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Daily Journey

Sunday, February 5, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 348

Last February 24th, 2011 we had a wonderful dusting of some late Winter snow.
Beautiful sunlight laced and broke through the evening sky.
Making a beautiful postcard imagine to admire.
The ground was covered with just enough Winter blanket of snow;
 To let the colors of the ground break through.
Each hedge and tree draped in its own blanket of white snow.
With a hints of green shimmering through with the light shining on like baby diamonds.
I miss this last scape!
As Spring came so did a whole new look;
 As the new management ripped up the beautiful landscape that surrounded out home.
As many of you know who had followed this heart breaking saga.
I have since learned to live without the beautiful landscape that once surrounded my home.
The cover was gone!
And from the ashes of the beauty aroused new friendships in the park that I lived in.
New shining diamonds to share and enjoy.
Though I miss the beautiful landscape I treasure the new found friendships that have been uncovered with the new landscaping.
How things can change in a short few months.
I wonder what wonderful hidden gifts lay ahead under the cold hard ground of Winter that haven't revealed themselves yet this season!

Winter Lacing Landscape

Do you look forward to finding new diamonds and treasures buried from the Winter season?


Karen S. said...

Don't have to look too far, for this winter so far as yet, has been the perfect jewel!!!

Shauna said...

an endearing story bethe. when one
door closes another opens -
amen and amen.