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Daily Journey

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November Blessings ~ Counting It All Joy! (Week Three)


As the weather changes
 from the beauty of falling leaves
 to the first frost bites! 

There is always something in everyday to be thankful for! 

November 13~ Good morning Monday! New day new week. Waking at six realizing I could roll over and go back to sleep. And you know what? Yes, I did! I rolled over without a thought about time; snuggled up tightly under those cozy warm blankets, next to those soft fluffy pillows. Where I stayed until eight thirty. That was just wonderful! I must do that again! Now its time to rise and shine. Good morning snap brings smiles. What excitement awaits us? First coffee, because l have lots of business calls to make this morning. Then post office and bank. Seems those darn bill collectors want a slice of my pie. The only problem with that is the slices are getting bigger going out. Thank you Lord for providing enough for each slice above and beyond. That they are paid off in full in Jesus name amen.Sherilynn Ganther thank you for coming over and running errands with me. Let's go see Geo Sutter. Soup for lunch to warm the insides. Yum! Then a ride out to Cascade Station. There we walked around IKEA and then around Home Goods. Great walk plus free Window shopping. Thank you Geo for having us over for dinner and Hallmark movies. Really enjoyed myself. Today Lord I'm thankful for friends to spend the day with. I'm thankful for my phone call from my baby girl Racheal Perry. I love you and I miss you so very much. I love hearing my daughter's voice. So I'm thankful for my ears to hear. I'm thankful for hot soup! Thankful for warm places to walk and get my exercise in. For window shopping because it's free. Love looking at all the pretty things. Thankful for my eye sight to see. Thankful for all the many resources Lord that you bless me with daily. For the sun breaks in the gloomy grey skies that bring warmth and smiles as I enjoy this day with my friends you blessed me with. Thank you for another day to explore and see this world you created for me to enjoy, as I find the many gifts and treasures that you placed for me to find and enjoy. For your gifts and treasures are new everyday. Thank you! Blessings

November 14~ Good morning Tuesday! Love this staying snuggled tightly under my cozy warm blankets longer in the morning. Especially on these cool brisk mornings. Time to roll out of bed for the day. Coffee time and prayers. Crystal N Koch you always have the perfect fitted word. Your love, insight and compassion never cease to amaze me. I'm so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for your wisdom and prayers this morning. Surprises await at every turn. God's word being confirmed in my life on all matters concerning me. Morning business taken care of and appointments made. Now its time for my afternoon appointment. WOW! That was different. Strange! Glad it ended early. Laundry....... has a whole new meaning. Are you reading my laundry or is the laundry getting washed, dried, folded, and put away? Yes, honey mine is washed, dried, folded and put away. Now if my laundry is being read.....well that is an ongoing saga. But that's between me and God. Interesting how the interpretation of laundry was taken today. Glad mine wasn't out for the hanging. Thank you Geo Sutter for having Sherilynn Ganther and I over for spaghetti dinner. It was yummy. Today Lord I'm thankful for for warm blankets and my cozy bed. For my phone so I can talk to my friends. For being able to pray with my friends and know there you are in the midst of it. Thankful that I have your peace. That even when life is raging around me I have the peace that only you can give. So thankful for that inner peace. I'm thankful for another day filled with your love and grace Lord. Blessings

November 15~ Good morning rainy days and Monday aka Wednesday! No rolling over and sleeping in today. To much to do and early morning appointment out in Oregon City. Smiles of beauty to create. Coffee and prayers. Think comfy warm clothes for today. Yoga pants and layers with sweaters. Love that drive along the river even on a rainy grey day. I am forever grateful for my friend who directed me this way off the freeway. I never tire of this route. My mini vacation. It is so peaceful and full of beauty going into hibernation. Non-stop rain. Back to town and a haircut for Tanina Cossimina Giarrusso. It was great to see you. Then more errands before heading in to see the dentist. Hoping this correction of my bite solves the problem. More calls to make reguarding car maintenance. Get right in for oil change. Meet up with Mary McCormick Loomis at Bumpers for lunch. Great BLT with sweet potato fries and hot tea. Then off we go to Gresham Station to look at some things. Sad to find out my guru at Samsung is no longer there. They have parted ways. I will miss you Steve. He was awesome! Bought my Roku tonight. Now to decided if thats what l really want to do....or......go with just an antenna. Thank you for the glass of wine. It was nice to see you. You will be in my prayers. Today Lord I'm thankful for plenty of warm clothing as well as a nice warm coat to keep me dry. Thank you Lord for safe travels today as I traveled about town in the rain. Thank you Lord for directing my path today so l could get all my business and errands done. Thank you for time spent with Mary and our lunch. Thank you for my vitamin C. Thank you Lord for your provision in my daily needs. That there is no lack but more than enough to meet all of my needs each and everyday. Thank you Lord for for the quiet from the busy day. I am grateful! Blessings

November 16~ Good morning rise and shine! Or is that roll over and go back to sleep. Rough night....I'd like to roll over and go back to sleep. But a new day has dawned. Time to get coffee on! Coffee with a girlfriend this morning. Always nice to share a cup of coffee with a friend. Thank you Lara Hurst for coming over and spending the morning with me. I also appreciate you helping me out. The morning quickly drifts away from us and soon its time for me to get ready for my afternoon appointment. Always good to see the ladies. They bring smiles of unspoken understanding and love. You all are so amazing and awesome! I'm so thankful for each one of you; you each enrich my life by being apart of my life. Thank you! Rain is back! Don't like the rain at dusk or night......when I'm driving. Thank you Lord for watching over me and giving me traveling mercies. What a lovely evening with you Geo Sutter. I'm glad we have each other. You are such a blessing in my life. Thank you for your listening with your heart (ears) and your amazing insight and wisdom. I love you my friend. Today Lord I'm thankful for coffee and time with friends. I'm thankful for hot showers and more shampoo and conditioner then one household needs. I'm thankful for lotions for my rattlesnake skin. I'm thankful for gifts given that are from the heart. I'm thankful for family history and memories. I'm thankful for the quiet that soothes my soul and the whisper of the I love you! From you to me, Lord. Thank for another day and meeting all my needs and blessing me with treasures and gifts of love. I am thankful! Blessings

November 17~ Good morning Friday! Half the month has slipped away! Where has it gone? The year coming to a fast close. The colder night's and morning's are here for sure! Frosty and his friend's surely could stay in my house and feel right at home. Or if you need a place to hang meat...well it would stay fresh in this meat locker for sure. Thinking I'm not going to be able to keep the heat turned off much longer; those pipes will need some warmth just like me. It really would be nice to hibernate under these cozy warm blankets until warmer weather arrives. But have to get is on. That should help warm the insides for sure. Phone service went out....About two hours spent on phone with them. Looks like the landline will be down until sometime Monday! Ugh! Now maybe I can get some things done. Post office here I come. Hello Geo Sutter! Yes! I'd love to come over. Countryside drive through East county, lunch, and a walk through Fred Meyers for my exercise. No money spent in store! Yea! Thank you for the day's outing today Geo, I really enjoyed it. Back home to the ice box, and some laundry. Today Lord I'm thankful for my little electric fireplace heater and warm comfy clothes. I'm thankful for my cell phone. I'm thankful for countryside drives. Thankful for hot tea to warm me up. I'm thankful for the late Fall beauty that surrounds me. I'm thankful that many of my friends and family enjoy my thankful post that I have been doing for over a year now. I'm thankful Lord that you watch over me and every need l have need of and you meet them daily. I'm so thankful for yet another day of the beauty of the dance of life I've been given. Thank you! Blessings

November 18~ Oh I'm so nice and warm snuggled tightly in my nice cozy bed! I know it's the weekend...but this hibernation thing for the rest of the year in this warm bed seems like a great idea to me! But.....It is Saturday and the big ball of yellow sunshine is peeking out. I'm thinking it wants me to come out and play today. I may have to do that after I get some chores done around the house.First things first! Coffee yes coffee! Now to get on this laundry and take down my drapes and wash them and put them away for another season. I had such fun hanging my drapes today.Thank you Sherilynn Ganther for helping me. To funny that we both put them on backwards. They look great! Laundry is folded and put away and clean drapes hung. Chores! Okay time to go see about getting out in this sun. First stop to see Tanina Cossimina Giarrusso. Love those crafts. A little drive and some fresh air is in order. Lets head over towards the Women's Forum and take in the great view of the Gorge. Not ready to call it a day yet. Let's go for a country drive on some back roads leading to the unknown. Such beauty rolling through these back country roads. Lots of farms and Fall colors. Let's see where these roads lead too. WOW! This is great! A park! Dodge park and this is where the Sandy River and the Bull Run River come together. So beautiful! The rush of the water and the Fall day perfect! Time to play like a kid and forget all the troubles of the adult world. Time to be in Never Ever Land where only kids are aloud to be. Yes! I visit there as much as possible. A walk along the river bank, don't forget to watch for bears. Time to go swing and teeter totter. What fun! Really? Do we have to go back home to the real world of adulting? Seriously? Time to leave the land of Peter Pan......but I will be back! And very soon! Another back road heading back to the world of responsibility and adulting! But wait not just yet! Let's go have pizza and watch the sunset. WOW! I love this stop in the adult world. It was a great big smile and hello! Glad you stayed and had another beer with us. Home to work on room and clothes. OH! Where is that magic wand? Thank you Sherilynn Ganther! We will get through this eventually! Today Lord I am so thankful to have my drapes hung and the fresh look it gives the house.I'm thankful for the help of hanging them up. Thankful for music and dancing in the living room like it's 1977. I'm thankful for left over chocolate cake for breakfast with my coffee. For my car getting washed today! I'm thankful for another country road drive that leads to unexpected child like joy and peace. I'm thankful for pizza and not having to cook. A stop at Puff's and a big hello! For time with friends and laughter. I'm thankful to be almost totally packed to go to my moms for Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for the many blessings of the day. Yep I have a really long list of thankfulness today that I am truly grateful for. Thank you for this day you have given me Lord. I am so blessed thank you. Blessings

November 19~ Good morning Lord! It is Sunday! It's your day! Oh how I would love to stay in this bed all day and not get up. But then I would miss out on so much! There is so many things to enjoy and see everyday. Coffee time and prayer time. Glad I could cut your hair for you. Thank you for sealing my door. Today I am heading out to the zoo with my friend Sherilynn Ganther. It's free! So we have decided to take the max train to the zoo. Much better than fighting traffic and trying to find a parking place. Yep! I think this is going to be a grand day! The weather is cooperating with us. The views on the way to the zoo are captivating in the fact that they tell a story in each part of town. You can see the hustle and bustle of the city life even on a Sunday. The Town's Christmas tree has already arrived in Portland's downtown living room. She is a pretty one. The zoo is crowded with young and old alike. The animals are so active today. They all are putting on quit the show. They really are having as much fun as the visitors that have come to see them. Each putting on a show to remember. Have camera's ready or you may miss out on the perfect picture. It was a great day to spend at the zoo. The zoo had many beautiful Fall colors still vivid and fighting for the last little bit of life they have left in them; as the zoo gets ready for the their Christmas zoo lights. It truly was fun seeing the city and the zoo coming to life in festivities as they get ready for the Christmas season that is fast approaching. The hustle and bustle truly has started. The sky line on the way home from the zoo was breathe taking with the lights and the water and of course the skyline. The sky itself is always beautiful as the Lord always hand paints a beautiful evening sky to enjoy. Hard to get good pictures with the lights reflecting back on the train. But it was pretty. Panda Express for dinner thank you my friend. It was yummy! What a great close to a wonderful day and weekend. Memories made and pictures that tell a story of fun and on a beautiful Fall Sunday afternoon. Perfect! Today Lord I am thankful we didn't have to deal with traffic and parking. I'm thankful for the free zoo entrance today. I'm thankful for all the animals you have blessed this world with and a place of habitat that we might be able to enjoy these creatures you have blessed this world with. For the excitement of the children big and small, that I could hear and see the joy in each one. The joy of being able to enjoy these animals in a natural setting. Thank you Lord! Lord I am blessed to be able to see and hear and experience the excitement of life all around me. I am thankful for the max line that took me there and back. I am thankful for my door being sealed this morning so the heat wont seep out the door. I'm thankful for the snaps of smiles and the silly Bitmoji that make me giggle with little girl joy. I'm thankful for the friendships and the smiles that come my way each and everyday. I am thankful that you meet all of my needs and even my desires. Thank you Lord for the many blessings in each day that you gift me with. Blessings

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