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Daily Journey

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 330

Do they even make paper dolls anymore?
I remember playing with paper dolls.
I think that is dating myself a bit.
Oh well....
Wonderful quiet playtime.
I even remember making my own cut ups and their clothes.
These are more the style of paper dolls my mom played with.
My younger sister got her collection of paper dolls from my mom.
Oh she had wonderful paper dolls dating back to the 30's.
Not sure the time frame on this set.
But just brings back warm fond nostalgic memories.

Vintage Paper Dolls

Did you play with paper dolls? Or make paper dolls...?


Richard Cottrell said...

They do make paper dolls, most of them are of movie stars and etc. Not as beautiful as these. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Thisisme. said...

Oh my goodness Bethe! This brings back memories for me. I well remember these cut out dolls, and how they used to stand up, and we could dress them in all these different clothes. Simple pleasures back then my friend!

Ben Ditty said...

There was a wonderful part in the Wizard of Oz series with a town of paper dolls.

Tigertamer said...

wow Paper dolls thanks for the memories..I loved my paper dolls and they may still be in mom's attic
(if the mice haven't eaten them)