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Daily Journey

Monday, March 11, 2013

Playdates With God~ Happiness is...../Joy Dare March

Happiness For A Joyful Filled Week

Day 4~ Happiness is getting called into work this morning then finding out that I will be working all week at the hospital plus at the salons on Thursday and Friday! Yea a full work week. Happiness is the beauty of the sun breaking through in the sunrise this morning. Happiness is seeing the beauty out of the hospital rooms with such beautiful views of the landscape and Mt. Hood. Happiness is being able to pray for those in the hospital while cleaning the rooms. Happiness is knowing you are doing your best.

Day 5~ Happiness is realizing that your children are like you. Happiness is getting a phone call from my church and speaking with Marlon and having a time of prayer. Happiness is having my foot propped up and resting. Happiness is hubby cooking dinner. Happiness is the laughter of my family and laughed ones that call me. Happiness is the love I feel everyday.

Day 6~ Happiness is sleeping this morning. But wishing I could have slept the whole day away. Happiness is sweatshirts and jeans. Happiness is hot showers and Mary Kay 2-1 body wash. Happiness is sharing the joy and happiness of each day with those you love.

Day 7~ Happiness is a busy day with happy clients. Happiness is having one of the happy sing a happy little diddy. Happiness is the beautiful sunshine rays. Happiness is saying thank you to someone that made a difference in your life. Happiness is being true to who you are. Happiness is my pillow and blankets awaiting me.

Day 8~ Happiness is beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Happiness is smiling faces of beauty. Happiness is getting bills paid. Happiness is full tank of gas. Happiness is Knowing you have kept good records. Happiness is a bucket of receipts that shows how truly blessed you are. Happiness is finding some great scrape booking goodies at a real good discount. Happiness is Friday the end of the week looking into the weekend.

Day 9~ Happiness is getting some business out of the way. Happiness is getting out the paper work and clearing up space to work on tax papers for taxes. Happiness is having all those papers and knowing I do pay taxes even though I don't like too; because it means I work and this is good. Happiness is the beautiful sunshine that graces us today. Happiness is a pork steak dinner. Happiness is hearing the kids play and giggle outside. Happiness is a little walk around the court. Happiness is the breath I breathe.

Day 10~ Happiness is knowing you are useful and needed. Happiness is being loved by another. Happiness is having great kitchen tools that make cooking easier. Thank you Kathy Hammersley with pampered chef. Loving my chopper and other tools I have purchased. Happiness is homemade salsa. Happiness is Sunday TV and relaxing. Happiness is rejoicing in the day the Lord has made and all He does for us. Happiness is the joy of one an other's company. Happiness is talking to family and loved one's.

4~ 3 Gifts hard to give thanks for

I thought this one was going to be hard. But I don't thinks so now. It has been a strange day of events.
1) Getting woke up at 5:20 in the morning by a ringing phone. Turns out it was for work which is a huge gift and blessing. But don't like be woke by ringing phones.

2) Losing my coat and keys that isn't a very fun thing at all. But....God has a sense of humor in all things. Glad to be home and getting ready for another full day tomorrow. Thank you to Wanda Ritter Saenz blessing me with coat'(s)

3) Having to wear protection gear in every room today. Take off throw away put on take off throw away all day. Thank God for the protection and for being able to clean the rooms. It isn't always easy to be thankful and see them as gifts. is a protection for me and I'm sure the patients as well.

‎5~ 3 Gifts found
Hard one for me today.......
1) I found lost pennies on the ground. I love picking them up........I always have. But I even like picking them up even more then I ever did before, when I was younger; Because I call them pennies from heaven. God is telling me He loves me. I also see them as a penny saved is a penny earned; along with I think every time I find one God is blessing me with more blessings. 
2) That we can always learn from anyone if we open our selves up to learn. That the classroom is always open for the student. That I need to always be open to learn everyday from even the youngest to the oldest teacher. Today it was a young woman at work. That you for allowing me to shadow you today for an hour o work Michelle in Linen and Garbage.
3) Found pretty pictures even in the dark dreary grey rainy sky of the day! Always looking for the beauty in the day. So that is a find.
What have you 3 gifts have you found today?

6~ A gift bent, broken, beautiful
My bent gift would be some of my keys on my various key rings to the many parts of my life. They each represent a key to which opens the door to that area of my life; which I have been blessed with. Reminds me I should replace some of them before they break. But they are bent from well use. 

Broken would be this ankle that has healed in many ways and is still healing. It represents how I have slowed down in some ways. How God has shown himself strong in my life and through this given me a stronger faith and belief that He can and does supply each and all of my needs beyond my wildest dreams.

Beautiful is the colors of my life that change each day but bring such joy. I love color and the color of each day changes as the weather. I love the richness of the color of each step and each stage of my life I live. Each colorful moment to be held and enjoyed as I walk through each one of them. That is true beauty.

7~ 3 Gifts in the kitchen
1) My dishwasher is surely a gift. I may not use it often. But.....when I do it makes life so much easier.
2) My coffee pot is a gift and anyone that knows me would agree. That my coffee post is a gift and blessing for all.
3) The calendar on the wall that gives me so much information. It is stocked full of more than jut dates. As I wrote little notes in the blocks about work, pay, appointments, and birthdays. You name it; it holds it. A huge gift that calendar is.

‎8~ 3 Gifts loud
Laughing out loud as I think of three loud gifts.
1) The music playing loudly bringing me smiles of joy. As I want to dance in the beauty of the sun.
2) My voice which is loud when I get excited!
3) My bird Hancho and her very loud squawks
What is your three loud gifts?

‎9~ 3 Gifts carved
Ummm.......This is a toughie!
1) I love the beauty of the carvings on the wood boxes and dresser my dear hubby has made. I so wish he would do wood work and cravings again. He does beautiful work.
2) The carved wood bowl my sister Christine Good brought back from Afghanistan. Beautiful bowl that you can use as a hot plate as well. It folds up. Very unusual and the beauty stunning. Thank you Christine for such a wonderful and beautiful gift.
3) The carved beauty of the day as I went through taking care of business, cleaning and just resting from a busy week. Enjoying the beautiful sunshine of the day. It was carved perfectly my our Lords hands.
What is your carved beauty?

10~ 3 Gifts in Christ 
1) His daily provision I find in Him everyday as I look to Him and not my situations or to man to meet them. Because all that I will ever need is found in Him.
2) His forgiveness that is so freely given to whom ever believes and seeks His face. He daily forgives every short coming I have. Because I am loved and covered in the blood of His son to be seen as white as snow.
3) His grace and love

What gifts and happiness have you found throughout your week?

A Holy Experience
Ankle View 
March 5,2013
Below are two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
I will be seeking second opinion
With many prayers 
I feel God is showing us
The direction to go.
God is faithful and I trust this is going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!


Laura Boggess said...

I'm so glad you are finding these bits of happiness amidst the struggle with your ankle. What happened to your ankle, Beth? Medical costs are so expensive. We have been through a difficult year with procedures as well. Praying God will make a way, my friend.

Bethe77 said...

I broke my ankle July 24th and had to have surgey and they put a metal plate and six pins in to hold me together. Then I couldnt work or walk for almost five months. I went back to work in December and have had many issues since. But Praise god for every step I have made and how far I have come. I still am in doctors care and will be seeing him again next month to see where I am at. But bills and everything have piles up and am working very hard to pay everything off along with the medical that was far more than I could dream. God has been faithful though.

thisisme said...

What a lovely list of days of happiness. You really are good how thankful you are for all the blessings you are given. Many of which , we just take for granted. Truly your faith is an inspiration to all of us. Blessings to you my friend.

Denise said...

Nice blessings.