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Daily Journey

Friday, October 28, 2011

65 Day Journey

So as I have read a few of the blogs that are joining in on the fun. I feel my list is a bit strange. But I'm sticking with it. As this is the way it came out. I'm sure being in categories is much easier as there surely is groupings in mine.
It is funny how when we start to take steps in the positive direction of the Lords leading; how we can be entrapped with many different things that will lead us astray on keep us in the same place without follow through.
I have to say that is what seems to be happening already.
Boy the tricks the devil and our minds can pull on us. {Never ceases to amaze me.}
I over slept. Which in some ways I'm not surprised as I have been very ill. So running to get ready for work. I really wanted some extra quiet time and prayer with the Lord. Hmmm... Must work on that. I want to go out to the garage and find the book of devotions my daughter bought me a few years ago. Or I may just subscribe on line to them. Then read it every morning. Raining hard so I don't want to go out in the rain. Don't want to to get any sicker. I have like five bibles next to my bed. I need to read some more every night. It sounds like I do. Well... I did but got off track. Need to get back on track. No excuses!
On my devotional card this afternoon

Father, Author and Giver of life, to believe in you is to accept life with all its potential and hope and happiness.

~Psalm 37:4
"Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of the thine heart."

My list of goals I want to see reached before the end of the year! (or at least on track heading that direction)

  1. Get into the word more
  2. More prayer time and quiet time with my Father in heaven
  3. Getting back to volunteering for those in need
  4. Making more time for family
  5. Giving more of myself and time
  6. Getting back to church more consistently
  7. Paying off bad debit so I can give more back into the kingdom of God
  8. Healing in our family
  9. Making dates with hubby once a week
  10. Work on getting the junk out of my house to lighten the load making life easier
  11. Loss some weight and get in shape/ going back to the gym
  12. Eating healthier
  13. Learning to shop more frugal
  14. Giving back to my community
  15. Adopting grandparents program through my Mary Kay business
  16. Adopting a family in need for Christmas
  17. Having home open for the Thanksgiving / Christmas season
  18. Having a more positive attitude
  19. Looking for the best in life and not at the negative
  20. Becoming the best me possible
I'm sure I will have more to add to this. Whether I can achieve them all is the question. I would love to get on track with them. That is for sure. I feel like some should be so easy to full fill and stick with. As a habit only takes 21 days to form. Sadly some where in place and I slacked and so goes the story. So why not get back on track. Never to late to start again and get it right. Thank you Lord for new beginning's everyday.

Added information on this wonderful journey I am undertaking. I am also hooking up with Shawn over at the "The Becker's (Shawn and Bill) Starting on November 1 she is starting a 30 day challenge of "Be Thankful" That can be added to the end of each post. I will be incorporating them together. I think they will go nicely hand in hand. Please check her out as well as Cheryl over at (The Prairie Maid).

I know you will be blessed. Come along and join the fun and growth. Hope to see you there!

Do you make list of goals and try to achieve them in a certain time period?


melody-mae said...

Dear friend, I am thankful you stopped by and commented on my blog. Sending my love and prayers to you and the whole family~
always your friend, M

Shawn said...

I love your many of the same things I was thinking yesterday but you put them down in a beautiful way. I see Melody-mae is a friend of your too!
Blessings, my new friend,
Your Sister in Christ,

Rainbow said...

Love the list!! thank you for sharing