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Daily Journey

Friday, February 17, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 359

Once again here I am playing catch up.
Due to birthday I fell behind.

This is one of my newest pictures.
This was taken on the day before my Birthday!
It looks like Im caged or stuck in the tree.
As some of you know I love trees.
I have taken many pricutres of them;
 As well as having my picture taken around them.
So I will say this is my
Birthday picutre with one of my many trees around my home.

It was a lovely day of rain and running around for the perfect dinner on my birthday.
It was an excellent dinner prepared by my girlfriend and hubby.
We had steak and lobster
With many yummy trimmings.
Wish you all could have had some.

Caged In A Tree

Do you go out to eat on your birthday or does a family member prepare you something special?


Karen S. said...

It seems to be different every year! This year I returned on my birthday from a trip to Las Vegas with a dear old friend...and my son and his wife had dinner waiting for me! But, I have been known to cook my own meal and have everyone over to my house! At least we are all together! That's what counts!

Denise said...

So glad you enjoyed your birthday. My husband always takes me out on my birthday