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Daily Journey

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Thought This Morning~ Never Leave Home

Never leave home without...
God and His road map for your day
Without a positive attitude
Smiles to pass out along the way
Prayers for those around you and yourself
Enough change to call home
(Dad said that is important in case you get in trouble)
The love of family and friends held tight in your heart pocket
A skip and dance with a song in your heart
A jar and camera to catch the blessings and memories along the way
And don't ever forget to unwrap the gift and pass it along

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Do you have a busy week ahead?


Kathe W. said...

oh yes I do! We are moving 350 miles south Wednesday and have been asorbed in downsizing, packing,getting rid of uneccesary stuff- pass it on for others to re-use! I tod my sweetie that it's likewe're on the Oregon Trail and we're tossing stuff out of the covered wagon...after 23 years in one place we had accumulated a lot of stuff! Whew.

Tigertamer said...

this is beautiful!!! I think you wrote this for me today. If you saw my post on


Denise said...

Very lovely.