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Daily Journey

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Simply Woman's Daybook

The Simply Woman's Daybook


I would like to be able to make it to the ladies room by myself. And to be able to do some of my own grooming to make me feel more like me.

Outside my window...

The sun is shining brightly as a light Summer evening breeze blows the hot humidity air around. Shadows swiping the common area where the green lush grass grows.

I am thinking...

That listening to what the doctor says and obeying what he says is best for the long term. So... for the sort term to be able to achieve the long term result it is worth the time that I'm laid up in recovery.

I am thankful...

The skills and talents of the doctor and all those helping me in total recover so I might be able to walk again soon.

From the learning rooms...(if this applies)

I seem to have many learning rooms at this time in my life as I am in recovery.
Learning to ask for help is huge for me. So learning to ask for help when I need it and letting those around me know what I need and not feel bad about. Because they don't know what I need unless I ask.
This isn't easy for me.
BIG Learning experience for me.

In the kitchen...

Hubby preparing the dinner that was brought over for us.
Warming a plate of teriyaki chicken, salad, scalloped potatoes, and home made bread.

I am wearing...

A pair of jean Capri's that is easily pulled over my legs. That have embroidery across the hem and some sparkle; with a tank-top that is multi colored v-neck.
My space boot on left foot.
My tennis shoe and a white sock on the right.

I am creating...

At this moment the only thing I seem to be creative about is my blog. It has been a long time since I blogged. Just getting back into it since my beautiful CK girl passed. Being laid up and in recovery seemed the perfect time to come back and create and write.

I am going...

On short little trips nothing terrible exciting. But when you have been in bed for two weeks;
 The doctors and other little activities seem rather thrilling. As I have energy I try to do something to make the days go by. Later this week I will get to go the bank. Nothing exciting, just little mundane everyday activities; which seem very exciting these days.

I am wondering...

Why this accident happened to me.
What are the lessons I am to learn.
How long before I have my life back and back to normal.

I am reading...

The bible
The only book that breathes life and healing.
Which is what I need right now.
Totally soaking up the word and hanging on to each life breathing word as it ministers to me body and soul.

I am hoping...

This time will pass quickly and I will only remember this as a blip in the road of life. One that will be able to encourage and up lift others that have huge life changing events happen o them. That these events as tough as they are are only a blip in our story. That Victory will come!

I am looking forward to...

To when I will have my life back to normal.
To going to breakfast next Monday with some friends for one of my short adventures.

I am hearing...

My bird Hancho squawking.
The commercial on the TV set
Hubby breathing in the cool air of the fans
The fans humming as they cool off the living room
Me banging on the computer keys

Around the house...

There is so much that needs to be done since I have been down.
The laundry is piling up.
Floors need to be vacuumed
Toilets cleaned
To mention a few.
Thanking God for the help that will be coming here later this week to make is shine once again.

I am praying ...

For two people I personally know that are fighting cancer. One who is in the hospital the other who is a triple amputee.
Believing for their total and complete healing in our Lord Jesus.
I'm praying for my daughter Heather who needs several items for her new home. One a refrigerator and dryer to mention a few. For work to come in for her to meet all of her expenses for her and the children to live.
For my daughter Amber and her children who need a home. She also needs a car to get back and forth from work. As well as for her health.  So, many many needs. God knows each one.
They both have four children each.
For my daughter Racheal and her family and her unspoken prayer request.
For hubby and I as we apply for financial aid for medical bills.
And for funds to come in to meet our many needs now that I am not working.
There is no temporary disability in the state of Oregon so totally

depending on God to bring it in somehow.

I am pondering...

All the different ways I can occupy myself while I'm laid up for the next four months until I am released to go to work once again.

A favorite quote for today...

I can do all thing through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

One of my favorite things...

Is day dreaming lately of all that I will be able to do soon.
I dream of far away places in the sun.
Dreaming of taking hikes in the mid Fall.
Dreaming of where the Lord is taking me on this journey.
So many dreams.
So dreaming right now helps me through each day.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Is to continue to rest and do as the doctor says.
A little journey to the bank and post office to mail out a Mary Kay order
Putting together a shopping list for those who will be shopping for me.
Nothing to thrilling as life in bed is rather dull.
Most defiantly a trip to the tub.
Which can be an epic event.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

After The Staples Where Removed


2 Timothy 2:3

You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

1 John 5:4

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world- our faith.

A peek into my day...
Today was a full active day.  A visit to the doctor.
Lunch out to celebrate a good report
Stopping my my salon and sending out closing bills and letting clients and families know it won't be until the end of November before I can maybe return back to work.
Then home and resting after the full events of the day

What simply daily events mold your life each day?


Kathe W. said...

oh my goodness you have a lot going on and I pray thngs are getting better. You asked where I got the can of flowers? From Ace Hardware. Blessings to you and your family.

Dawn said...

"Enjoy" the down time you have at the moment. It may be the only time you ever get it. Ask for help - others are always willing to help. Glad you are following docs orders. Blessings, Dawn (PS - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.)

Denise said...

Enjoyed your daybook, praying for you.

Carmi Levy said...

I practically grew up in a hospital, so your poignant writings strike especially close. I always found it helpful to focus on those around me: no matter how challenging my own predicament seemed, the kid in the next bed always had it worse. As long as I could draw, write, grab a wheelchair and power myself down the hall past the nurse's station after lights-out, I knew things would be OK.

Sounds like you have just the right attitude to navigate this challenge. I have no doubt you're already finding the silver lining.