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Daily Journey

Thursday, January 19, 2012

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 331

As the snow falls softly to the ground
 In the moonlight night.
Children came running out.
There they make their snowman;
 Along with a snowball fight;
Late into the night.
As the snow falls softly to the ground
The giggles of laughter and fun fill the night air.
As the snow falls to the ground;
Making a fluffy powder white cover.
Snowman are built in laughter and giggles in the night air.
To awake to a rain puddle slush of fun
With memories made in the moonlight
Of the Winter storm
With the snow fall now only a memory of fun.
The snow fall which gave so much delight
As it fall quietly to the ground.

Snow Fall Night Delight

Have you ever played in the snow late at night under the moonlight?


Karen S. said...

We had these same kinds of snowflakes tumble last night, and to romp in them is bliss, except last night so did the great winds of frigid temps came forcing no staying out to's 11 degrees below zero right now with wind chills far lower yet...Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Susie Swanson said...

Awww, this brings it out so crystal clear.. I love the snow but not to much ata time.. I've been thinking of you there and watching it on the weather.. stay warm my friend..blessings Susie

Tigertamer said...

This is beautiful!!! I love
going out into the snow in the evening. Thanks for sharing

Thankfully it has only came a dusting here.

PS thank you for following

ღ soraya ღ said...

Nice post...thank you for so much for sharing...blessings...soraya