. Rush around and get this day started. WHAT?? Ummmm........this is interesting. Not the way I wanted to start my day. Time to run out and do a little more shopping. Webber Heather needs a nap before the big festivities of the evening. Celebrating Rylee's birthday at Winter Wonderland. What a fun place to come. Rides, lights, fun, laughter, Christmas music, smiles. A child comes out in all of us. Even I went on some rides. Creating lasting memories for the grandchildren and I. Then we went on a drive through the Fab 40's, where there were plenty of twinkling lights and Christmas decor. What a beautiful evening of celebrating and Christmas cheer. Thank you Lord for this day. Today Lord I'm thankful for being able to celebrate with my granddaughter on her special day. To get most of my Christmas shipping done. To still be able to get on rides and enjoy them with my kiddos. Thankful for the finances to purchase all that I purchased today and ti meet all of the needs I had need of and to be a blessing. Thank you! Thankful for getting back to Heather's safely and fast asleep before my head hit the pillows. It was a grand evening of excitement and fun. So thankful for this day. Blessings

December 21~ Oh not a good way to wake. We have a sick little man in the house. Hard to say good morning to little ones not feeling well. And the house is like ice. We are all extremely cold. Crazy way to start our day. Good morning Thursday and we are off and running. B-man put warm jammies on and snuggle back in bed. Yes! All snuggled back under covers until 8:30. Webber Heather comes home at 9:30 and goes right to sleep. This is good. I do some laundry and the kiddos do their chores with the typical rumbling, mumbling and grumbling. Things don't change. I remember the girls doing that and I'm sure I did my share when I was a kid as well. Today after chores we lounged and watched TV between naps. Cooked one of my famous skillet dinners. More movies and lounging. Today Lord I'm thankful for being able to crawl back under the blankets and sleep just a bit longer. Thankful to get the kids to help their mom. They did a good job even with the struggle. Thankful for movie time and naps. Thankful for this day of rest in and not running around. Thankful for the joy of the Christmas movies with the kids. Thank you Lord for this time with them and the joys of the Christmas season. Blessings

December 22~ Off to a very rocky start. B-man is sick. I'm in so much pain I was up all night and still can hardly take it. Thank you Lord that you are touching and healing both B-man and I and we are the healed in Jesus name amen. Good morning Thursday! It is chilly and the sun is pushing through. So much to do, and all I want to do is crawl up into a ball. No time for this. Awwe........Webber Heather bought coffee to make. My youngest granddaughter Rylee made me my morning coffee what a blessing. Time to try and get some more Christmas shopping done. Heather buys us yummy chicken and coffee for lunch. Perfect! Eating on the run blessed. Shopping is crazy! A few more presents and I should be done. Darn still have granddaughter Mickeneez to get for. Okay Lord running out of time. Looks like we will be wrapping and taping into the wee hours. Looks likes everyone made it on the good list. Santa surely will be busy. Cooking dinner and resting. Thank you Lord for the abundance and provision provide. Thank you Lord for the neighbor lady to the rescue this afternoon. Thank you Lord for prayers of healing. Thank you Lord for the peace and quiet for a couple of hours. Thank you Lord for directing our footsteps. Thank you for another day filled with your love and blessings and many opportunities to show your love to the world. Blessings

December 23 ~ We must give a great big shout out thank you to Aunt Gale Paiva. You finally got some sleep. Your a gem of a life saver. Love you! Still waking to rocky start. Seems the bug has me in his clutches. Must get meds today. So much to do. Need to help Webber Heather. Her plate is on over load with Christmas activities, work, children, and life in general. Bless her Lord. The running around starts for last minute gifts and food for celebrating. Then the wrapping starts. Oh the joys and smiles on Christmas morning. Today Lord I'm thankful for being able to get out and do last minute preparations for your big day. To watch my granddaughter Ryler get her big birthday surprise. To see my daughterRacheal Perry and my two grandchildren Nick Perryand Kyah. Ever do thankful to get my presents wrapped. A hot shower lots of meds and early to bed. Thank you Lord healing me quickly in Jesus name amen. Thank you for this day and getting through it. For you holding me up when I could barely move thank you. For a bed and lots of sleep. Blessings

With the shorter days
And the highly anticipation of 
Of the Jolly 
Old St. Nick
Each child sits and writes
Their wish list 
Of dreams.
Whats on your?

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