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Daily Journey

Monday, October 31, 2011

65 Day Journey

Happy Halloween / Happy Harvest!

As this day comes to a close I pray you all had a wonderful month end. And a very safe and joyful Halloween with fun and laughter with your family and friends.

It has been a very full day.
I'm excited to say I made it to work this morning and made it through all the activities that I needed to get through.
I as well had an appointment at my home for my Mary Kay business. This was a very exciting event for me. I haven't had appointment in a very long time. Very successful as well. I also put some business cards up at a store on their advertising wall. Then handed out a few Yea!
So I actually feel like I have made some head way in my business life.

Afterwards we headed out for a late lunch and then some shopping for the rest of our costumes.
What FUN!
Spending time with friends!
Which was one of my goals on my list as well.

I always find it so very interesting on how the Lord puts things together for me as the day goes.
I was up late again.....but.... was out the door on time.
Then from that point on everything just seemed to fall into place.

I always love to hand out candy to the kids. I use to volunteer at church. But... I so love being at home seeing all the little ones as well too. Seasons always changing.
When my girls where little and I was raising my nephew I always dressed up and took them out then handed out candy dressed up. Or I would dress up to the themes for the church events.
Well..........this year I decided to dress up and hand out candy. I love doing this. Sadness! I only had 17 little one come to the house. Which I guess is good. That means that they are going to church events or home parties. Much safer I would say.

Biker Chick
I love the fact that God loves when we are like little children. I can just see Him smiling and laughing when we act as children and have fun! It makes me want to never grow up. ( I don't think I will.) Living life to the fullest and enjoying every minute of the event or activity we are doing with those we love to the absolute fullest.  What could be better?

Today was a great day for me and I feel I was getting on track.
A long way from where I want to be but better than where I was.

Morning devotional

Dear Lord, how precious is the assurance of your presence! I love you, and I trust my whole life into your hands.

~Psalm 12:7
"The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve they soul."

Isn't it wonderful to know He is with us and enjoying the adventures we are on. Our work, play, all that we are He is right there with us. Enjoying the activities with us. Or not!
I like to think that if I'm am delighting myself in Him and working and playing as unto Him then it is a Grand Day! Even when we goof up He is there and He will turn it around for His good and glory.
I love when I invite God into my days and activities as they seem to be more fun and enjoyable when I do.
They seem to go much more smoothly as well.

Did you go to a church event or hand out candy at home this Halloween?

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