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Daily Journey

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

August Joy Dare

Playing catch up with some post that I had put together.
Please bare with me as I catch up.
Thank you!

August Joy

Okay I have decided no catch up for last month. Start fresh today with the August Joy Dare
Day 1~ 3 Gifts white
1) My white pants that look so good with my sea foam blouse I wore today
2) My sweet white haired ladies I love to see and give them great big smiles and love
3) The fluffy white mouse that I style the ladies hair with.

Goof ball me forgot to put up my 2nd day of August Joy Dare. So will here it is:
Day 2~ 3 Gifts eaten
Which yesterday was a wonderful food day so this will be easy; expect for the fact trying to decide which three.
1) Caramel custard (so very yummy)
2) Home made salsa (always so very yummy)
3) BBQ Beef kabobs

So I didn't do yesterdays Joy Dare because of the time frames so I am doing them this morning.

Day 3~ A gift at 10 am, 1 pm, and 10 pm
So yesterday was filled with lots of fun gifts and excitement.
10 am gift was me finishing getting ready for the day and having that last morning cup of coffee before I left for the day.
1 pm gift was finishing up lunch with the ladies and heading out for a beautiful walk in the gardens. As we watched the sunshine break through the marine layer.
10 pm was watching movie with hubby and just relaxing and looking at photos from the days adventures.

August Joy Dare

Day 4~ 3 Gifts sitting
1) Well I wasn't always sitting doing this one but ....I was babysitting a four legged fur baby today. I sat with him a lot and loved on him.
2) Sitting on the porch in the country; enjoying the company of a friend and the beautiful weather.
3) Sitting with ankle propped up. Though I'm not so sure as it is a gift any longer. Though I do enjoy having it go up as it cuts the swelling down so that is the gift.

August Joy Dare
Day 5~ A gift outside, inside, upside down
My outside gift with be the beautiful warm weather and the sunshine that comes from that beautiful yellow fire ball in the sky.

Inside would be the air conditioner that is keeping me cool and refreshed. 

Upside down would be my Grand Pre Pontiac which helped blessed me in a wonderful way today. YEA!!! Thank you Jesus and all those you granted me favor with. 

August Joy Dare
Day 6~ 3 Gifts in water
1) The running water from the facet through the house that I use to wash the heads of hair I do each day I work. So grateful for that sink and running water.
2) The water that hydrates my body as well as water the beautiful plants on my patio.
3) Water that runs through the washer to wash my towels for the salon as well as my clothes.

August Joy Dare
Day 7~ 3 Gifts in His word
1) He removes our transgressions as far as the east is from the west
2) Ask and it shall be given, seek and we shall find, knock and it shall be opened
3) No good things will He with hold from them that love Him

August Joy dare
Day 8~ 3 Gifts in Summer 
1) The longer days with more daylight love them so very much. More time to have fun!!!
2) Lazy days by the poolside or some water way. Always so refreshing and relaxing. Never miss a chance to enjoy that.
3) Sundresses, shorts, tanks and sandals. Best clothing attire every!!!!

So....I was out of town for the weekend and didn't have my list of August Joy dare with me. A little catch up we have here.
Day 9~ A gift hole, whole, half
So I just stared and this one and was....Ummmm what and then laughed and said okay lets look back on Friday and think here.
My hole was to find away to bury some really the hole was I have nothing on this one.

The whole was the wonderful day it turned out to be. Even with a few of my mess ups that I was to do. So there it is the Hole I made by not being at the birthday party for my beautiful friend Gina Adams. I pray her day was as amazing as she is!

My half would be the half of day I put in at work.
Each one of these made a blessing in my day and whole beautiful day it was. Thank you Lord!

August Joy Dare
Day 10~ 3 Hard Eucharisteo

1) Doing my sisters haircut for her.
2) Just walking ( Ankle was in a great deal of pain)
3) Keeping my mouth shut and just praying! (That can be so hard; but am always thankful when I do.)

August Joy Dare
Day 11~ 3 Gifts Metal
1) Looking at all the beautiful old cars at the car show
2) The old farming equipment out at the "Bee Threshing" In Duffer, Oregon
3) The old Town clock in Duffer, Oregon

Almost forgot my August Joy Dare
3 Gifts half hidden
1) Laughing I pick my dinner. As I really think it was half hidden in charcoal tonight.
2) The sun was half hidden today for part of the day; so it was surely one of my hidden gifts of the day.
3) Hancho was half hidden today behind the kleenex box when she was sneaking up on me. I think she was going to attack me. That crazy dam bird! Though she does make me laugh.
What half hidden gifts did you have today?

August Joy Dare
Day 13~ 3 Gifts in green
1) The cash I was paid for the services rendered today at the salon.Thank you Lord for the work of my hands.
2) The green grass
3) My green eye pencil (I love it!)

August joy Dare
Day 14~ A gift in a ring, curve, sphere
So these three maybe a bit difficult for me.........but I'm always up for a challenge.
The ring would be the ring of love we surround others with when we are hurting and going through tough times. Those we love always surround us in a ring of love even during happy times. Its that love that sustains us.
The learning curve we always seem to be going into, in the middle of or coming out of. I always seem to be in one.
The sphere is those who I surround myself with that bring smiles to my face and hold me when I'm hurting. Those I look up to and make my world a better place because they are in it.

August Joy Dare
Day 15~ 3 Gifts Ugly-beautiful
Okay I'm laughing now!!!
My Ugly-beautiful gifts should be interesting.....
1) The two perms I did today. I hate the smell of them...which to me is pretty ugly! Then when finished they are beautiful! The ladies left with huge smiles on their faces. A job well done! I suppose I couldn't count that as two! LOL
2) The braces I had to wear on my ankle and my elbow that help me to feel better and to be able to do my job in less pain. They are very ugly the long run pretty as they help me keep a smile on my face. 

3) I think shopping for groceries is pretty ugly. But it is nice to make a beautiful meal.
What are your ugly-beautiful gifts today?

August Joy Dare
Day 16~ 3 Gifts of family
1) The laughter my children share with me; when they share pictures and stories of the grandchildren even hundreds of miles away. Makes me feel apart of their lives. Thank you sweet girls I love you all so very much.
2) My mom...........Makes me wonder if I will be like her when I am old!
3) Knowing when you pray for your family it does make a difference. The gift of pray is always one to give your family everyday. Glad that I can do that and know the Father hears my prayers and answers them.

Catch up from yesterday 
August Joy Dare
Day 17~ 3 Gifts in the morning
1) Taking my time packing for a day trip to see family
2) Beautiful morning for a drive down the Gorge to see the family
3) Arriving early enough to enjoy the rest of the day with sisters, mom and family friends.

August Joy Dare
Day 18~ A Gift red, read, written
My red gift would be the pretty car I drove home in today from the The Dalles Oregon 
Read would be the up-dates on the fire near those I love and care about in the The Dalles, Oregon. Keeping them in my prayers.
Written is the many pages I read daily on Face Book, The word of God, And pages of other interesting news reads that I find via the internet.

August Joy Dare
Day 19~ 3 Gifts in church
1) Fellowship
2) The Lords word going forth
3) Communion

August Joy Dare
Day 20~ 3 Gifts in serving
1) I had the blessing of having a wonderful hairdresser come and wash the wisdom right out of my hair today a wonderful service to me. Thank you Melody!
2) Being able to go and speak with a few of my clients and help encourage them that coming to have their hair done helps them feel better. I love the work I do and the service it is to others in helping them feel better.
3) A great BIG THANK YOU and blessings upon those who serve us everyday in some capacity everyday. I think of the firefighters fighting wildfires in the The Dalles, Oregon and so many across the west. Thank you Lord for protecting them in Jesus name.

August Joy Dare
Day 21~ A gift straight, curve, turn
Not sure how to do these ones but..........I will give it a whirl as it truly is apart of the Joy dare and I am not not going to do it. we go~
Straight gift would be anything that is said straight from the heart. It is truly a beautiful gift.
The curve is the amazing smiles that you see on each face through the day and the ones you pass out to all you meet.
The turn is the beautiful day that starts out one way and is turned into a day full of adventure that keeps us on our toes and looking to the Lord as we go through the day!

Almost forgot my August Joy Dare
Day 22~ 3 Gifts in light
1) Waking to the light of a new day of hopes and dreams is a gift given everyday thank you Lord.
2) The light that shines in the eyes of those I love and care for. Seeing the light shine brings me deep happiness. The eyes of light to the soul.
3) The light that shines in the morning from a bulb that lets me get ready for the day.

August Joy Dare
Day 23~ 3 Gifts old~
1) Old friends trusted friends truly a gift. They are treasures to hold within our hearts daily.
2) My old tennis shoes .............comfy they are.
3) Old sayings; they are so much fun. Bring memories back of days gone by.

August Joy Dare
Day 24~ Gifts Moving
1) The young girls dancing today out at the event that I did for my Mary Kay business
2) People walking by and stopping and talking with today as they were out and about.
3) Children laughing and playing dancing to the music

Almost forgot again
August Joy Dare
Day 25~ 3 Gifts fragile
When I first read this last night and again earlier this morning I had different answers each time. Tonight it has changed one again. It is amazing as we go through the day how our responses will change.
1) Life is fragile; it is a gift given everyday. Handle it with care and life fully and love deeply. And never forget to let those you love know.
2) The fire lines that are fought hard to hold on to as each line brings containment.
3) The still quiet that the soul seeks that is easily swayed into a whirl wind of unsteady emotions that can only be stilled my our Father in heaven.

August Joy Dare
Day 26~ A gift cut, sewn, buttoned
My cut gift would be the beauty that cuts through the hillside that I drove through to come home today to avoid some of the traffic on the freeway. Trying to cut out the traffic. lolol
My sewn gift is the beautiful hand sewn quilt that I have on my bed. 

The buttons on my sweater that helps keep me warm.

Okay i have done it again almost forgot about my August Joy Dare. We are almost done with this month. Coming into September in a few days.
Day 27~ 3 Gifts new
1) New client that I cut her hair and was able to pray over her while I was doing her hair. She was so happy!
2) New applications put into some places I thought would be fun to work at.
3) Puzzles to put together

August Joy Dare
Day 28~ 3 Gifts long awaited
1) Getting a Mary Kay order in. I finally have enough put together to get an order in and fill some orders for some that have been waiting. Praise God! Thank you Mary McCormick Loomis for your order!
2) I think knowing that no matter what age you are it is never to late to see that you are worth it. And sometime in life we don't see that. So I think that is something we wait to long to see.
3) The arrival of our friend Dottie Lucas Humpherys who we will get to see hopeful this weekend. So glad she is in town for a short visit. Never long enough though.

August Joy Dare
Day 29~ A gift one, Two, Three
Not sure what this one quite means but I guess I can find one two and three or if they are grouped that way. Hmmm.............Well.............I don't know? I guess there really isn't any right or wrong answers. So.......
Gift of one busy day at the salon is surely a blessing. Love making the ladies and gentleman feel and look great! It was't as busy as it started out to be....but it was a pleasant day and full of smiles of beauty. 
Gift of two would be my lunch with Shari Whitlock today! Thank you for calling and inviting me to lunch so we could catch up and visit. It was just lovely. Shari looks fabulous as well. 
Three would be the lovely visit with the awesome Carol Miller! looking good there my dear friend. God is healing you and taking that pain in Jesus name. It was a well over do visit. I so enjoyed our time together. <3

August Joy Dare

Day 30~ 3 Gifts very small
1) The tear drops that stain my cheeks from listening to a beautiful love song. If you haven't heard it yet is a must "Oh Sweet Lorraine" A Letter from Fred!
2) The sweet prayers of love from so many that sustain me when I feel I cannot go on. From their sweet hearts and loving lips to the very ears of the Father in heaven. Nothing sweeter than the prayers of those you love and encourage you through the tough times.
3) The smiles that bring me joy as they are passed from one another. Smiles that spread the joy and love that come from the heart.

August Joy Dare

Day 31~ 3 Miracles
1) Every morning waking to the morning light is a gift and a miracle from the Lord above.

2) Hubby didn't call me once today! Or ask "Whats for dinner?" 

3) God's prefect provision and blessing on the day! May He bless each and all who made this day perfect! Thank you!

What are your Joy Dares?

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