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Daily Journey

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Simply Woman's Daybook


I would like to be able to say that I made a difference in someones life.

Outside my window...

It is dark and cold.
It is clear and the temperature's are dropping.

So looking forward to the longer days ahead in a few months.

I am thinking...

How everyone is upset with olives this evening.
I put olives in the sauce and forgot that my girlfriend doesn't like olives.
So it caused quite a stir in the household.

I am thankful...

For my freedoms.
The love of my friends.
For being able to ask questions even if they aren't in my favor.
For each new day I'm blessed with.
From the learning rooms...(if this applies)

Have been exploring my community and neighboring state of Washington.
Going to visit museums and natural resources.
Viewing movies and reading about those who made our communities what they are.
The rich resources that are used in our communities and how they are harvested.
Love the resources of the museum's and community resources.

In the kitchen...

I have homemade spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove with ravioli's and garlic bread.
And a sink of dishes that need to be washed.
And a dish washer that needs to be unloaded.

I am wearing...

My white beat up tennis's shoes. Black skinny jeans. A turquoise long sleeved v-neck top.
My Sterling silver earrings.

I am creating...

I am working on some needle point that I started a while back. Hoping to get some of those crafts completed that I had started a while back.
Need to make another blanket for one of my granddaughters who didn't get one for Christmas.
As she was very disappointed that she didn't get one.

I am going...

To be helping a friend make a move here to Portland.
We have been looking at apartments.
She has been looking for work.
Praying all this will come together in the next few months so she will be able to make this move very soon.
I'm also hoping to save and put things together for a personal visit to California to see my children and grandchildren soon.

I am wondering...

Why woman would have children over the age 50......?
It scares me.
I love being a mom and I love being a grandma.
But becoming a mom after the age of 50 is frightening to me.

I am reading...

I haven't picked up a book to read expect the4 bible since the Christmas season,
Though I do need to pick up my books that I was reading and finish those that where started a while back.

I am hoping...

To get started on sorting out all of my tax papers and getting them complied and ready for tax season early.
I would love to have them done a bit earlier this year.
Instead of rushing around at deadline time.

I am looking forward to...

My dear friend moving here to the Portland area.
It cannot happen fast enough for me.
It will be nice to have my friend living here near me so we can go and run around like we use to when we were younger.

I am hearing...

The soap opera playing on the TV in my bedroom.
The other TV in the living room playing.
The bird chirping.
My girlfriend breathing.
A airplane going over head to the airport or to destination unknown.

Around the house...

I'm getting ready to look for some curtain rods and draperies for my living room and main bedroom; in the front half of the house.
But of course you know if you do one bedroom you must do both.
And if I do the living room I have to have a matching set for the dining area.
So I'm in search of draperies for the entire house.

I am praying ...

For dear hubby and his new bosses at work.
For my daughters and their families.
My friend Sally and her impending move.
For us to be debit free this year.
For my dental work and being able to afford to get a crown put on my tooth.
Not sure how we will get the money for that.
The safety of my sister as she prepares to go off to Afghanistan to work.
Thank you Lord for meeting each and everyone of these many needs.
As well as all those unspoken ones.
The needs of each one of my friends and loved ones.

I am pondering...

Whether I really want to get out in the cold and drive to go get some ice cream for some dessert.
It seems like everyone in the household wants some.
Not sure as I want to go out and get it though.

One of my favorite things...

Getting new tops.
Is that clothes in general..?
I think it would be clothes in general.

New ones.
I need to learn to purge some of them though.
I'm not good at purging any of my clothes though.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Work of course....
A short day trip hopeful to the beach.
Maybe a movie...

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Lord, give me grace and strength to persevere and to be obedient a heart to do your will.

"The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon Him in truth."
~Psalm 145: 18

How is your week going for you?

1 comment:

beagleAnnie said...

I really enjoyed your daybook. I agree about curtains. The curtain has a magical power. Last month, I changed curtains one after another.
I stopped by via Simple Woman's Daybook. Soon I'll try my January post.