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Daily Journey

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 365


We have accomplished the 365 day of pictures!
It has been an amazing journey and learning experience.
Not only did I start the pictures shortly after I started blogging.
But it has helped me grow in my skills of photography.
I have found out how much I love taking photos besides writing.
Thinking I really do need a new camera and should consider taking some photo classes to learn more.

I have chosen CK as my finally picture for this journey and challenge that I have completed.
She has been a source of love and encouragement to me through the process.
Sounds funny that a pet would do that for you.
But she does.
I love taking photos of her;
 She has been a great subject for me.
She keeps me on my toes with things to write about;
As well as taking photos of her.
As many of you know I wrote many stories about her.
Which we will continue to do.

I will start a new challenge soon.
Not sure what it will be.
I'd like it to be another one that challenges me in growing and using photos.
Will take any ideas and suggestions.

Thank you all for following along on this amazing growing journey with me.
I look forward to sharing the next journey with you all as well.

CK The Queen

Do you like doing challenges?


Denise said...

Nice picture.

Tigertamer said...

This is gorgeous!!!

How bout a bible verse a day with a picture? 365 days of bible verse an a pic? or a 30 day challenge?

I will help anyway I can


Elizabeth Hernandez said...

That was what I was thinking is a picture with a bible verse for 365 but Im, liking the 30 day challenge theme until I learn this new system in blogger Im so confused.