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Daily Journey

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday Centus With Jenny Matlock

WORD COUNT - 100 WORDS PLUS THE THREE WORDS OF THE PROMPT. Total word count not to exceed 103 words.
THE PROMPT THIS WEEK IS: "Friday night football"

Fanfare for the big lights
Racing towards the goal
Interference's from the opponent's
Dedicated fans cheering them on
Abolishing the other teams attempts
Yards gained and lost

Never ending nerve and grit
Indestructible armour of hope
Glimpses of the end victory
Having the home field advantage
Touchdown made in the end zone

Frenzy of excitement in the stands
Obtaining ownership of the ball
Outrageous behavior as
Turnovers made in each quarter
Blocking each play
Aggressively to the end
Lineman holding the line of scrimmage
Lavish wins and losses


Do you enjoy going to or watching football?

Jenny Matlock


Nonna Beach said...

Awesome word picture of the football experience Beth...very well done !!!

I don't enjoy watching it...usually go shopping, take a nap or watch a movie when my Hubs is watching a game on T.V.

Karen S. said...

This is a great football poem, and it's really a great reflection for the game. Although, I'm not a huge football fan at all, unless I know the players, or attend a game then I have some spirit...otherwise no, not at all.

Judie said...

Great description, Beth! You must be a fan!!!

Jenny said...

Wow, Beth! I'm impressed! Really impressed with this.

Your word structure really felt perfect here.

Great writing!