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Daily Journey

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Beautiful Tribute~ So Honored!

October 23rd I woke up and always check my face book page. Usually to see what my daughter is up to and to see what is going on and who needs prayers.

I was pleasantly surprised with this tribute from a fellow sister consultant in Mary Kay. What an honor!  It is the highest honor you can receive in Mary Kay or by anyone in your life I think.

I just wanted to share this as it blessed me beyond words.

As many of you know I am making my blog a book for my grandchildren so of course I would want to add this to it.  

Thank you Rose Gunn for such an honor and recognition that you have given me. Words escape me. You brought me to tears. Thank you!



I know its almost over, but I had a rough month.  If there's anyone that knows about bouncing back from disappointments, keeping on keeping on in the face of obstacles, believing in a better tomorrow and holding on with both hands to an abundant amount of faith, its a Mary Kay Consultant.  In this day and time of economic hardship, the one remaining luxury that is affordable is Mary Kay.  My tribute for the month is for Beth Hernandez.    She knows what it means to face the hard parts and come out smiling.  She is a blessing to every one that knows her.  Her unshakable faith in human decency and her absolute acceptance of those who are a little different not only makes her a great MK consultant but a wonderful source of inspiration to those in the Mary Kay family.

Beth has a wonderful family that motivates her.  She is a hairstylist also and works wonders with honored citizens.  With typical go give fashion she gives not just of her talent, her faith but of her experience.  Sharing with all those in our unit how to make the most of your career in Mary Kay.

Beth has also been a total joy to have on my FB page as she's continually reminding not just me but the whole world of Facebook that GOD is good.  That Mary Kay is a dream that is achievable.  That its not just for the very young.  That the product is not just for the very old.  That its not just for single women, but for all women.

Between her faith in God and her belief in Mary Kay she is truly living on the Golden Rule Philosophy of God first, Family second and career third.

In my eyes, Beth, will always be a classy act with a ton of knowledge and experience to prove that enriching women's lives isn't just for the chosen few but truly for all who choose.

Many years of success is wished for you Beth!


Daydreamertoo said...

What a wonderful tribute to you from someone whom you obviously have offered a lot of kindness and support to over a period of time. What nicer blessing can we be given than the thanks of someone who recognises our faith and trust in them.

Susie Swanson said...

Congratulations Bethe this is awesome. I'm so happy for you. You have a heart of gold and this does not surprise me. You are a go getter and one of the most inspiring people I've ever met . Blessings to you my friend..

Rainbow said...

Congratulations Bethe, in my eyes nobody deserves this recognition more than you do!!!

I know that you are glad that this month is almost over, remember God will never put more on you than what you can handle.

Hope you feel better soon

Rainbow & Bob

Sush said...

Well deserved tribute to a very loving and thoughtful lady!