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Daily Journey

Monday, August 6, 2012

Playdate Monday With God~ In A Tub

Tub Time With God

Yes, Tub time playdate with God!

I'm finding during this time of recovery there is plenty of time to be with the Lord and have more playdates in ones house; In ways that I may of never really looked at as playdates with Him before. Really..... Not the kind of adventures and excitement I'm use to; nor the playdates that I would think would be fun or interesting.
Have I put God in a box?

I pray not.
So let the new adventures begin. 
So No!
 I took Him with me to my bath date on Saturday!

But ......As I lay here I ask what have been my playdates with the Lord.
Every minute of everyday should be one that is worth sharing and helping another in our journey and time with the Lord.
So I have decided that the bathtub was a perfect choice.
It was an epic event for me.
So I really didn't see this as a playdate at all, at first.
It was work, real hard work.
Which we should be taking God with us to work; in fact everywhere we go and everything we do.
Have I failed in this area?
Lessons to learn and to share.
Have I become complacent in my walk with the one that first loved me?
I pray not!
But I do fall short of His glory daily and I fail Him more than I would like to admit.
So back to the bath...
It takes lots of trust, energy and time. Counting on another to make it safe and easy to do. Privacy was out the window and door.
As I would need lots of help.
Trusting as an infant child

and a puppy eager to gets its bath and splash in the water.

Though I can say I felt none of those.
The idea of getting clean and fresh was my focus.

Hobbling on one foot pushing my walker is just a chore to get to the ladies room. Extremely exhausting! 
I have fallen once so it frightens me a bit. So this time I decided travel by wheelchair to the bathroom. Hubby doesn't like that I took protective boot off. I wanted to make things easier. Nothing comes easy these days. Finding that each limb truly has a place and purpose and one cannot function properly without the other. Hmmmm........Sounds vaguely familiar from the word of God.

Romans 12:4
For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function

I thought it would be easier to take off in living room than in the small box that they call a bathroom here in my apartment.
Getting in the wheelchair or getting up always presents a small problem. But I somehow have found away to lift myself without putting weight on foot.
Not an easy thing to do at all.
I'm thankful it is my left foot and not my right.
So when hubby gets me into the doorway I lift myself on to the toilet sit. There I prepare myself for the bath that I have so been waiting to take.
Funny how we take those wonderful joyous luxury items and times so for granted.
Not me any more! It is a gift!
Then I must position self enough to get both legs over tub so hubby can lift me to the shower chair.
What a wonderful invention those are. So many little things to be grateful and thankful for that I have never thought of before since this accident happened with my ankle.

There I sit and thank God for the chair,  the shower hand held that I can lift and let the water run all over me.  Refreshing me and cleansing me. Just much like the Lord does when He washes us.

Psalm 51:2
Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.

There in His presence I sit and I find myself in a new place in my life; a journey I thought I would never take in my life time.
Learning to be totally trusting of another to care for me.
Totally dependant requiring total trust and assurance that they will do that for me.
Never doubting for a minute.
Because if fear comes in....
Trust is lost.
Just as a child depends on us or our loving pets to meet each need and more in love;
Or those that are in need of full time care, depending on those to help them in their daily activities and life.
They trust; it is done.
Here I am asked to trust totally with no questions.
Much as a child, a puppy and those in need of others help to get them through each day;
With compassion and love.
Much like when we reach to trust the Lord to care for us in faith.
Trusting He will do as His words says.
A testing........
I don't know.
Faith growing this I know for sure.
Learning to totally rely on the words He wrote in His love letter to me.

Psalm 32:10
Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; but he trusts in the Lord, mercy shall surround him.
Psalm 33:3
Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully with a shout of joy.
Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

With each passing moment and the water washing over me I realize the love the Father has for me.
I may not understand why this happened. But I do know He will bring me to the side of Victory in the end. I will learn how much His love spands through others. I will learn to walk again with His grace and love. The encouragement and prayers of others. The healing hands and gifts He has given the doctors and caregivers. There will be days of many tears and frustration. But in the end I know He will not fail me.
With Him on my side I will be Victorious!
He will send those with His perfect love to minster to my every need.

Just as my husband helped me bath and carried me from one seat to another the Lord will carry me to victory to victory as I re-learn to walk once again.

The road ahead is long but I know I have already won! Because He loved me and healed me through His son 2000 years ago.
His love letter tells me so.
So I hold onto each word as the very life giving line that it is.
The washing of His word cleans me and heals me.
Tub time will never be the same again.

This is a picture of my bakers dozen in staples that will be removed this Monday morning. I took this picture after my shower. Thinking ..........WOW! In there is metal and screws holding me together.
But... the real truth is that God is holding me together.

Below are links that friends suggest I try to help me while I'm unable to work.
I have no medical insurance.
Oregon has no temporary disability that I can apply for.
My income supported half the household needs.
Please feel free to share
Thank you!

Where have you had an unusual playdate with God?

Laura over at Wellspring


Denise said...

Awesome post, praying for you.

Thisisme. said...

That was quite some post my friend! I like it that "God is holding me together!". I pray that His healing will continue. By now you will have had the staples out. I hope it wasn't too painful an experience for you. Each step is one nearer to being well again, but I do realize what a struggle everything must be for you at the moment,. Take care and keep strong.

ells said...

stopping by from PD’s...what a lovely post...finding God’s gift in the moments...not ones we would choose...but really as Ann V says...the remedy is in the is how we behold these moments...we choose what they become. How wonderful you are allowing God to transform all this...into a beautiful time with HIm...blessings and may you recover quickly and completely.

Karen S. said...

What a lovely post, of bittersweet moments, in your life right now. So much of your battle right now is understanding, and through your sweet words of encouragement, that others could surely learn from. It is sad we often learn the hard way how such simple things we ignore can be such great roads at other times. I pray for your speedy recovery and send blessings your way to keep on the sunny side of things, it makes this time so much easier, and take this time to heal in all the ways you can!

Crystal said...

Absolutely Beautiful, My Dear Friend!! You have the "pen of a ready writer", moved by the Holy Spirit!! Amazing!

Crystal said...

Absolutely Beautiful, My Dear Friend!! You have the "pen of a ready writer", moved by the Holy Spirit!! Amazing!

Crystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.