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Daily Journey

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Simply Date Book

It has been a bit since I have attempted one of these. It seems I have been having a tough time with the blog lately. I think  life has come in and the blog has taken a back seat. I know that I try and write when I can. I do miss doing the blog. I also have favorite things I love to do. This is one I found during a challenge at the end of the year. Please come along and check it out. You may find others whom you'd love to get to know as well. Hope this finds you all doing well. Blessings


I will be there for my friend as she struggles with some tough decision's.
I will be a support to my husband as he says good~bye to a friend.
May You Rest in peace Don!

Outside my window...

The wind is blowing as the rain whips around.
The night air is warm.
With more storms rolling in behind this one.

I am thinking...

How blessed I am to have a nice warm house to sit in.
A full tummy.
With a nice warm bed to crawl into at night.

I am thankful...

That I can come to the Father and lift up my prayers and request to Him no matter the time or the hour.
That He is always there with an ear to listen, arms to hold me.
That He knows what's best even when I cannot see it.

From the learning rooms...(if this applies)

Today I learned that even when we think its time to say good~bye;
We get to have some extra time.
Because God knows when that is needed.
His grace and mercy is sufficient and His peace perfect.
Resting in Him always gives the perfect answer.

In the kitchen...

The dishwasher is partially full of dirty dishes.
A meal that was cooked but not cleaned up after.
A floor that needs mopping!

I am wearing...

Pink slippers with black socks on.
Black velveteen pants.
A long sleeved black and green 88 Nascar T~shirt.

I am creating...

I have some needle point set aside that I need to get to work on again.
Id like to do several pieces this year and give them as gifts.
This one is about chocolate!

I am going...

To be searching for more work unless my shop picks up.
I have a few ideas.
Really need to search this idea out more and seek the Lord.

I am wondering...

If working in a mortuary is something I could do or not.

I am reading...

Haven't picked up my books in a while. Need to do that too.
There are some I want to buy. But need to finish up the ones I already have started.
It seems I have allowed to much other things to get in the way of my relaxing time in many areas of my life.

I am hoping...
I hoping to have the implant of the tooth in my mouth before Easter.
I still have some more surgery to go through before they can implant.
Then I would also like to be able to have the crown put on the other tooth.
Praying God would reveal to me how I might afford that.

I am looking forward to...

To Monday when I meet with a new Mary Kay client that was referred to me.
I'm very excited to be of service to her in her skin care and beauty needs.

I am hearing...

The TV playing out in the living room.
Me banging on the keys of the key board as I type away.
The humming of the computer.

Around the house...

CK is keeping us on the go with her in and out the front door activity.
Hancho busy squawking as we go back and forth with CK.
Still looking for new drapes for the living room and bed room.
I need to get the measuring stick out and take some measurements.
As I will need to purchase some rods.

I am praying

That my two older daughters would find a place of peace in their relationship and their home that they share together.
That as they start to look for another  home that they would find one that would be affordable and one that they would be able to stay near their younger sister.
That my work would pick up.
That our fiances would stretch
That I would find a new church home.
That David would find the peace he is looking for.
That God would direct our paths.

I am pondering...

How all these things that go through my crazy little mind will work out.
If I will have help with my taxes this year.

Will I do them on my own this year?

One of my favorite things...

Is loving on my CK girl and spending time with her.
She brings such joy and happiness into our lives.
I thank God for the gift we have in our four legged fur baby.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

To get ready for my Mary Kay appointment that is coming up.
That I have all her product that she has ordered and would like to see.
To meet some new potential clients over at the assisted home living where my salon is.
Maybe even get up enough courage to start going to the gym again.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
(add your picture here)
Frozen In Time

Time is frozen
 As the snow melts
In a place and time
Of long ago
The memories 
Of days gone by
Of long ago 
When the pace
Was much slower
As I long 
For those days
Of long ago
As the snow melts
I am reminded
Of a time
Not so long ago
When it was
A slower pace
In time
Where one moved
As if melting snow


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