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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Two)


As the weather changes
 from the beauty of falling leaves
 to the first frost bites! 

There is always something in everyday to be thankful for! 

November 5 ~ Stretch, kick, more stretching and kicking. Oh no! One Charlie horse cramp after another. What is going on! Lord just need rest. Good thing clocks fall back...maybe I can grab a few extra shut eyes. Little voices and a light. Could it really be time to get up? Oh yea their little body time clocks think its time to rise and shine. Good morning Sunday! Coffee smells good! They rise early here even on a Sunday morning. Time for me to freshen up for the day. Clean up and pack my bags. Load the car. Say my thank yous and good byes. Had a great weekend with Christine Good and Jennifer Merritt-Estep, along with many other great friends. Thank you! Drive home wet and rainy with snow on the mountain tops; making beautiful scenic views. A very beautiful drive home. Thank you Lord for safe travels and arriving home safely. Unpack and I hear knocking. It's my baby sister Rosie, and Brandy dog. Story is Brandy wanted to see me. Works for me. Pull the scissors out of retirement once again. Trim up sister's hair. Looks really pretty. A nice visit and soon they are off. I love you my beautiful sister. Quiet and lots of it. Then l heard the wind chimes so ever softly blowing in the wind making beautiful music. Today Lord I'm thankful for time spent with family and loved ones. For surprise visits. For memories of times gone by. I'm thankful for beautiful views on my drive home. For great music to listen too on my drive. For your traveling mercies upon me. Thankful for my little electric fireplace to take the chill off my house and make me warm. Thank you Lord for my dinner and another day to see the abundance you bless me with daily. Thank you for your daily provision in my life always, never lack. Blessings

November 6~ Cozy snuggle warm. Oh how nice it is to sleep in ones own bed! Time change does nothing to help with the sleep at all. Wide awake when I could still be sleeping. Dang it anyways! a few days my body will adjust and all will be right again in the world of time for me. Love that good morning snap! Set the morning off and day in the right direction. Coffee, prayers, some news up dates before running out the door to my appointment. First stop for my hungry car that needs fuel. Just like me it needs good old fuel to run properly. Thankful for the money to purchase the gas for this weeks running around. Always nice to run into people you feel connected to as you lift each other up with encouraging words of hope. Home to start some cleaning around the house. The never ending chore. Darn house keeper never showed up just like that fairy god mother never showed up either. I think they are both fired! Yes Geo Sutter I'd love to go for a ride with you and just catch up. A lunch to fill the tummy before the old tummy starts growling! Home to find help waiting! Oh so love that! Hello my dear friend Sherilynn Ganther! Need to break some boxes down and run to bottle store, then go help our friend. Feeling accomplished, like I actually got things done to day. That is a good feeling. OH! Rebecca Sherrett so nice to hear from you. Thank you for the prayers you and Christopher Michael Brown said tonight for me. Feeling so blessed. Today Lord I'm thankful for the days sunshine that broke through the Fall day. I'm thankful for being able to help some friends in need. Thankful to be able to vent and work out some frustration out in a good and healthy way. I'm thankful Lord for praying friends and answered prayers. Lord I'm thankful that the dentist is going to get me in tomorrow. Thankful that you meet all of my needs when I least expect in the most amazing ways. Thank you for another day filled with many things to be so grateful for. Blessings

November 7~ Good morning confused body clock. Soon we will be on track again until the next time change. So breathe deeply and roll over and go back to sleep for a bit. Now we can rise and shine for our coffee and prayers. It is so darn cold. The east winds have kick up and it is cold out there! Bundled warmly to head to the dentist. Pray this is an easy fix. Right in; is always a good thing. Thank you Dr. Kwon for getting me in so quickly and working on my bite. Glad it seems to be an easy fix. Give it a few more days. Okay! Home to re-group before the next appointment. Crazy traffic today, wait I think that is everyday! After afternoon appointment Sherilynn Ganther meets me at my house and we go shopping for my taco dinner tomorrow evening. Home to start cleaning. I truly think it would be awesome if houses had a self cleaning mode installed. With technology know days I'm surprised we haven't invented one yet to my knowledge. Wouldn't that be so awesome! Just hit a switch and boom its clean. I fix a nice dinner for Sheri and I. It sure turned out good. Then afterwards we continue the task at hand. The house sure looks nice and smells clean too. Ice cream for our treat after our hard work today. Thank you so much Sheri, I appreciate it so very much. Your awesome! Today Lord I'm thankful for my warm clothes and down coat that keep me warm out in the elements. I'm thankful for the beautiful views of both Mt. St. Helen's and Mt. Hood today. Just beautifully covered in a white blanket of snow. I'm thankful for hot tea this afternoon. I'm extremely grateful for helping hands today. I'm thankful for the smell of a clean house.I'm thankful to speak to my friend Rose this morning and here her voice. I miss her so very much. I'm so thankful for the many people you have blessed me with in my life Lord. Thank you for each and everyone of them. Yes everyday there is something to be thankful for. Thank you for waking me for another day to rejoice in all you do for me Lord. I am truly blessed. Blessings

November 8~ Good morning Wednesday second week of retirement. Missing my beautiful ladies and their beautiful smiles of beauty! Thankful I still have Dolores and her mother to bring smiles of beauty too. I drive out to Oregon City on the river road out to Dolores house. So thankful for this little job once a week. Makes me fell like I can still bring smiles. Today I did Dolores shampoo set and her moms perm. Happy smiles of beauty. The drive home was stormy and wet. Then it was time to start prepping the food for my taco feed. Sherilynn Ganther came over and helped. She made a yummy cake for us for dessert. Jennifer Merritt-Estep So glad you suggested tacos. It was a great way to get everyone together. Geo Sutter thank you for coming. Mary McCormick Loomis we missed you. Its always fun to have guest over. Then off to take Jen to the airport. It has been a busy day. Thank you Lord for blessing me with another day. Today I'm thankful I still have some clients I get to bring smiles of beauty too. I'm thankful for memories that still bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. I'm thankful for my daughter Webber Heather who called to say hello and I love you mom this evening. To ask what I was planning for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year. Good question? Guess we will know when I cross that bridge Heather. Thankful for doctors and prayers of healing. I'm thankful that my kitchen is clean and that I have a nice warm bed to sleep in. I'm thankful for the wind chimes that softly woke me this morning with there musical tune. I'm thankful for the music of the rain dance playing outside my window this evening as I gt ready to lay my head to rest. Thank you Lord for all this and so much more. Blessings

November 10~ Oh my it is getting cold and staying cold! The rain is coming down hard. Woke me straight up out of bed this morning. Think I really just want to stay under my covers and stay nice and warm. But....I have a coffee date this morning. Rise and shine and get this morning started. I will have a cup of coffee while I get ready. Good morningWebber Heather, what a wonderful good morning call to receive. Yes mom would love to come see you and the kids perform in your Christmas play. I will look at my calendar. I love you! What a wonderful gift this would be. Morning coffee at Starbucks. Thank you for the big yummy cup of coffee I really enjoyed it. Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for coming over and having coffee with me before we take off for parts unknown. First I need to run a few errands then we can hit the road running. I have no clue where I want to go....I just want to go for a drive and where we land it where the adventure will be. First we drive in a strange circle and end up in Sandy of all places a complete opposite direction of what I had in mind. Guess I better gas up this hungry little car. Back on the road and heading towards Estacada. Lunch in Colton at Bailey's Pub & Grub. Love this little place and they have the best food ever. A little walk over to the bridge is always fun after eating. Then we head towards Silverton. We're going to Silver Falls. What a beautiful Fall drive it is even under the grey rainy skies. Glad I'm bundled up and have gloves in my pocket. Lovely time at the Falls and so relaxing to just let the weights of the world drift right off into nowhere land. Feeling lighter already. So grateful to be able to jump in my car and be able to drive to places of beauty for the afternoon and just take in all that God has created for us to enjoy! I'm so thankful today for hot coffee. For warm clothes and gloves to keep my hands warm. I'm thankful for gas in my car to have an adventure. I'm thankful for the phone call from my daughter and the invite to spend time with her and the grandchildren for Christmas. I'm thankful for friends that let you vent and cry. I'm thankful for all the waterfalls I'm surrounded by in the PNW. I never have to travel far to see one. The mountains and the beauty that surround me bring me such peace. Thank you Lord for creating all this beauty for me to enjoy. Very thankful for safe travels today; especially on the way home. Blessings

November 11~ Good Morning! It's Veterans Day! Thank you to all of the wonderful men and women who serve and have served so that I might enjoy all of the wonderful freedoms I so richly enjoy daily because of your sacrifices. I wish i could thank each and everyone of you personally. it is time to get that coffee pot on and get some mojo going. Coffee time with friends is always wonderful. Glad you could come over Sherilynn Ganther. Coffee to the rescue. Slow start to this very grey gloomy rainy day. It needs to b turned around into a day of fun. Where to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Lots of options here. Need a longer day for some activities. Okay lets go find Hardy and Rodney Falls. Oh what an adventure it was too. First stop Cascade Locks and the Bridge of the God's. The beauty is so amazing even on a misty rainy grey day. Thankful for all the beauty that is created even in icky weather. Heading to Washington. And GPS takes us on some interesting bunny trails. This is a sign of a true adventure. Rocky pit dirt roads with small ponds to go through leading to private roads. Ummmm....I don't think this is right! Now we know we cannot do electric lines. Danger is lurking here. We must leave quickly! A park right past Beacon Rock looks promising. A Forest Ranger. Yea! They are always helpful and full of great information. Thankful she drive through the park. Spoke with her and followed her right out to the Ranger station to get map and a Washington State Park Pass for the next year. So we will be exploring the Washington side. Just feels backward. But is truly has some beauty and rich history as well to enjoy. Found the road to Hardy and Rodney Falls. What a beautiful Park both parking lots are full. WOW! We start up the trail head and boom there they are again. More Electric power lines. Not good! Danger for Sherilynn Ganther. Quickly turn around. At least we enjoyed some of the rich beauty and the park. Thank you for drivingSherilynn Ganther I appreciate it so very much. Enjoyed the drive and the afternoon very much. Today Lord I'm thankful for the Veterans who serve are country o I might enjoy the great freedoms i so richly enjoy here in America. Thankful for Park Rangers and the history of our country. I'm thankful for friendly people on the hiking trails. I'm thankful for my daughters and my grandchildren. I'm thankful for parents who have given me strong values and believes. I'm thankful for leftovers to fill my stomach after a day of adventures. I'm thankful for hair color to wash all that natural highlight right out! Hot showers and warm clothing to snuggle tightly in my warm bed. Yep! I think Winter has arrived though it is still Fall. Someone forgot to send Winter the memo its not his turn yet! But with the colder weather comes a time of reflection of the year past. I'm thankful for all the adventures and growing I have been privileged to do this year. Thank you Lord for all this and so much more. Blessings

November 12 ~ Sweet I slept in a bit today! Good morning Sunday! Good morning morning snap! Love chatting with you last evening. Loved the snaps. You brought smiles to my face. Time to get coffee and pull myself together today. I'm thinking it is going to be a day of R & R. Yoga pants and comfy warm sweater and a blanket to warm up in. Yep that is what I'm doing. A little T.V. therapy. Ummmm........ okay this afternoon isn't going well. Sorry! Think I will eat my ice cream! OH my gosh I have devoured a half a gallon of comfort food to melt the problems, disappointment, and worries of the day away. And still the tears fall. Okay pinch those cheeks baby cakes! Put on that smile! Find that inner strength; you can do it! Pull up those Big Girl Panties and shake it off! You are better than this and all things work out for God's good and His glory! Why hello Geo Sutter! Yes! I would love to go out and forget and a treat would be perfect! A yummy dessert! Perfect bread pudding in rum sauce and real whip cream! I'm sure I'm feeling much richer and better for it right now for sure. Thank you for the invite! I'm sure that is exactly what the doctor ordered for me to get my head back on and heading in the right direction. Home to peace and quiet and prayer time. Really need to pray an make some decisions. Sometimes adulting just isn't fun at all! I think I really want to make my blanket fort and crawl inside with my box of crayons and be 10 again. But....only if I can know what I known NOW! Which in the real world never happens. So the land of make believe is were you will find me until tomorrow if you need me for anything. So please only contact if you have the color periwinkle to share with me. Thank you! So today Lord I'm thankful for warm blankets to snuggle in while I watch T.V. I'm thankful for wisdom when I got the scam call. I'm thankful for comfort foods. I'm thankful for desserts and good friends to share them with. I'm thankful that even when tears flow you hold them like diamonds. I'm thankful for prayers even when we haven't the answer, but you do. I'm thankful that while the storm rages around me; You calm the storm to bring your light and truth. Lord I'm thankful that I can hold on and trust you and know that all things will work out together for your good and your glory. I'm grateful that you always have my best interest at heart. Thank you Lord for your watchful eye; because it is always upon me even as it is on the sparrow. Thank you Lord for your provisions and meeting me right were I'm at daily. That even when I'm in my fort with my box of crayons there you are also with me. Thank you for always holding me and carrying me to the side of Victory!! Thankful to make it through another day. Blessings

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