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Daily Journey

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Three Word Wednesday~

Edgy; adjective: Tense, nervous, or irritable; (of a musical performance or a piece of writing) having an intense or sharp quality; informal at the forefront of a trend; experimental or avant-garde.

Iconic; adjective: Of, relating to, or the nature of an icon; depicting a victorious athlete in a conventional style.

Lithe; adjective: (Especially of a person's body) thin, supple, and graceful.

He grabbed her lithe body to his
She was edgy with a sense of iconic beauty
Both drawn to each other
His physical muscular athletic build
Both running from a past
Neither looking for a future
Just a moment of time
To forget what was behind
Getting lost in 
The lust and the passion
Of the attraction to one another
In this moment and time


Do you like to just write and see what flows out sometimes with out thought?
March 5, 203
Below are two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
I will be seeking second opinion
With many prayers 
I feel God is showing us
The direction to go.
God is faithful and I trust this is going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!


Denise said...


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Good one! Better than good; it is great writing, Beth. It is like watching a movie.


Kathy M.