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Daily Journey

Friday, December 1, 2017

November Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Final Four Days)


As the weather changes
 from the beauty of falling leaves
 to the first frost bites! 

There is always something in everyday to be thankful for! 

November 27~ Restless night! Oh! But Beth you have had lots of rest at moms. Good morning Monday! Saying see you next time mom! Because I really hate goodbyes! Hate leaving, hate that she lives so far. Yet she lives much closer than she use too. So blessed to have this amazing lady as my mom. Again this morning she made me a wonderful breakfast before I left to head home. I will miss her so very much. Car is loaded with all my things plus more. Always come home with extra goodies from moms. A wonderful chat on the phone before leaving with Shari Whitlock. Was hoping for a visit! Was bummed we didn't get to see each other. Next time for sure. Was great to chat with you before I got my day started though. The drive home very uneventful thank goodness. Still a lot of traffic today. But I'm sure it was lighter than it would have been if I came home yesterday. Thankful for the beautiful drive home on highway 3. Home to unload my car. What a surprise awaited me inside my house. Beautiful poinsettias and my Christmas tree set up. WOW! I'm shocked! Amazed and speechless! Thank you so very much! Then out the door with Geo Sutter. What a wonderful welcome home. Lunch and a bit of an outing in a few of the stores in Gresham. Got my exercise in. That is always good. Home to unpack, and pay bills. Seems bill collectors are wanting some of that cash I have. Darn them! So today I'm thankful for safe traveling journeys home from moms. For the beautiful breakfast mom made me. I'm thankful for the afternoon with Geo Sutter, and the fun we had in the store looking at all the beautiful displays and items that caught my eyes and hers as well. For the beautiful poinsettias found in my house today and my tree that is ready for me to decorate. I'm thankful for money to pay my bills and for the home I live in. I'm thankful Lord for the provisions you provide daily along with wonderful surprises and gifts awaiting me daily. I am truly thankful. Blessings

November 28~ So wonderful to sleep and wake in ones own bed! Though I was cold most of the night it was my bed! Good morning! Seems I got a bit use to getting up with mom. So arise and shine I shall. I have a full schedule of catching up to do. It seems life is calling and I must enter the adult world today. Leaving my blanket fort and periwinkle behind; putting on my big girl pants and adulting today. First that morning coffee will help get this motor of mine running. Then Yes some wonderful catching up with some girlfriends. Loved hearing their voices and whats new in their lives. Love that we can cheer each other on. Never leave home without.....prayer ! Of course I take my prayer with me everyday everywhere I go. Today I was a bit challenged and was glad I had prayed and had morning conversation with the Lord. Some people need a dictionary. {Side note.} Off track. SORRY! Got my morning errands done. Time to head on to afternoon appointments. Seems this day is getting shorter by the second. Where the heck is it going? So wonderful to see some bright and shiny faces and smiles that bring such joy to my heart. So glad you all are in my life. So grateful for you all. The silent understanding that says your not alone. Thank you! A short trip to Fred Meyer's with Geo Sutter. Love that I found that wonderful nutcracker of a soldier today. Dinner and quiet on the home front. Today Lord I'm so very thankful for my phone calls from Sally MazzaCrystal N KochDenise Saylors, you each brought such encouragement and love to me today. Thank you! I'm thankful for the nut cracker I found as well as some goodies to put in my grandsons box to Afghanistan. I am thankful for friendships; those that I've known a life time and those for a short time. I am grateful to have amazing friends and family. I am thankful for the air I breathe and the fresh water I drink. I'm thankful to get bills paid and have money to pay the mortgage and car. For all this and much more I am so grateful for. It seems each day my list could go on and on even on a day that is just simply and ordinary day with nothing special but living life. And for this I am thankful. Blessings

November 29~ Good morning Wednesday! I get to create a smile of beauty today! I love bringing those smiles. Even if it is just to one. Thank you Lord for the one. Morning coffee,prayer, and head out the door. There is a bit of tulle fog out here today. Still going to take my beautiful country drive to Oregon City. I cannot imagine not taking that route. Though as the weather changes I may have to change my route. A happy beautiful smiling client. Thank you Dolores for having me still do your hair. I love the drive and love seeing you. So blessed to have you as a friend first and a client second. Home to await the arrival of Sherilynn Ganther. Mary McCormick Loomis calls and has the day off. Oh this day is shaping up well. Looks like we maybe having some fun today. Costco for lunch. Was hoping to get shopping done. Rumor has it that Multnomah Falls has re-opened. Guess we aren't shopping today. today looks to be a wonderful day for an adventure to the Falls instead. And what a wonderful day it was too. Thank you Mary McCormick Loomis for suggesting this afternoon trip and for driving. It was wonderful to speak with the Rangers, and employees and even some of the visitors. All so happy to be back and bringing smiles to all that come. Multnomah always looked so lonely when I would drive by. I'm sure the people will come back and visit in droves this weekend. Lots of work to still be done and many areas still very much closed off for our safety. Thank you everyone who has worked so hard to reopen this beautiful scenic area back up to the public. It has been a very long three months. Still beautiful and still a wonderful serene place to come and enjoy the beauty God has graced us with here in the PNW. After our fun at the Falls we headed towards Skamania Lodge for some fun! Decorated up so beautifully for the Christmas season. What a wonderful place to sit and relax. Time to head back home, but wait there are several small stops on the way back. Then another detour up to Vista House hoping to catch the sunset. A bit late but beauty to behold. Drive down the scenic highway to Bridal Veil and then back on freeway to home. What a fun adventurous afternoon we have had today. My heart was full of joy with the Falls being open at the lodge. Joy and happiness! Worked a little on decorating the house and tree. I still have a lot to do there. But the tinsel and glitter of Christmas is taking shape here at my house. Today Lord I'm thankful for the work of my hands. I'm thankful for the beautiful drive there and back. I'm thankful for amazing friends that are always ready and willing to go on an adventure. The journey is somuch more fun with family and friends. Thank you providing the best to me. Thank you Lord for the reopening of Multnomah Falls today. I'm thankful for learning a bit more history on the Gorge today that I didn't know about. Thankful for Mary driving. Thankful for Sheri helping me this evening with some of my Christmas decor. Thankful for the surprise snowman in the tree from Sheri. Gosh Lord I think I could go on and on and on and on with all that I'm thankful for today. And this is just a small glimpse of what I'm thankful for today that you have gifted me with. Truly am blessed. Blessings

November 30 ~ Good morning! It's the last day of November as we slam into December. Where has the month gone. So much crammed into one month. It is amazing to me the things we accomplish and how fast time goes by. It's another day of excitement and adventures.Early morning phone call from Geo Sutter brightens my day. Morning coffee with friends is always the best. Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for coming over and enjoying coffee with me. Laughter was had by all. A call to Katherine Fischer Huston to see if she could drive down after work instead of tomorrow. Loved hearing her voice. Will get back with me later on the day. Okay have a great day! Geo arrives and we are off to Costco for that shopping I put aside yesterday for the adventures in the Gorge at Multnomah Falls. Yes! You can have adventures in Costco too! Great for getting your exercise in as well. Oh look at all the wonderful items waiting to be purchased. And you'd think I was the one doing all the purchasing today. Oh dear! Yes! I did go as white as a sheet! Grateful that I was able to purchase these extra items today, along with so more goodies for my grandson Anthony DeSouza box. It is amazing how fast things add up. Lunch at Costco again today.I had the beef dog today instead of the polish. Home to unload and head to afternoon appointment. Always amazed how much one can learn in an hour and half. Thankful for this class. Thank you Lord and for all these wonderful ladies in it as well. Home to start on dinner and get a few things accomplished that need to be done. Someone is tickling my back side. Strange Sheri is at my side. Weird....who is it? Surprise! It's Katherine! She didn't call! Instead she surprised me and showed up before dinner. What a wonderful blessing and surprise. Chat, dinner, chat! Lets have ice cream, my indulgence. Mary McCormick Loomis come join us for ice cream. Off to Baskin Robbins we go. Where I actually only had one scoop today. That maybe a first. Thank you ladies for an awesome day and evening filled with lots of gifts wrapped in each one of you. Today Lord I'm thankful for morning coffee with friends and Christmas lights. I'm thankful for the trip to Costco and getting a few needed items plus. I'm thankful for my early surprise visit from Katherine this evening. I'm thankful for her early arrival with safe travels here over the mountain. I'm thankful for long evening talks and a nice glass of wine. I'm thankful for the unexpected that brings joy. Thank you Lord for another day filled with your blessings and gifts for me to unwrap and enjoy. Blessings

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