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Daily Journey

Sunday, October 2, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 221

Yet another stolen photo from Face Book from my other girlfriend who was with us on the Grotto adventure.
She is the one who took this photo.
Thank you Kathrine!
We did have so much fun!
Though in this photo is a bit of a wonderment.
Sadly my dear Sally is upset with me about this photo.
But I love her.
She has extreme fear of heights and unfortunately the Grotto gardens is 110 feet up to where the gardens are at.
But Carol and I ......
Well I'm not sure what are amusement is with.
Maybe the sky or....
It was a beautiful sky that day!

What Is It Out There....?

What is your fear?


Raindrops and Daisies said...

Brilliant photo Beth.

I love the way your friend has captured all the facial expresssions.
The poor girl in the blue dress looks terrified,
oh dear, I hope she was ok.

Have a good Sunday.

x Fiona

Judie said...

I kind of have a fear of high places too. I won't go near the edge for anything! I also have a fear of being closed in an elevator. Last summer we were in Cancun, and I got stuck in an elevator with some friends. Fortunately it was a glass elevator, so I could see out. My heart was really racing, though.

Thisisme. said...

My goodness, your friend in blue certainly does look scared to death!! I love your little sunflower waistcoat by the way.