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Daily Journey

Monday, April 8, 2013

Playdates With God~ Spring gifts/surprises & April Joy Dare

So I have been trying to think what I would do for the month of April. I have decided on Spring gifts/ or surprises. Come join along as we give thanks for Spring gifts and surprises. 

Day 1~ My Spring gifts/surprises for today would be all the fun humor and little April fools jokes that have come across; which silly me has bought into a few of them. How funny! You can still pull a fast one on me. Some more Spring gifts/surprises would be the sunshine playing peek-a-boo. Getting the rest of my taxes ready to be done this weekend! YEA! Left over Easter dinner, so I don't have to cook. I'm loving that! Talking with some friends and my mom. Those standing in the prayer gap for me as I fight an ongoing battle. Knowing it has already been won in Jesus name. Thank you all for the prayers. Another wonderful Spring gift/ surprise is that is is the first day of my April challenge on my blog with A to Z. Check me out over at:

What are some of your Spring gifts/surprises that you received today?

Day 2~ My Spring gifts/surprises today are many indeed. To start the day I will say my morning coffee was a wonderful gift to start the day. Then as I readied myself for my new adventures I was encouraged and up lifted by my friend Sally Mazza, and Katherine Huston Fischer. A wonderful gift was being at the new salon and meeting some of the staff at the nursing home. Getting my paper work to them.Learning the paper work and the system that has worked and been in place for many years a Melody showed me how she does it. Stopping and praying with Melody for my daughters and myself. Left beaming knowing God has truly blessed me beyond what I could ever dream or imagine. More Spring gifts/surprises was getting some of the shopping out of the way for the shop as well as groceries for the next week for the house. A wonderful surprise was hearing from Cindy Forsythe Rieder and seeing her for a short bit today. She always brings such joy to my heart. A short phone call with Mary McCormick Loomis to catch up. Imagine my day isn't even over and I still have time to find more Spring gifts/surprises. I could go on and on today with my list. I have just mentioned a few very special ones to me that where highlights in my day. I have so many more. What are yours that you have today that you found as you went about your daily business?

Day 3~ My Spring gifts/surprises will start with a morning surprise. I got an unexpected phone call from the hospital to go to work today. Getting called in was a surprise due to the fact I had let them know I wasn't going to be available. I think God had a funny sense of humor today. Morning surprises where many today as I left the house it was foggy and cold still a blessing as I was walking to work and still found much beauty along the way. My gift was I was able to share many smiles today for those who really needed one and wish them a speedy recovery with silent prayers going up to our Father in heaven. Another surprise was getting called into the office at work. Never a good thing....or maybe it is. Had a nice visit with my supervisor and found out she knew some of the people I know. What a very small world. My gift of returning phone call from a client I will do tomorrow from Clackmas over at the new salon to confirm. The best gift of all today was all the little flowers popping up everywhere and blooms on the trees. Spring is surely in the air.

Day 4~ My Spring gifts/surprises is the gift of the new salon that I received the keys to today! Thank you Melody for blessing me with such an amazing gift. The sweet lady at the salon today that saw tulips where there where none. May I see beauty even when there isn't any. The blessing of a wonderful lunch with Melody today as well. Many gifts and surprises given today by a beautiful and wonderful lady. So over whelmed with the gifts and surprises today all I can say is thank you!

Day 5~ My Spring gifts/surprises is its raining again! I'm not overly thrilled but am happy because they bring May flowers. I over slept and still got to work on time. Got done early so I will be able to accomplish a few extra things I didn't think I was going to do today. Got some great photos of a flowers tree today. Laughter with my oldest daughter Heather on the phone in the wee hours of morning. She called because she wanted to have a cocktail with me. :) Okay what am I drinking.....? LOL Love my girls all three of them! Awesome you are! Finding some friends here on face book! So happy to re-connect! Still plenty of day to find more gifts and surprises!

Day 6~ My Spring gifts/surprises my sister going to the Spring tea with me. Time with sisters at their home in the The Dalles. Meeting some new family members. Playing with my great nephew Trey. Doing my nieces hair. Going shopping with my sister Christine Good and finding some great bargains then having a little fashion show at home with her. FUN! Having puppy dogs jump in my lap and making me smile. A wonderful time at the tea with family and great friends. A wonderful speaker and message. Having a tax office in basement of sisters house and the Kitchen beauty shop and guiding my niece doing her moms hair. Corie Coggins did a great job! Loved this weekend. :)

Day 7~ My Spring gifts/surprises finishing up all the hair appointments. And of course the most important thing would be the taxes! YEA! More puppy love in my lap. Seeing the smile on my nieces face when we finished her hair. She was very happy. Baby smiles from great nephews Daniel, and Trey! Love those precious little boys. Safe rainy drove home from sisters house. The beauty in the Gorge. The rain upon the flowers in the garden. A phone call that shared another great weekend. Loving friends! Hubby calling and checking on me on the way home. Resting peaceful at home after a full weekend.

April Joy Dare:

1~ 3 gifts round
1) My bowl that I ate my salad out of
2) My ink pen that I write on my calendar with
3) The bottle that use to hold my pain meds in (Now empty with no refills :( ) Thankful for them when I had them. 
What round gifts are you thankful for?

2~ 3 Gifts white
1) The puffy white clouds that are floating over head. I think I will jump from one to other playing on them in my dreams
2) The sour cream, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese for tonight's dinner
3) The white walls that I cover with pictures in my humble little home

3~ 3 Gifts surprisingly found

1) A tulip among dandelions
2) Finding and meeting a new friend online through my daughter Amber Webber Face Book page. She has some amazing wild friends and just plain fun! ♥
3) Money I had forgotten about! That is always nice and a pleasant surprise found
What did you find today that was a surprise to you?

4~ 3 Gifts in His word

1) My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory
2) He heals the broken in heart and binds their wounds
3) God is my refuge and strength

Joy Dare catch up...This was for Friday........

5~ 3 Gifts @ 11 am, 2 pm, 6 pm
11 am would be I was finishing up early at the beauty shop
2 pm was loading car to head to the The Dalles to spend the weekend with my sisters
6 pm would be I was out with my sister Christine Good enjoying the evening out and some great music

6~ 3 gifts nailed together

Not a fun one to find.........But at my sisters house maybe a bit easier
1) The new stair wall they are putting up going up to the up stairs floor. 
2) The stair railing that needs some help with staying in the wall
3) My ankle isn't really nailed together it is screwed together and it is surely a gift with six screws and a metal plate

7~ 3 Gifts waited for

Laughing as I can think of one...........But I'm really going to have to think about and see what the Lord reveals to me about this one. 
1) Getting my taxes done and completed! E-filed now waiting for them to accept them
2) I think getting home safely was important. As I really hate driving in the rain down the Gorge. I had waited to see if the sun would come and all we got was the liquid sunshine. So a return safely home!
3) For hubby to come home from work; so we can visit and catch up on everything from the weekend
What are your three waited gifts?

How has your first week of April gone?

A Holy Experience
Ankle View 
March 27, 2013

Below are two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
I will be seeking second opinion
With many prayers 
I feel God is showing us
The direction to go.
God is faithful and I trust this is going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!


Denise said...

Good post.

Laura Boggess said...

I enjoy your joy dares, Beth :)