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Daily Journey

Friday, October 28, 2011

365 Days Of Pictures ~ Day 247

Saw this cute little beauty outside the restaurant we stop and had lunch at on Sauvies Island a few weeks back.
I thought what a clever idea.
I love to see what others do with items they have.
This makes me so wish I had my own yard once again. I would love to go out and get an old wagon and make a planter out of it.
Maybe in the future I will have that pleasure once again.

Red Wagon Planter

Are you creative in using things that you already have in decorating around in and out of the house?


Thisisme. said...

I love that little wagon. I wonder if some little child had played with that for hours in the past? I love it when things are used for plants like that. So effective. Have a lovely weekend.

Karen S. said... a matter of fact yes! My daughter in law made a planter for me out of a watering pitcher, it's still on my deck.....! It's fun making new homes for things out of old special things we love to have around, making us smile every chance we get!

Rainbow said...

i love this wagon and like thisisme wondering if it was a childs toy gone by.

Hope your weekend is great and you get better soon. I love using my own stuff as decorations