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Daily Journey

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November Gratitude

30 Days Of November Gratitude

Day 1

What smell are you grateful for today?

 For the smell of clean laundered clothing.

Day 2

What technology are you grateful for?

 This one is a tough one as I'm truly grateful for all our modern technology. I'm going to pick the phone as it keeps me in touch with those far and near......and those long lost friends that can find you through your telephone number. Love hearing the voices of those we love and the words I love you and miss you. Yep! The telephone is definitely the one I pick; and they do so much more now than in times past.

Day 3

What color are you grateful for?

 Loving the color blue today. As the skies are a beautiful blue with misty grey blue white cotton clouds floating gently through the day; with the fire ball of sunshine beating down on this beautiful Fall day.

Day 4

What food are you most grateful for?

This morning I'm thankful for homemade pancakes that my sister made for breakfast for everyone. But....truth be known the food I'm truly thankful for is ice cream of course! It is good anytime of day and year. It is soothing to my soul. It is my comfort food.

Day 5

What sound are you grateful for today? 

 My wind chimes. They remind me of when I was a little girl at grandma's. She had them on her back porch. I still love them today, and every time I hear them I think of my grandma. So with the wind chimes come warm loving memories as well.

Day 6

What in nature are you grateful for?

Day 6~ I am grateful for the trees! I absolutely love trees. They shade you in the Summer, create beauty in the Fall. They supply us with many uses daily. Some house house, pencils, paper, and books are made with them; so we educated by them. Furniture we use in our homes each and everyday for our comfort to be with our families, the list is endless. But the most important was Jesus used them three very important times for us. The first one was when the little Lord Jesus was born and a manger was used as rested His little head. The second time a tree was used in a storm the Lord was traveling in and when He spoke the storm stopped.The third time a tree was used by our Lord was to bring us everlasting life. The latter being the most important reason I love trees so much. Yes! I'm a strange tree hugger! I love them in all of their grander and beauty an even in my reading material. Even thankful for the bill that is written upon them and I'm able to pay. YES! I LOVE TREES!

Day 7

What memory are you grateful for?

I truly have so many wonderful memories that I am so grateful for it is truly hard to just pick one. But I think I'm going to pick the day I found out I was going to be a mom! And the day my first born Webber Heather was placed in my arms. Then you think it cannot get any better and it does. Each daughter Amber Webber, and Racheal Perry being placed in my arms. My love grew in ways I never knew it could! My heart has been full every since and with each grandchild that my daughter's have blessed me with . Each holding amazing memories of their births and the rich joy each one of them has brought me since that day. How does one pick just one memory to be grateful for. So the birth of my daughters and all ten of my grandchildren our the memories I'm so grateful for and so many more that one could sit all day and write a book on memories they are grateful for.

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