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Daily Journey

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three Word Wednesday Promt~

Admire; verb: Regard (an object, quality, or person) with respect or warm approval; look at with pleasure.

Follow; verb: Go or come after (a person or thing proceeding ahead); move or travel behind; go after (someone) in order to observe or monitor; come after in time or order; act according to (an instruction or precept); pay close attention to something.

noun: A portion of an object or of material, produced by cutting, tearing, or breaking the whole; one of the items that were put together to make something and into which it naturally divides; an instance or example; verb: Assemble something from individual parts; slowly make sense of something from separate facts and pieces of evidence.

As the light breaks through the shade
I could see a piece of beauty emerging
Through that broken shade of light

I always admire how the first glimpse of the day pierces through
Even in the most obscure dark places
Giving way to the beauty of the day

One could follow this first break of day light
As one prepares to get morning coffee
Sitting on the porch as life starts to move
For a day of adventure and living


Do you like being up for the first break of daylight?


Deborah said...

So beautiful ... early morning is my favourite time of the day, you wrote it perfectly :o)

Tarang Sinha said...

Lovely imagery:)

Sheilagh Lee said...

beautiful imagery in this one.

Morning said...

how creative.

Mary said...

Wonderful to see the first light of day! Nice write!

Andy Sewina said...

Blessings Beth, I bet everyday is an adventure for you!

Well told!