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Daily Journey

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One-Word Prompt~ Aware

Two Shoes Tuesday #20 - Aware

one-word writing prompt

Riding the rails
Traveling the tracks  
Inside the cars 
You must be aware
Never closing your eyes
The adventure ahead 
Can bring unknown
Hidden gold
The sorrows and treasures
Of a traveling man
You never know
Chugging down the tracks
New places to see
Towns to visit
City's to stop 
Hopping from
Car to car
Never knowing
The next destination
Looking for the hidden treasure
Each buried in the ride
Of hiding in the car
Riding the rails
From town to town
A friend you meet
Along the ride
The views you see
 As they speedily rush by
Hopping off
With a whim
Seeing the world
Only through
The open air
Kissed by a breeze
 The sun leathered
Rugged torn skin
Lives a life
Of tough unknown
As evening brings
The evening fire
A blaze
The hobo camp
With the can of beans
The campfire coffee
The starry filled night
Gripping the nap sack
Early in the morning
Catching the next
Whizzing by
Being aware
The next stop
Might be the last
Never letting
Your guard down
Each jump
An unknown
With life hanging
In the balance
It may suck you under
To catch the ride
Exact timing
It takes
The thrill of the ride
The unknown
The journey
An Adrenalin thrill
Flying on the tracks
Riding the rails
From coast to coast
Seeing the sites
No one else will
The next stop might be
The last
How this ride will end
No one knows
Chugging along the rails
Until the adventure
Is no more
The dance
Of life
On the rails
the end is near
Always just around the bend
With a sudden halt
A jump
The rails I ride
Might be the last
I ride
As I slip under the rail
The end is near
Under the rail
The tracks I travel


This is dedicated to my friend John D, who traveled the tracks and shared many stories with me.
His end did come under the wheel of the tracks from a jump. He is a triple amputee.
An amazing friend.
He woke in a hospital bed
The last sound of squeaking wheels upon his body
The last sound you expect to hear.
Thank you John for sharing your stories with me.

Do you love sharing amazing stories of life?

Josie Two Shoes

After Work
January 8, 2013

Below is two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As I have just started back to work there is still not much of an income.
I will not see a pay check until mid January.
I also am not working the jobs I once had as I am unable too.
I was also released from one of my jobs that paid a bulk of the bills.
Through much prayers and through encouragement of some friends they suggested I give these a try.
Though only two people have responded.
God has been faithful in other ways.
Medical bills are piling up.
Just the few that have arrived already are near $30,000 plus.
And still coming in.
God is faithful and I trust this is alp going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!


oldegg said...

The poem is great. It has that motion that riding on a train has. But what a price to pay for riding the tracks. At least he has his life and his memories.

Josie Two Shoes said...

You captured the hobo lifestyle so well in descriptive words, Beth! Obviously your friend has spun many tales of how it was. Not unlike life itself I think, always riding the rails, sometimes taking risks, never knowing what's around the bend or where the next stop might be, or how it will all end. Thank you for the great story, I bet your friend loved it! It was so nice to see you back among us at Two Shoes! HUGS :-)

forgetmenot said...

Beth, So nice to "jump" over to your blog. It has been so hard to keep up with everyone lately, but I promise to do better! Love your "aware" poem. Very creative. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Mickie :)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Beth! Thank you so much for your visit and for following me; that means so much. I am your newest follower now.

Your poem is so awesome ... what a life. I just finished reading "Water for Elephants" and it is set on a train ... there was danger everywhere.

Kathy M.